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Sondra K–Grande Conservative Blogress Diva 2008

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 11:18 pm - December 19, 2007.
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When we launched the Grande Conservative Blogress Diva contest this year, we expected to have a number of blogresses nominated and seconded as we did. So, we assumed a run-off would be necessary.

What we did not anticipate was the number of glitches in this year’s competition. We were delayed in setting up the contest due to misunderstandings and miscommunications (between Bruce and me). When we first announced the nominees, Bruce set up a poll which for some reason didn’t work.

I tried to fix it, but failed. At the same time, Bruce was taking care of his Mom. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong, wanted to set up a new poll, but feared that some people had already cast their ballots in the original contest. In the end, I did set up the poll, more than two days after we had anticipated the voting to begin. When I posted that poll, I neglected to announce that there would be a run-off nor to indicate when voting would end. I didn’t even link the post announcing the contest.

Given that the final tally had reigning Grande Conservative Blogress Diva Sondra K so far ahead of her competitors, we decided to dispense with a runoff and anoint her Grande Conservative Blogress Diva for the coming year.

We believe Sondra is especially deserving of this honor because of the spirited way she campaigned for the title, enlisting her readers and fellow bloggers to sign her praises in our comments section and to pump for her on their own web-sites. Self-promotion and devoted followers: qualities of a true diva.

This is not to say that the other competitors are less than divas. In their outspoken ways, all of them have earned the respect of these gay conservatives and merit the diva label. But, only one woman can become Grande Conservative Blogress Diva. And once again, Sondra K of Knowledge is Power has earned the title.

Congratulations Sondra!

Bob Dole in a Pants Suit

At the outset of the 1996 contest for the Republican presidential nomination, then-Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole emerged as the early frontrunner. After serving at the GOP vice-presidential nominee in 1976 and vying unsuccessfully for the nomination in 1980 and ’88, it was “his turn.” The Dole juggernaut seemed unstoppable until he refused a check from Log Cabin.

He recovered from that, but, as the first caucuses and primaries approached, seemed to be slowly losing momentum. People began to wonder if the only reason for backing him was the seeming inevitability of his nomination. He only eked out a narrow victory in the Iowa caucuses (besting Pat Buchanan by 3%), a contest he had won handily eight years previously. After losing New Hampshire to that egotistical demagogue, he went on to win the Republican nomination, but, never really finding a theme to animate his campaign, lost to incumbent Bill Clinton that fall.

As we see Clinton’s wife locked in a tight three-way contest in Iowa as her lead began to evaporate in New Hampshire, I’m wondering if Democrats are having the same kind of frontrunner’s remorse that Republicans had for Bob Dole nearly twelve years ago.

Both were seen as the candidates of their respective party’s establishment. Both didn’t seem to stand for anything, but their own ambition for the White House. Both are strong political partisans. Hillary, to be sure, has an ideological streak which Dole lacks.

All that said, the sudden tightening of the Democratic race this year parallels that of the GOP in 1996. Hillary, like Dole, could survive a narrow win in Iowa and a defeat in New Hampshire (or, her case, vice versa) and go on to win the nomination. Should she do so, she would be more strongly situated than was Dole in 1996, running as he was against an incumbent president during a time of peace and prosperity.

Yet, in having to fight for something which she assumed to be hers by right, she has only reinforced public perceptions of her own ruthlessness. As her campaign has attacked her opponents, she has resorted to broad statements and banalties in defending her candidacy, making, in one interview, five references to the Des Moines Register‘s endorsement of her White House bid, rather than answering the question.

That empty rhetoric, in many ways, echoes Dole’s 1996 campaign. Like the GOP nominee that year, Hillary seems to be running for the White House largely because she thinks she’s entitled to the job. She ust knows she’ll do a good job because she’s Hillary Clinton and anyway, someone else says so, so why answer the question.

At least Bob Dole has a good sense of humor and a natural laugh. But, I don’t think he’d look good in a pants suit. And I dare say his classy wife would have better sense than to wear one.

UPDATE: Just read this from Dick Morris, “Hillary has a carefully cultivated impression of invincibility that serves as one of her principal attractions to Democratic primary voters.” He notes that, “Hillary has a real potential for a comeback.” Whereas Buchanan’s extremism made him easier for Dole to defeat when it became a two-man race, Morris believes Obama’s inexperience could play against him once the spotlight focuses on him should the Illinois Senator prevail “in the first few primaries.” Read the whole thing!

Does Bill Want Hillary to Lose? One Diva’s Thoughts

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 4:57 pm - December 19, 2007.
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My brother wanted me to post on Bill Clinton’s recent appearance on the Charlie Rose show. As I hadn’t watched it, I didn’t feel competent to talk about it. But, blogress diva Ann Althouse did and offers her insights here. I took particular note of this observation:

I thought Bill Clinton seemed really angry about something. I had the impression that something was nagging at him that he couldn’t talk about. I also noticed that he used the words “she” and “her” to great excess and rarely voiced his wife’s name.

She also speculates that “Bill secretly wants Hillary to lose.” The same thing has occurred to me. On more than on occasion.

As Glenn Reynolds would say, read the whole thing.

Grande Conservative Blogress Diva Results

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 12:00 pm - December 19, 2007.
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In the original post announcing our annual Blogress Diva competition, I wrote that there would be a “run-off from December 17 until the 23rd.” But, given the initial glitches with this years competition, we didn’t have a workable poll up until last Wednesday so we had to extend the initial round of voting until today.

At the close of the competition, the four finalists are Sondra K of Knowledge is Power (1,593 votes), Pamela of Atlas Shrugs (912) and Michelle Malkin (798), Tammy Bruce (731).

Given reigning Grande Conservative Blogress Diva Sondra’s considerable lead and this year’s glitches, we are debating whether or not it would be in order merely to crown her once again or continue with the promised runoff.

Please let us know your thoughts. We will reach a final decision later on today.

Here is the final and deciding poll: