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Top Democrats: Not Letting Facts Get in the Way of Anti-War Bias

Not long after reading a report Senator Biden’s dismissal of General Petraeus’s testimony which headlined Yahoo!’s news for the day, I chanced upon Powerline’s synopsis of the remarks, a short post headlined, “MY MIND IS MADE UP, DON’T CONFUSE ME WITH THE FACTS.

You see, even before Petraeus, the top military commander, in Iraq has testified before Congress, including the Foreign Relations Committee, which Mr. Biden chairs, the Delaware Democrat has insisted the general “dead flat wrong

And I thought it was Democrats who last year were faulting the president for not listening to military commanders on the ground in Iraq. This leading Democrat (who, as many on the left would point out if he supported the war, never served in the military) thinks he knows better than such a commander.

Biden isn’t the only member of his party dismissing the general before he has had a chance to come before Congress, report from the front and answer their questions. Top Democrats, including Senator Majority Leader Harry Reid and Whip Richard Durbin have been calling his report the “Bush Report.” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (who, as many on the left would point out if she supported the war, never served in the military) claims that “The facts are self-evident that the progress is not being made.” A nice claim to make before she even knows what the facts are.

All this prejudging causes Ed Morrissey to note:

the same Senators who didn’t cast a single vote against this highly-regarded commander taking over the effort in Iraq suddenly feel that Petraeus would conspire with George Bush to deliver a dishonest report to Congress. Which is more likely — that a career commander would deliberately lie about events in Iraq that already have garnered plenty of independent evidence for success, or that Dick Durbin and Harry Reid would smear the military for their own political gain?

I guess for leading Democrats the facts just don’t matter when you’re out to convince yourself that President Bush (and any strategy he proposes) is doomed to fail.