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Katie Couric Wakes Up In Iraq

Well, well, well……(h/t – The Corner)

Greetings from Baghdad – Couric & Co. (Katie’s blog at CBS

We arrived at the airport this morning on a private plane.   I was surprised to hear that there are now three Royal Jordanian flights into Baghdad every day.  It was difficult to see much from the air … though I did see the Tigris River. The scope of the destruction can better be taken in at ground level.  I had heard a great deal about the corkscrew landing into Baghdad airport, ostensibly to avoid being a clear target for SAMs, or surface-to-air missiles…. But the airport has gotten much more secure; we banked slightly, but it wasn’t nearly as jarring as I had anticipated.


Later in the afternoon, we headed to the home of an Iraqi family to find out what day-to-day life is like for them.

The city looks like a third world country, where concrete reigns supreme: Concrete barriers and huge piles of concrete rubble everywhere. All the stores I saw were closed, some for good, some were not open because it was Friday, a holy day in Islam. There is a vehicle ban every Friday from eleven to three, so there were very few cars on the street.

The Iraqi family was warm and welcoming. Their apartment was small and extremely hot. They had no running water, as is often the case. They told us that their electricity is very spotty. They get only about an hour or two at the most from the national grid … more from the generator that is for their neighborhood, and then they have a small generator themselves, but fuel is very, very expensive.

They have three children … nine, seven and eight months, and the older boys looked dazed. It’s too dangerous for them to play outside. It was heartbreaking.  The parents said they don’t blame it on U.S. forces, and said they hope American troops stay, because if they don’t, the “militias will kill everyone.”


Meanwhile, all U.S. and Iraqi soldiers patrolling the streets have my renewed respect and appreciation. One-hundred-and-ten degrees with full-body armor and heavy uniforms. I don’t know how they do it. But they do, and we should be grateful.

Read the whole thing.  As anyone who has read balanced accounts (and not made-up stories) of life on the ground in Iraq, it isn’t all roses & candy.   But it does seem Ms. Couric has been believing too much of the Liberal Echo Chamber’s mantra.

Hmmmm….  I bet Walter “I Singlehandedly Ended Vietnam” Cronkite won’t be very happy with Katie’s contribution to showing America what is REALLY happening in Iraq these days.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Confronting A Troll From Time To Time

I haven’t done this in a while…. but this one is particularly funny.   Our blog has a new liberal troll who has come to lecture us about American politics and the eeeeeevil of having more than one train of thought if you are gay.  The irony is this Gay Borg actually lives in Toronto, Canada.  (*sings*  Blame Canada!  Blame Canada!)

I thought my email exchange from him was particularly illuminating given how liberals always accuse conservatives of “twisting the truth” and “revisionist history.”   Ladies and gentlemen…. let me introduce you to the Kettle:

Paul’s recent comment:   “What I took away from Bruce’s earliest posts was an unwarranted and wholly unneccessary vitriol directed at the gay  community.”

That made me scratch my head.  What on earth could this guy be referring to?  I decided to embark on a mission to find out.  My search for facts from Paul the Canadian was kind of like being a UN weapons’ inspector looking for WMD in Saddam’s Iraq…. 

My email to Paul, our Canadian commenter:

Please clarify your comment or I will have to delete it because you are making potentially slanderous and libelous comments about me and about my reputation….

You commented: “What I took away from Bruce’s earliest posts was an  unwarranted and wholly unneccessary vitriol directed at the gay community.”

I would appreciate the specific dates and postings you are referring to.  Or I would like a public apology on my blog.

Seems pretty reasonable to ask for specifics.   Hell, he might be right.   After all, I may need to apologize for some long-forgotten rant that obviously has him furious and awake at night in Toronto.

Paul didn’t agree with me:

If you want to delete the comment, then do so.  I will not have my opinion subjugated by a blogmaster.

I think this might have more to do with my pointing out that [North] Dallas [Thirty] did not have the hyper-link in his original comment, than anything I wrote about you.

I will not give you a public apology.  However, if you feel hurt by what I wrote, I will give you a private apology.

“Hurt”?!?  I found that particularly funny.  My response to Paul was the following:

It has nothing to do with your exchange with NDT.  It has everything to do with your accusing me of a very serious charge.

I’d like you to back it up with the so-called “earlier postings” that you refer to.  This wasn’t an opinion, this was you stating a fact.

So, prove your point with FACTS.  Or apologize and retract.  Pretty simple.

His response with the facts behind his wild-eyed accusations:    *crickets chirping* 

Anyway, since I haven’t heard back from him… I wanted to take this opportunity to post this exchange.  I figure that since he was willing to give me a private apology, I’ll accept it in this manner.

Case closed, Paul.   Thanks for playing.  And I accept your apology.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)