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What is Hillary Trying to Hide?

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 9:25 pm - September 6, 2007.
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A google search of Bush fixation secrecy (without quotation marks) yields over 55,000 hits. The left seems fixated on the president’s alleged fixation on secrecy with columnist Leonard Pitts, Jr. writing, “No administration in history has withheld information as prodigiously, determinedly or indiscriminately as this one.

Obviously, Mr. Pitts hasn’t taken much time to look at the previous administration. And given her record this campaign season, if, in the unfortunate event that the wife of the immediate past president wins her husband’s old job, the next administration will not only help expose Mr. Pitts’s hyperbole for what it is while his words come to define Mrs. Clinton’s team.

Replace the word, “administration,” with “campaign” and you have a pretty accurate (if slightly exaggerated) depiction of her campaign. Even left-wing bloggers are taking note. After a broadside against the President, Arianna Huffington writes, “the candidate least likely to turn on the lights is Hillary Clinton. Her lifelong commitment to secrecy is one of the main themes of [Clinton biographer Carl] Bernstein’s book.” Bernstein told the Today Show, “This is a woman who led a camouflaged life and continues to.

And just as the 1996 Clinton campaign “stonewalled . . . reporters and investigators . . . trying to get to the bottom of a campaign finance scandal that eventually saw 14 people enter guilty pleas while another 120 either fled the country or invoked the Fifth Amendment to avoid answering questions,”* so is the 2008 Clinton campaign “stonewalling media requests for the names and amounts of bundled campaign contributions delivered to her by fugitive Norman Hsu.”

Clinton campaign spokesman Howard “Wolfson declined to release the names of bundled donors.” (Via Hugh Hewitt). Here we have one of Hillary’s top fundraisers on the lam and her campaign refuses to release the names of those from whom he raised money on her behalf.

Doesn’t look like there’s much transparency in Mrs. Clinton’s campaign.

It’s not just her campaign that’s veiled in secrecy. While the former First Lady touts her “experience” “as a compelling reason voters should make her president,” the Clinton library is locking up “nearly 2 million pages of documents covering her White House years.” I guess she just don’t want the American people to learn what exactly that experience entailed.

You can bet that if a leading Republican were trying to close off his record from public scrutiny, media coverage would eclipse that of the saturation coverage of the misfortunes of the once-little known senior Senator from Idaho.

At least, some in the media, including a number of voices on the left, are taking note and wondering, as am I, what the former First Lady is trying to hide.

Right now, it seems that Mrs. Clinton believes that the only way she can win the White House is by pulling the wool over the American people’s eyes. At the same time, she and her supporters have accused the president of deception. There’s a Yiddish word for that.


* John Fund in today’s OpinionJournal Political Diary (available by subscription).