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Cindy Sheehan Chickens Out In Charlotte, Blames Police & Vets

There has been quite a kerfuffle the past couple of days in Charlotte, NC.  Retired Washed-Up Living Dead Renewed War Protest Queen Cindy Sheehan is apparently on some kind of “listening tour” of the USA.  She made a stop in Charlotte on Tuesday.  As is the case with most things Cindy, her visit to the Queen City was farcical and made worse by the hysterical lies Sheehan and her supporters are trying to peddle in the aftermath.

Here’s the skinny…. on Tuesday Momma Sheehan showed up to protest at US Rep. Mel Watts’ (D-NC) Charlotte office.  He wasn’t there, of course, as he was holding court with the Do-Nothing Congress back in Washington, DC.   But Cindy wanted her made-for-TV photo ops calling for Bush’s impeachment at Watts’ office.   And she got it.

But the centerpiece of her entire visit to Charlotte was supposed to be a rally at Bryant Park on Tuesday afternoon.  Cindy never got out of her car at Bryant Park.  She has since made unsubstantiated allegations of “threats” as her reason for high-tailing it away from counter-protestors waiting to see her at Bryant Park.   The pro-military, veterans group “Gathering of Eagles” was there to protest Sheehan’s visit.   Cindy doesn’t like being questioned and has now flung undocumented accusations of intimidation and violence far and wide against my fine city.

In her blog, Sheehan said that there was a “police presence that seemed to be there to foster violence.”

She noted that the police, citing freedom of speech, refused to separate her group and its opponents, a national group called the Gathering of Eagles.

“But the Eagles’ freedom of speech has included physical threats against me and actual physical force against kids and women. When the Charlotte police were told this, they said that they couldn’t keep them apart from our group until the Eagles actually did something.”

Sheehan, one of the best-known opponents of the war in Iraq, stayed in her car during the rally that drew about 125 people.

An organizer for the counterprotesters said there was never any threat of violence.

“We are loud and we are proud and we will counterprotest and exercise our First Amendment rights at the top of our lungs,” said George Samek, recruiter for the Gathering of Eagles.

Samek said he talked with leaders from the other side before the protests started.

“I said we were very verbal and not to expect any leniency, but I told them, `You have nothing to fear from us. We’ll be screaming at you and calling you names … but we had amputees with us, we had children with us, we didn’t want any violence.’ “

To further the ridiculousness of her claim, Cindy actually had the cojones (am I allowed to use such a masculine term?) to call into the Keith Larson Show on WBT-AM on Thursday morning.   Keith repeatedly asked her to substantiate her claims of threats from either the police or the Gathering of Eagles.   Cindy’s response?  She hung up on him.

Wow.   And this is a person who wants to run for Congress against Nancy Pelosi?   She better get used to being challenged in public and facing protests.   That’s the nature of our political process.  Although, I’m sure Cindy would feel more comfortable being in a legislature in a more rigid system like…say…. Venezuela?

-Bruce (GayPatriot)