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Gen. Petraeus: Insurgency Has Been Quashed In Anbar

Straight from the top dog’s mouth, General Petraeus gave a wide-ranging interview to Hugh Hewitt yesterday (read the whole thing!).

I found the following exchange very interesting:

Hugh Hewitt: You and Marine Lt. General Amos coauthored the new field manual on counterinsurgency, and it talked about counterinsurgency has to adapt to local conditions. How long does it really take, in your estimation? I see you saw the BBC yesterday, telling them that it could take nine, ten years to put a counterinsurgency down in Iraq. Is that an accurate assessment, a decade to get this thing contained?

Gen. Petraeus: Well, it depends where you are in Iraq, what you’re talking about, and so forth. What I was doing there was merely saying that historically, it’s taken about a decade or so for the average counterinsurgency to be sorted out. Sometimes, it’s taken longer. I mean, in fact, the British Broadcaster interviewer and I were talking about how long it took the UK to reach the position that they’ve now achieved in Northern Ireland, and that was actually several decades, as you know, In some cases in Iraq, the situation is somewhat resolved. Surprisingly, Anbar Province, all of a sudden, has become just a remarkable development, and a place where you can actually see how it could possibly evolve into a situation sustainable by the Iraqis. Other places remain very problematic, and there’s certainly neighborhoods in Baghdad where we are still trying to refine the vision of what would be sustainable, and then determine how in fact to get to that point.

In a recent post, one of our newer Lefty commenters said the following:

But there is evidence that suggests that the presence of our troops in Iraq makes the U.S. less safe, and it has certainly made it harder for us to respond to legitimate threats to U.S. interests. So the clear balance is in favor of withdrawal.

I’m sorry…. what “evidence” is that?  Is this Dan Rather/made-up “evidence”?  Aside from leftist sugar plum visions of Vietnam-redux, I must have missed that “evidence”. 

What about the very clear (and not made up) real evidence that al-Qaeda wants the USA to withdraw from Iraq?  And, the real facts that the Democrats in Congress are legislatively enabling the stated aims of our enemy!

I come back to the FACT, that Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and most of the semi borderline nearly sane Democrats left in Congress have been saying for a longggg time that President Bush should “listen to the Generals”.  

Well, now that one of the biggest Generals (Petraeus) is giving his insights — the question now is:  Are the liberals and Democrats even interested in listening?  Or will they just continue to mouth empty slogans like “we support the troops”?

I’m pretty sure the 83% of Americans who disapprove of the 110th Congress WILL be listening to General Petraeus.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Log Cabin: Senate Dems Hold Hate Crimes Hostage Over Iraq

Yesterday, after Senate Democrats failed yet again to force surrender in Iraq…. Senate Majority Leader, and Baby-In-Chief, Harry Reid took his toys and went home:  He pulled the Defense Authorization Bill entirely.   So in one fell swoop, Reid put the truth to the lie that Congressional Democrats “support the troops”.   He is now using the troops as a pawn in his attempt to force President Bush and General Petraeus to surrender to Al-Qaeda in Iraq.  Shameful.

What has gone mostly unnoticed, however, is that there are other key provisions in the Defense Authorization Bill.  One of those provisions was (allegedly) a key component of the Democrats’ agenda (again, allegedly):  a Hate Crimes amendment.

Patrick Sammon, Log Cabin (Republicans) President, called the spade a spade….

But Patrick Sammon, president of Log Cabin Republicans, a national gay group, accused Senate Democrats of holding the hate crimes bill “hostage” to what he called their doomed attempt to force President Bush to change his policies on the war.

“The bottom line is the Democrats don’t have the votes to pass their Iraq amendments,” Sammon said. “Even if they did, everyone knows the president would veto the bill.”

Great point.  If hate crimes legislation is soooooooooooo important to the Democrats… why was this, of all legislative vehicles, the one they chose to focus the amendment towards.

The usual Gay Borg lackeys chimed in, of course, with their expected defense of their political masters.

“The Senate obviously devoted all of its attention to the Iraq war,” said Brad Luna, spokesperson for the Human Rights Campaign, the national gay advocacy group coordinating lobbying efforts for the hate crimes bill. “This had nothing to do with the hate crimes bill.”

John Marble, spokesperson for National Stonewall Democrats, a gay Democratic group, accused Log Cabin of attempting to deflect attention from what he called the Republican Party’s poor record on gay rights.

“The Republicans delivered virtually nothing on GLBT issues while they controlled Congress for more than a decade,” Marble said. “Log Cabin should spend more time securing additional votes for the hate crimes bill rather than making up charges about the Democrats.”

A reminder to Mr. Marble…. Democrats controlled the US House for 40 years before 1995, and the Senate many times throughout.  The only major gay rights legislation or mandate to come from the Democrats when they had the chance in power:  Defense of Marriage Act and Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.   Great record, eh?

-Bruce (GayPatriot)