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First and foremost, congratulations to GayPatriot reader Sean Arther from California.  He was the winner of the GayPatriot/LOGO contest held earlier this week.   CONGRATS SEAN!   (Sean won by a mere 10 seconds over the other winning emailed entry.)

Oh yeah.. don’t forget to watch Season Two of “The Big Gay Sketch Show” on LOGO!

By the way, I got one email criticizing me for partnering with LOGO.  I appreciate the feedback, don’t quite understand it, and point out that I’m a site traffic whore and will do almost anything to increase traffic at GayPatriot.   So there.  🙂

Second item…. it is funny that our long time lefty friends — ian, raj, etc. — haven’t been heard from in quite some time.   Maybe they’ve moved on?  Or maybe they have a conscience and know that if they continue to comment here…. they should also be DONATING!  Our total so far is:  $1,030.00.

Goal by March 1:  $5,000.  I know you can do it!   Tell you friends & family about GayPatriot.   Make Ian & Raj give some of their hard earned money!   Give ’til it hurts!

And many thanks to those of you who have donated so far….. we may not have the numbers of Obama’s contributors… but we have the best ones!

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Happy Ronald Reagan’s Birthday!

Today, February 6, 2008 makes the 97th anniversary of the birthday of the greatest American president of the second half of the twentieth century.

Would it that I had more time today to write a post worthy of this great man, remembering his vision and honoring his accomplishments.

Would it that we had a candidate of his caliber in the current contest.

The Radical Strain Among Gay Activists

In reading Conduct Unbecoming by Randy Shilts, I’ve been engrossed not only with the stories of gay veterans but the beginning of the gay rights movement in the 1960s and early 70s. Many of the issues and complaints that gay moderates and conservatives have about the far Left today originated during those times. The sometimes understandable radical attitudes that were expressed at that time for various causes still exist today, only now it is increasingly difficult to find any sympathy for them. The leaders of the gay rights movement quickly “merged its aims with the panoply of liberation movements asserting themselves in that era”. While “some of these alignments…made sense, others lacked intellectual consistency” (contrary to Shilts, abortion is not among those that “made sense”). For example, Shilts writes:

[G]ay libbers joined their leftist comrades cutting Cuban sugar in the Venceremos Brigade, despite the fact that Fidel Castro himself locked up Cuban gays in concentration camps. Gay lib leaders solemnly quoted Chairman Mao’s wisdom from their own little red books, though Mao’s Red Guards were known to castrate “sexual degenerates” public ly. [Gay Liberation Front members] handed out FREE BOBBY SEALE posters alongside Black Panthers, even though black liberation guru Malcom X had commented, “All white men are blonde, blue-eyed faggots”. Gays who had once been Uncle Toms to the Establishment were now Uncle Toms to the New Left…

We can see this lack of “intellectual consistency” in many gay activist groups today. They align their movement with every leftist cause no matter how tenuous the connection to gay rights they may be. Many such groups have contented themselves to being only one faction of one major political party, which in many cases has eroded their effectiveness and allows them to be taken for granted in elections. These groups have also alienated gay moderates and conservatives as well as a large portion of mainstream America. Probably the best example of this is the treatment of the military and those gays who choose to serve in uniform. This too began in the turmoil of the 1960s and early 70s that “wanted nothing to do with the anguish of gays in uniform” and “would have repercussions for decades to come”: