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Spitzer: Reminder of Democratic Corruption

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 7:24 pm - March 10, 2008.
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As per my last post, it’s too early to tell whether or not the Spitzer scandal will hurt Ms. Hillary.

Whether or not it hurts that Democrat of questionable ethics, it does represent a tremendous boon to the GOP, provided, that is, they don’t blow it. While numerous Democrats have had their own scandals since Bill Clinton lied about his relationship with Monica Lewinsky to a federal grand jury ten years ago, that was the last Democratic scandal to attract major sustained media attention. Until today.

Stories about improprieties involving such Democrats as West Virginia’s Alan Mollohan, Louisiana’s William Jefferson, even House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Leader Harry Reid did not attract as much sustained media attention as did stories involving Republican in similar situations.

If Tony Rezko had been a leading fundraiser for a Republican presidential contender, his trial would rival the tribulations of Britney Spears as a subject for tabloid television.

Do you think the media would have paid more attention if an aide to a Republican governor were arrested for having sex with a teenage boy? They all but ignored when an aide to the Democratic governor of Massachusetts was arrested for such activity.*

Spitzer’s is the first Democratic scandal to attract national media attention. It should serve as a reminder that corruption is not just a Republican problem.

It’s too much to hope, however, that the media will look into John Murtha’s pay-to-play fundraiser, where lobbyists contribute to the Pennsylvania Democrat’s slush fund campaign coffers so that could press this Pelosi ally to sponsor earmarks for the companies they represent.

Given the sex and hypocrisy (the New York Democrat had prosecuted a prostitution ring) angle of the Spitzer story, the media simply can’t ignore it. And if the GOP doesn’t overplay its hand, it may well help the GOP, by reminding voters that Republicans do not have a monopoly on corruption.

Until today, the only thing which distinguished the partyies’ scandals was the Democrats’ success is keeping theirs off the front page.


*Given that this guy married another man, you’d think the gay organizations, given their support for “marriage equality,” would have denounced his shenanigans as making a mockery of marriage in general and his union in particular. That is perhaps fodder for another post.

Will Spitzer scandal hurt Ms. Hillary?

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 1:39 pm - March 10, 2008.
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With news that the governor of Ms. Hillary’s adopted home town facing yet another scandal, I’m wondering how this might impact the presidential race.

Democrat Eliot Spitzer has been linked to a prostitution ring. The New York Times reports that the governor has canceled his afternoon meetings and scheduled a 2:15 news conference. While the junior Senator of his state has not been linked (and is likely not be linked) to the Spitzer scandals, I wonder if his scandals will remind voters of the many scandals of her husband’s administration.

There is some speculation that this Clinton ally may resign.

We don’t know yet how this will impact the presidential race. It may not hurt Ms. Hillary, but it certainly won’t help.

Is The Fat Lady Singing For Hillary?

Dick Morris says yes.

The results are already clear. Barack Obama will go to the Democratic Convention with a lead of between 100 and 200 elected delegates. The remaining question is: What will the superdelegates do then? But is that really a question? Will the leaders of the Democratic Party be complicit in its destruction? Will they really kindle a civil war by denying the nomination to the man who won the most elected delegates? No way. They well understand that to do so would be to throw away the party’s chances of victory and to stigmatize it among African-Americans and young people for the rest of their lives. The Democratic Party took 20 years to recover from the traumas of 1968 and it is not about to trigger a similar bloodletting this year.

Will Hillary win Pennsylvania? Who cares? Even if she were to sweep the remaining primaries and caucuses by 10 points, she would move just 60 votes closer to Obama’s total of elected delegates. And she won’t sweep them all. Even if Hillary wins Pennsylvania, the largest prize up for grabs, Obama will probably win North Carolina, which is almost as large. He’s likely to win Mississippi and Wyoming and has a good shot in Oregon and Indiana. The most likely result of these coming contests is that Obama will be roughly where he is now, about 140 elected delegates ahead of Hillary.

You know…. if I had a dime for everytime Dick Morris’ predictions came true –  Well, I’d have a dime.

I think my track record for political prognosticating is better than Dick Morris.  And mine ain’t that great.  It might be more entertaining, but it ain’t that great!

-Bruce (GayPatriot) 

How to Avoid LA Traffic

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 12:53 am - March 10, 2008.
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Yesterday, I learned a lesson which I should have taken heed of today.

You see, yesterday, a friend of mine and his wife were speaking at a conference at Pepperdine in Malibu. Via Mapquest, I found that it would take me about 40 minutes to get there from here, but knowing LA freeways, I decided to double that time and add an extra few minutes (for good measure). The freeways were clear all the way and I arrived well over a half-hour early.

The lesson is that if you want to avoid LA traffic, budget it into your travel time and give yourself twice the time you need.

Today, I did not budget adequate time for my travel when headed to a baby shower for the newly adopted son of a friend (and his partner) who had been trying to adopt for several years. Not only did I leave late, but I had to stop on the way to get bagels and lox for the brunch, a gift for the baby and gas for my car.

It was bumper to bumper on one freeway.

It does always seem that whenever I leave early for an engagement in LA that I avoid the traffic, but if I leave with just enough time (or too little) to make it, then it’s bumper-to-bumper all (or part of) the way.

Fate or something else?