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Al-Qaeda’s Number Two Calls for Muslim Unity Against USA

Hey… Nancy Pelosi… are you listening?  The terror group that has repeatedly killed Americans and declared war on us has stated yet again that Iraq is central to their plans for an Islamic state.

Al Qaeda’s deputy leader sought to bolster the terror network’s main arm in Iraq in a new video released Thursday, calling on Muslims to rally behind it at a time when the group is on the defensive, faced with U.S. offensives and splits with other insurgent groups.

Ayman Al-Zawahiri defended the Islamic State of Iraq — the insurgent umbrella group headed by Al Qaeda — against critics among Islamic militant groups, saying it was a vanguard for fighting off the U.S. military and eventually establishing a “caliphate” of Islamic rule across the region.

Al-Zawahiri, the top deputy of Usama bin Laden, called on Muslims to follow a two-pronged strategy: work at home to topple “corrupt” Arab regimes and join Al Qaeda’s “jihad,” or holy war, in Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia to fight and train “to prepare for the next jihad.”

Al Qaeda’s declaration of the Islamic State of Iraq last year was a dramatic move aimed at staking out its leadership of Iraq’s insurgency. Allying itself with several smaller Iraqi Sunni insurgent groups, it presented the Islamic State as an alternative government within Iraq, claiming to hold territory.

What are you missing, Nancy???  World War III’s main front IS Iraq.  You either want to win, or you want to surrender to Al-Qaeda.  There is no middle ground.  Just listen to the words and watch the actions of our enemy.  It isn’t rocket science.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Drug Dealers Against Global Warming!

Man, this is delicious irony as Algore’s “Live Earth” concert is just days away.

A few questions came to mind when I heard this story yesterday.

  1. Is this kid dealing drugs??? 
  2. Do you need to deal drugs in order to afford driving a Prius?
  3. If Algore was my father, I’d be on drugs too.
  4. Can you imagine how much more boring Algore is if you are doing pot and on Xanax, Valium, Vicodin?
  5. Does Al Gore III listen to explicit lyrics as well as doing drugs?
  6. Will the media be as critical on Al Gore III and his drug issues as they were on Rush Limbaugh?  Or will they be “sensitive” to his problems?

Ah well…. I love irony and karma.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)