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Merry Christmas From The Patriot Pooches

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 2:00 pm - December 24, 2007.
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hi human peeple. we want to wish u a mary christmas. dad and dad were out at the maul yesterday shopping. we guess they were shopping for moor food fore me and shadow. gramma isn’t feeling too well today. i think dad will rite about that later.

mary christmas to you and your pups from me — saxby and my sister — shadow.


saxby (patriotpooch on left)

Christmas Eve In The Emergency Room

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 11:56 am - December 24, 2007.
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**TUESDAY EVENING UPDATE** — Mom is recovering just fine from the emergency surgery to fix the burst appendix.  The doctors and nurses have been great; it makes me thankful to live in this country when I meet hard-working people like that who are giving up their Christmas holiday to help people in need.  Again, many many thanks for your thoughts and prayers.

There are moments once in a while when our advances in technology really do amaze me. I’m having one of those moments today.

Unfortunately, my Mom is spending this Christmas Eve in an emergency room bed with possible appendicitis. Tests aren’t done yet. This comes two weeks after her surgery — so she DEFINITELY is looking forward to 2008!!

Anyway, isn’t it kind of weird that I can live-blog from an emergency room ward? It is better than watching bad television on the ER wall. And, we are also using my computer to listen to Christmas songs from my iTunes collection.

I hope everyone has a very nice Christmas and may God bless you and your families today and always.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Satan/Nostradamus — 2008, Part II


I’ve had some trouble with lately (including the first iteration of this poll, and our Blog Diva poll)…. so I’m revamping this posting to use a new service and to include more candidates based on commenters’ suggestions.


I have been amused over the past several months that in discussions with work colleagues, friends and family — a similar “we-know-for-a-fact” statement keeps coming up. It is the following: “Presidential Candidate X is the Anti-Christ”; followed by citing of Scripture or a prophecy right out of the mind of Dan Brown’s DaVinci Code.

I caught this tongue-in-cheek iteration on Monday at The Huffington Post, implicating Mike Huckabee as The Big AC.

4. No normal American man over the age of 40 loses 110 pounds. It’s not natural.

5. Read this: “And that is why part of me, I confess, wants Huckabee to win. So he can lose. So the GOP can lose – as spectacularly and humiliatingly as possible. If we are to rid conservatism of this theocratic cancer, we need to start over. Maybe it has to get worse before it can get better.”

Who said it? Andrew Sullivan. Have you ever heard of the psy-ops mind trick called “negative psychology”? If Sullivan — a gay Catholic — says he wants Huckabee to get the Republican nomination so he can lose, you can bet your beanie that what the secret cabal of Romish sodomites really wants is for Huckabee to win.

So I figured before I vote next year, I want this topic settled once and for all. Please help!


-Bruce (GayPatriot)