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CA Supreme Court to Hear Gay Marriage Case Tomorrow

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 9:08 pm - March 3, 2008.
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Tomorrow, March 4, 2008, the California Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in a case combining the lawsuits “by nearly two dozen [same-sex] couples . . . and . . . by the city of San Francisco” demanding that the state recognize their unions as marriage.

While advocates of gay marriage are giddy about the coming hearing, those pushing for state recognition of same-sex marriage through the courts are incredibly short-sighted, especially in a state which in 2000, voted overwhelmingly for a proposition preventing the state from recognizing same-sex marriages performed outside the Golden State. Clearly, California voters expressed opposition to same-sex marriage.

If, as gay marriage advocates contend, people’s views have changed on the subject, then they should put another referendum on the state ballot overturning Prop. 22 and changing the definition of marriage. But, at the event I attended in January launching a new initiative to promote “marriage equality” in the Golden State, activists were determined to keep a referendum banning gay marriage off the ballot, preventing the Californians from having a say in the matter.

Not just that. Those who push recognition of same-sex marriage ignore history. Gay activists may blame Karl Rove for placing a raft of referenda on state ballots in 2004 defining marriage there by its traditional definition, the union of one man and one woman. But, they’re more to blame than he for the success of their referenda.

Only after the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court handed down Goodridge v. Department of Public Health on November 18, 2003, requiring the Bay State to recognize same-sex marriage, did social conservatives to put those referenda on the ballot in several states.

Had the Massachusetts court not mandated gay marriage, these social conservatives would never have been able to rally people in other states to support such referenda.


World Leaders Nervous About Obama & Clinton

It appears that both Obama AND Clinton are not doing well “restoring” America’s image with the international community, according to this Newsweek article.

Best line (emphasis mine): 

“A senior Latin American diplomat, who asked to remain unnamed because of the sensitivity of the topic, says, “Look, we’re all watching Obama with bated breath and hoping [his election] will be a transforming moment for the world. But now that we’re listening to him on trade—the issue that affects us so deeply—we realize that maybe he doesn’t wish us well. In fact, we might find ourselves nostalgic for Bush, who is brave and courageous on trade and immigration.”

Ouch.  That’s going to leave a nasty mark!

h/t Gateway Pundit

— John (Average Gay Joe)

UPDATE (from Dan): And let’s not forget the Canadians and Mexicans concerned about Obama’s desire to renegotiate NAFTA and Hillary’s newfound opposition to that job-creating treaty. Hearing these two go on against NAFTA is making our neighbors wonder about American commitments to treaties we’ve signed. And not just our neighbors.

Germany 2008, Dachau 1945: Never Again

I’m sitting in the Frankfurt Airport (4:30 AM Eastern Time) waiting for my flight to board.  I have been in Germany since February 23.  It was a combo work/leisure vacation as I spent a lot of time catching up on work-related projects and emails. 

I first traveled through Germany 20 years ago when I was a sophomore in college.  It was one of those “New Day, New City” tours with my former high school’s Senior Trip.  Twenty years ago, we were in WEST Germany… and I remember the country being much more “cold” than now. 

The past few days I have found the German people extremely friendly, very open and much more happy than I recall in late 1980s.  I guess the fall of Communism has something to do with that, no?


Yesterday, John and I spent most of the day at the Dachau Concentration Camp outside Munich.  Needless to say, it is a day that I will remember for the rest of my life.  And yet, I only witnessed the sanitized shell of the hell that was systemized at that first Hitler death camp.   Every student across the globe should be made to spend a day at Dachau before they graduate high school.


New prisoners had to walk through the gates of Dachau which read “Through Work Brings Freedom.”  Another of Hitler’s lies of propaganda.

The rest of the photos are self-explanatory.



I choked up when I saw this plaque and the video scenes of the US Army liberating the near-dead camp survivors on April 29, 1945.   It is no wonder we call them “The Greatest Generation.”



I will post more pictures of the trip this week as well.

For now, guten tag…. and hello America, here I come!

-Bruce (GayPatriot)