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MSM Prefer Congressmen Whose Views Fit Their Iraq Narrative

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 6:44 pm - August 24, 2007.
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To clear any doubts you may have about the MSM bias against President Bush and the war in Iraq, just look how they covered the stories of two Congressmen offering their opinions on the state of the conflict.

When Republican Senator John Warner of Virginia proposed token troop withdrawals as a “symbolic step” to spur the Iraqi government to make political progress, he got top billing on an MSNBC evening news show while garnering headlines on AOL and Yahoo! homepages. An AP writer called Warner’s “new position. . . a sharp challenge to a wartime president that will undoubtedly color the upcoming Iraq debate on Capitol Hill.

When Democratic Congressman Brian Baird of Washington State, a legislator who had “voted against the war from the outset and who has been frankly critical of the administration and the post-invasion strategy” returned from Iraq with the conviction that “U.S. troops must stay in Iraq longer, and that a precipitous withdrawal could have catastrophic results for Iraq and the region,” he did get some media attention.

His change of position, however, did not get top billing on news sites nor did it lead the evening news on any network. We did not see MSM reports that his new stance represented a sharp challenge to his party’s leadership. Nor did we see such headlines as, “Former War Opponent Favors President’s Plan to Complete Mission” or “Top Democrat Bucks Party Leadership on Iraq.”

A Yahoo! news search for John Warner Iraq yields 1,180 hits while a Yahoo! news search for Brian Baird Iraq yields only 61.

As more and more Democrats, even including a few presidential aspirants, recognize the success of the surge, with U.S. News finding that this success had shifted momentum in the Iraq Debate to the GOP (via Instapundit), the MSM would rather focus on the statement of a Republican who frequently bucks his party.

To be sure, The Seattle Times did publish Baird’s piece asserting that “Our troops have earned more time” which garnered a headline on the Real Clear Politics home page. But, his shift just didn’t generate the coverage that Warner’s did. And as U.S. News discovered, he’s not the only Democrat who have become more averse to withdrawal because of improving conditions on the ground in Iraq.

After reading Baird’s column, Glenn Reynolds doubts it will “get the kind of Big Media attention that John Warner’s comments will, because it doesn’t fit the preferred narrative.” Looks like he’s right.

Celebrate My Birthday — Rev Your Engine!

What is the deal?  It seems like there are a lot of things happening on October 15th this year.  I’m not sure why… perhaps because it falls on a Monday?   I keep hearing October 15th come up both at work and with other events out there.   Obviously, there is one reason to celebrate the day.  Or should I say 39 reasons?

In any case, Tim Blair brought this October 15th event to my attention…. BlogActionDay.

On October 15th, bloggers around the web will unite to put a single important issue on everyone’s mind – the environment. Every blogger will post about the environment in their own way and relating to their own topic. Our aim is to get everyone talking towards a better future.

Look, many moons ago I sat in my 5th grade public school homeroom and was shown propaganda movies about how there would be no safe drinking water when I grew up.  So as all of you know, I’m very skeptical of the intent of so-called environmentalists like, for example, Millionare Al Gore and Millionaire Sheryl Crow and Millionaire John Edwards.

‘Nuf said.

So do me a favor, join me in my birthday celebration and celebrate Capitalism and Progress.   Rev your engine in idle at the red light…. use more than one section of toilet paper… dirty all of the towels in your hotel room… leave a few extra lights on.   Celebrate Modernity!

(Global Warming….with his black cape flowing behind…. cowers at GayPatriot and looks forward to BlogActionDay where he can brainwash a few more do-gooders to rally against American progress and modern civilization.)

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Bush Recovery from Clinton Recession Continues to Chug Along…

….despite near silence from the news media, and trashing by the Democrats.

Home Sales Rise, Factory Orders Up – AP

Sales of new homes perked up, while factory orders took off in July, raising hopes that the economy can safely weather financial turmoil that has shaken Wall Street.

The Commerce Department reported Friday that new-home sales rose 2.8 percent in July, after falling 4 percent in June. The increase in July lifted sales to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 870,000 units. A second report showed that orders to factories for big-ticket goods jumped 5.9 percent in July, the most in 10 months.

Both reports were better than analysts had expected. They were forecasting home sales to fall and were calling for a much smaller, 1 percent gain in factory orders.


In the manufacturing report, the 5.9 percent increases in new orders for “durable” goods followed a 1.9 percent rise in June. Durable goods are costly manufactured items expected to last at least three years.

Gains were widespread. Orders went up for machinery, automobiles, metal products, airplanes and communications equipment. That blunted a drop in demand for computers, as well as electrical equipment and appliances.

The pickup in demand for manufactured goods comes against a backdrop of a growing global economy, which has produced a bigger appetite for some U.S. exports.

I believe Larry Kudlow has called this the “Chicken Little Economy” — the economic fundamentals are fine…. but everyone is running around hoping looking to have the sky fall in on it.

Hmmmm….. maybe the Democrat Party should change their mascot from an ass to a chicken?   Naaaaah.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)