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J.K. Rowling is a Conservative

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 7:57 pm - July 24, 2007.
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Until just a few minutes ago, I was under the spell of the last of the Harry Potter books and expect to post something on that in a few minutes — or maybe a hour or so. All I can say is “WOW!” I guessed some things right (but also got a lot wrong) about certain characters. Still, I couldn’t put the book down and wanted to finish it before I heard the ending from anyone else.

Not only does she borrow images, characters and expression from mythologiy, but more importantly, Rowling borrows great themes from these ancient stories.

Pehaps, someone in my graduate program should write a dissertation on the Harry Potter series as myth — as I had once considered writing such a thesis about The Lord of the Rings.

And with her story, we see that Rowling is a conservative, if not in name, at least in her philosophy. Thematically, she has much, oh so much, in common with C.S. Lewis.

More anon. Much, much, much more.