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Eliot Spitzer…. REALLY?

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 10:48 pm - March 17, 2008.
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In case you missed Saturday Night Live this weekend. 

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Sex Scandals: Not Just a Republican Problem

Please check below for a rebuttal from the reader whose e-mail inspired this post.

When a reader e-mailed me this morning, claiming, “sex scandals in the US seems lopsided toward the Republican side of things,” I wrote back saying that, in my impression, there were more Democratic than Republican ones. I based my comment not on any scientific survey, but on my own recollection, having followed the news pretty regularly for the past twenty-five years.

I wondered if my friend’s impression were based not on his bias (he tends to vote Democratic) but on that of the media, given that they seem to delight more in Republican scandals than Democratic ones, not merely because of the various reporters’ left-of-center leanings, but also because of the hypocrisy angle. They want to show that while Republicans may talk family values, they can’t walk the walk.

They use this supposed hypocrisy so as to more easily dismiss conservative arguments.

Numerous conservative bloggers, led by Glenn Reynolds (e.g., here), have observed how frequently MSM outlets make sure to reference a politician’s affiliation if he’s a Republican caught in a sex scandal, but somehow that doesn’t seem necessary to point out when it’s a Democrat.

Perhaps, that accounts for my friend’s sense that there are more GOP scandals.

Not only that. Republican sexual scandals fit into the MSM theory of sex, inspired by Freud and propagated by pop psychology and pop culture, that only sexually repressed people will seek out sex is secretive and seedy surroundings. Hence, the appeal of the Larry Craig story. A gay man denies his sexuality, thus forces himself to seek trysts in public restrooms.

Yet, if sexual repression were the reason people sought out such secretive sex, what explains former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer’s shenanigans? Or Carl McGee’s? McGee, an openly gay man and aide to Massachusetts’s Democratic governor, who had married his partner, was arrested for having sex with a teenager in a public steamroom. (Note how the article on McGee doesn’t indicate his party affiliation.)

The national media didn’t pick up on this story because it didn’t fit into their narrative of gay sex scandals.


Will Rev. Wright Cause Obama’s Downfall?

If you haven’t heard the Rev. Wright’s own words, you should.

We have always heard that Republican Presidential candidates have to be held to account for their associations with religious figures like Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell and James Dobson. Should not Barack Obama have to be held to the same standard in his direct relationship with an anti-American, anti-white and not-very-Christian-like minister whom he considered a mentor?

Victor Davis Hanson has these thoughts at The Corner:

One of the strangest defenses of Rev. Wright by Sen. Obama was his repeated assurance that Wright is a biblical “scholar.”

But Wright’s own sermons surely belie that characterization: he uses the “n-word,” resorts to profanity, and when screaming that Clinton was “ridin’ dirty” with Monica, he seems from the tape at least, to be shaking and trying to simulate sexual intercourse from the pulpit.

Justice Thomas seems to be referred to as “Clarence Colon” and Sec. Rice is “Condamnesia.” All this is crude and uncouth, and not even the eloquent Obama could finesse it into anything scholarly. This entire defense is simply Orwellian—especially since Obama’s past references to and praise of Wright in interviews and memoirs, as well as 20-years of church attendance and intimacy, suggest admiration and clear knowledge of the character of Wright.

If anything, Wright seems to have trumped even the hatred of Farrakhan.

The raw venom expressed by Wright, and Obama’s ambiguity about him, may well be the most bizarre development in recent American political history. It is as if he and his entire campaign staff have collectively lost their minds with these serial contortions and half-truths, and are trying to lose Pennsylvania by 30 points—when all Obama would have to do is apologize, quit the church, and begin talking about the issues (albeit holding off for a while from the old sermons about transcending race, and practicing a new candor and political honesty.)

Any middle-of-the-road Democratic voter who sampled five or six of Wright’s sermons, juxtaposed them with Obama’s references to him as not particularly controversial, an uncle, a scholar, etc., wouldn’t vote for Obama in a million years.

Obama’s reluctance to divorce himself from this hateful view of America makes we wonder if his lofty visions of “hope” and “change” are just words. Or is he simply a better-packaged version of the strain of anti-American leftist hate that is the heart and soul of the Democratic Party?

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Report on Being Missing In Action

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 12:31 pm - March 17, 2008.
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Many apologies for my silence the past few days.  I was on a mega-business trip last week (Charlotte-Norfolk-DC-Texas).  While in DC, I experienced either a acute case of food poisoning, or a nasty and powerful stomach bug.  To make a long story short, I ended up admitted to Howard University Hospital early Friday morning.  I finally made it home to Charlotte yesterday afternoon, although I still feel a bit “out of it”.

Anyway, I hope to get back in the swing of things.   Although, work has been EXTRAORDINARILY busy for me lately…..

-Bruce (GayPatriot)