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The First “Gay Presidential Debate”…Nope, Not a Joke!

Oh lord…. this must be sheer heaven for the “Special Rights” crowd of the Gay Left.   Their own debate!   Wooooo hoooooo.

 For the first time the leading candidates for the presidency will hold a televised debate devoted solely to LGBT issues. The one-hour event will be held on August 9 and broadcast on gay network LOGO at 9:00 pm ET (6:00 pm ET) and through live streaming video at

Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John Edwards have confirmed they will participate. Several other Democratic candidates also may join the debate.  The debate will be conducted with a live audience in Los Angeles.  On the panel questioning the two Democrats will be Human Rights Campaign president Joe Solmonese and singer Melissa Etheridge.

The debate was put together by LOGO and HRC.  “In the 2008 presidential election, issues of concern to the LGBT community have already been at the forefront of the national conversation,” said Solmonese.

After all, how better to further advance the cause of self-victimization then to have all of the Democrats pander to you for one whole night? I can’t wait to watch it and see the endless pleas for gay people’s money flowing from the Dem candidates, especially Hillary whose husband codified two of the most anti-gay Federal mandates in our lifetime.

I would bet that Joe Solomonese and Melissa Etheridge (LOL!!!) will not ask any questions about Islamists condemning gays and lesbians to death, and Iran hanging gay youth.   Betcha!

So, let the jokes begin on this self-created parody….

From PoliPunditEdwards will have home-court advantage

From The CornerL is Lesbian. G is Gay. B is Bisexual. T is transgender.  What, pray tell, are the public policy aspects of bisexuality that require a debate at the presidential level? Oh, man, I hope there are some bisexual questions from the audience.

My addition:  Why isn’t Senatress Lucy Grah-amnesty (R-SC) invited?  She gave the best hissy fit the Senate had ever seen a couple weeks ago, after all.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

UPDATE (from Dan): Since I’m in LA, I have applied for press credentials to attend (having done so even before Bruce posted this piece). Let’s see if they’re open to having a gay conservative blogger attend. Even better, let’s see if they’ll have WiFi so I can blog it live.



  1. …[Brendan,] your point here had nothing to do with [combatting] misogyny; as you yourself pointed out, your only reason in coming to this blog is to bash other people…

    NDT, I love how you went to the heart of that.

    Comment by ILoveCapitalism — July 16, 2007 @ 2:43 pm - July 16, 2007

  2. (shrug) Wasn’t hard. I’ve had it with leftists like Brendan and JonboyDC who run around accusing others of “misogyny”, but spin and try to deflect when it comes to their own party and their own people calling Condi Rice a “pouty brown sugar”, or when it comes to leftist gays like themselves using feminine terms to describe other gay men.

    It’s just like a child screaming “I hate you!” to try to shock and force their parents into doing the child’s bidding — and in a similar fashion, that only works on people who are more concerned about being “loved”, i.e. “politically correct”, than they are about the difference between right and wrong.

    Comment by North Dallas Thirty — July 16, 2007 @ 3:00 pm - July 16, 2007

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