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Yahoo! Continues to Lead with Bad News from Iraq

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 6:00 pm - March 26, 2008.
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On Monday, I noted how the news headlines on Yahoo!’s homepage tend to reflect a left-wing bias. If there’s bad news coming from Iraq, it’s sure to find its way to the news headlines on that page.

And today, we find Yahoo! leading not with bad news from Iraq, but with an article speculating that things are about to get worse. In their “In the News” colum, they list an article they title, “Will spiraling Iraq violence force a ‘re-surge’ of U.S. troops?” a Time magazine piece which is so fulfilled with the conditional, it almost reads as a grammar exercise wherein a high school students shows he knows how to use that speculative tense.

There is a growing possibility that it could become a wider intra-Shi’ite war . . . .

Tuesday’s sweep of Basra could turn sour in other southern cities where the central government’s power is weak . . . .

If the U.S. decides to actively go after the Shi’ite forces in the south, it would mean reopening a southern front . . .

Yes, there has been some increased violence in the southern regions of Iraq. But, we don’t know whether this is just a last gasp of the militias or an attempt by forces loyal to radical cleric Moqtada al-Sadr to show that they still matter.

Perhaps, things will turn out as Time’s Darrin Mortenson imagines. But, that’s not what’s happening now. His speculations belong more on the editorial page than on the news headlines.

Sometimes, it seems Yahoo!’s editors can’t distinguish the two, so eager are they to lead with stories critical of our mission in Iraq. Not just that, now that there is much good news coming out of Iraq, it seems that those in the MSM will seize any piece of bad news and define it is a trend.

DNC Chair Dean Thinks Gays Have No Place in GOP

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 12:01 pm - March 26, 2008.
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Speaking in Madison, Wisconsin, with rhetoric typical of all too many in his party, Democratic National Committee Chair Howard Dean offered a litany of insults about the GOP, few having any basis in reality. At a crowd “thin on students,” the former Vermont governor said that voters under 30 had an affinity for his party because they were a “multicultural generation.”

Meanwhile, the Democrat claimed “that the Republican Party has scapegoated every ethnic group and therefore can’t create a multicultural identity and reach younger voters.” Has it? Can he provide evidence to buttress his claim?

Or has he forgotten that it was leaders of his party who fought the Civil Rights Act and that a former “kleagle” of the Ku Klux Klan served as Democratic Leader in the Senate for twelve years. That man, West Virginia’s Robert Byrd, still serves in the Senate–as a Democrat.

Still, Dean wondered “Who in their right mind, if they were African American or Hispanic or Asian American, if they were gay or lesbian, would join the Republican Party?”

While firing of this mean-spirited tirade, Mr. Dean himself faces a lawsuit brought by dismissed former DNC gay and lesbian outreach director Donald Hitchcock, claiming anti-gay discrimination. Seems Howard stands accused of scapegoating this gay man. (For the record, yours truly used to run with Donald when I lived in DC and found him to be a most decent man.)  And this isn’t the only example of this Democrat’s anti-gay animus.

Well, Howard, maybe some people don’t see their ethic (or sexual) identity as the defining factor in their lives and join the GOP for a great variety of other reasons, including their support of lower taxes, a less intrusive federal government and a strong national defense. And for gays and lesbians, favoring an aggressive stance in the War on Terror so as to defeat those Islamofascist forces which would (and have) persecuted and executed our fellows in lands under their sway.

It’s amazing that the Democrats have as their leader a man with a mind so narrow that he can’t see past people’s ethic (or sexual) identities. We’re Americans first, Howard. And there are many reasons for us to support the GOP, even if we do not always agree with our party’s policies.

So, don’t tell us there’s no place in the GOP for us. Understand that that individuals of a great variety of backgrounds can support the broad principles of our party.

ADDENDUM:  Great minds think alike.  I had no clue Bruce was working on a similar post as I whipped this one out.

UPDATE (from Dan in SF):  Log Cabin weighs into on Governor Dean’s remarks, with President Patrick Sammon calling the speech “bizarre“ and finding his comment on minorities not having a place in the GOP “insulting.”  Check it out! 

Why Does Howard Dean Hate Gay People?

Perhaps “hate” is a strong word, but Howard Dean definitely suffers from “foot-in-mouth” disease when it comes to gay Americans.

First, his really big Gay Problem:

Two Thursdays ago, on March 6, Dean did a flurry of early morning television interviews on the political news du jour – the race for delegates and taking on Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) in the general election – before heading to the law offices of Bernabei & Wachtel for the start of a 6 ½ hour grilling about why he authorized the firing of the DNC’s gay and lesbian outreach director, Donald Hitchcock.

Hitchcock filed his suit against the DNC last spring, a year after he was fired, alleging the DNC discriminated against him because he’s gay and retaliated against him because his life partner, well-known Democratic activist Paul Yandura, publicly criticized the Democratic Party for not doing more to fight anti-gay ballot initiatives. Hitchcock is asking for unspecified damages and severance pay.

The lawsuit and Dean’s deposition, a copy of which was obtained by the Sleuth, has dredged up long simmering tensions between the DNC and gay Democrats.

Dean sparked the ire of the gay community when he said in an interview in May of 2006 on the Christian Broadcasting Network’s “700 Club” hosted by evangelist Pat Robertson that the Democratic Party platform from 2004 states “marriage is between a man and a woman.”

He also defended his admittedly challenged gaydar while explaining why he doesn’t have a tally on the number of gay people he has appointed to the DNC. He doesn’t always know who’s gay. Even his gay staffers don’t have 100 percent accuracy in pinpointing other people’s sexual orientations, Dean said.

Can someone explain to me exactly why is Dean going around trying to snuff-out gays working at the DNC?  Sounds like a witchhunt similar to what liberal gay activists have undertaken before.

“Mr. [Andy] Tobias is openly gay, right? Yes,” Dean said, answering his own question. “But he has been wrong about how many people are gay before. He was shocked the other day. We did a big gay fundraiser and he couldn’t believe those people were gay.” (Tobias is treasurer of the DNC.)

Oh…. and Howard Dean doesn’t think much of free-thinking gay Republicans either:

Dean said that the Republican Party has scapegoated every ethnic group and therefore can’t create a multicultural identity and reach younger voters.

“They can’t become more diverse,” Dean said. “Who in their right mind, if they were African American or Hispanic or Asian American, if they were gay or lesbian, would join the Republican Party?”

Perhaps Dean can consult on his personal comfort issues with gay people with fellow Democrat, John Edwards.

In the book, he says he asked former Sen. John Edwards at the outset of his 1998 Senate campaign, “What is your position, Mr. Edwards, on gay rights?”

“I’m not comfortable around those people,” was Edwards’ reply, according to Shrum.

Is there some hangup that Democrat leaders have with gays that they must refer to us as “those people”?  They don’t seem to care when “us people” send them “our money” to fund the DNC’s divisive identity politics strategy.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Gorby Denounces Christian Label

I figured I should post this new development given I covered this when the previous accounts surfaced a couple weeks ago.

Gorbachev Dispels “Closet Christianity” – Christian Post

Former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev made clear this past weekend that he is an atheist after European news agencies last week claimed that he had confirmed his Christian faith during a visit to the tomb of St. Francis of Assisi in Italy.

Gorbachev, the last communist leader of the Soviet Union, confronted speculations that he had been a closeted Christian during an interview with the Russian news agency Interfax.

“Over the last few days some media have been disseminating fantasies — I can’t use any other word — about my secret Catholicism, citing my visit to the Sacro Convento friary, where the remains of St. Francis of Assisi lie,” Gorbachev said, according to an Interfax article posted Friday.

Oh well… Have faith, Gorby. Have faith.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Ending Racial & Gender Preferences

Sixteen months after voters in Michigan voted to kill affirmative action in the public sphere, opponents of preferences based on race and gender are pushing five more states to ban the practice.

Foes of affirmative action, which is meant to address current and historical inequities, delivered 128,744 signatures to Colorado authorities earlier this month. Similar organizations in Arizona, Missouri, Oklahoma and Nebraska are circulating petitions as civil rights groups and educators are mobilizing to defeat the measures.

The initiatives are spearheaded by Ward Connerly, the nation’s most prominent opponent of affirmative action, who said he has raised about $1.5 million for the campaigns. He sees the November ballot initiatives as the next step in his drive to end preferences in public education, hiring and contracting… (MSNBC)

It doesn’t surprise me that the movement to ban racial and gender preferences has been given a boost thanks to the presidential campaigns of both Hillary Clinton & Barack Obama. As much as I oppose both of these candidates on their policy stances, I do believe we owe them a debt of gratitude for breaking the perceived ‘glass ceiling’. It matters not whether either of them are successful in winning the White House this November, they both have helped women and minorities with their historic campaigns. My fervent hope is that this will widen the pool of choices for all sides of the political spectrum and we can get better candidates. This could help minority candidates in future runs for high office, like Bobby Jindal, the new Republican governor of Louisiana.

In what must seem perverse to advocates of racial and gender preferences, the serious run for the presidency by both Clinton & Obama also highlights such set asides and calls the need for them into question. It’s about time. I adamantly oppose racial and gender preferences and would dearly love a chance to vote them down in my home state of Virginia. The more states that ban them the better it will be for us a nation since in my view these preferences do more harm than good.


PBS: Left-Wing Bias on the Taxpayer Dime

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 2:04 am - March 26, 2008.
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On Monday, when I read Jules Crittenden’s review of the PBS Frontline documentary, Bush’s War, I was not as much surprised by the biased as I was upset that my tax dollars paid for this. It seemed that more often than not, PBS has become a federally subsidized outfit for anti-Republican propaganda.

To be sure, PBS has done produced some remarkable documentaries (I blogged about their docudrama on John Adams here). Their history documentaries are often quite good, but it seems that on current events, they tend to obscure, if not misrepresent, conservative ideas.

About a year ago, the network refused to air a documentary, Islam vs. Islamists about “moderate Muslims who have challenged the “Islamists” who espouse a more radical view of their religion.” There were reports that PBS executives were not happy that Frank Gaffney, president of the Center for Security Policy and former Reagan administration official, was “associated with the film in a senior role.” In the end, the privately-owned FoxNews aired the program (probably guaranteeing it a larger audience than it would have had on PBS).

I wonder if PBS executive raised objections when high profile liberals played senior roles in the production of other documentaries.

As Crittenden finds in his review, producers of Bush’s War preferred critics of Vice President Cheney and former Defense Secretary Rumsfeld to those who actually helped those Republican officials shape the decision to go to war:

Of the actual participants in events, there is a heavy reliance on well-known Rumsfeld-Cheney adversaries such Richard Clarke, Richard Armitage, with no mention of the fact that they, and virtually everyone in this depiction of recent history, have axes to grind and their own sullied legacies to patch up. Few people actually close or aligned with Rumsfeld or Cheney appear to have been interviewed. Possibly because they knew how this was going to end up

And they relied on another media favorite not known for his honesty:

The “16 words” controversy is presented by none other than Joe Wilson, with no mention of the view that — yellowcake deal or no yellowcake deal — Saddam Hussein in fact had been in the market for uranium in Africa. You can also remain innocent of the fact that Joe Wilson is himself a controversial figure whose qualifications for his task are highly questionable and were in fact a bizarre case of nepotism.

I wonder if they asked Joe how he squared his public statements with the report of the Senate Intelligence Committee which found them at odds with the record.

Why is this taxpayer-supported network producing programs which make little effort to offer both sides of the story, which criticize conservative policy makers without giving them a chance to defend their actions?

This would be one thing on a show like Keith Olbermann on a privately-owned network, but on public television? It’s a sad commentary that this is what we have come to expect from a network that you and I subsidize.

Hillary’s Credibility Problem

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 12:25 am - March 26, 2008.
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Not only does Ms. Hillary surround herself with disingenuous spokesmen and dishonest supporters, but she herself has long had a problem of being straight with the American people. One-time (Bill) Clinton supporter David Geffen observed, “everybody in politics lies, but [the Clintons] do it with such ease, it’s troubling.”

With a recent poll finding that a majority of Americans believe Mrs. Clinton to be neither honest nor trustworthy, it’s no wonder the media are highlighting her latest “embellishment” of the facts, claiming she had landed in Bosnia under sniper fire when in fact she hadn’t.

Bruce Kesler reminds us of another Clinton fib: in 1994, she that in 1974 she had “almost enlisted in the Marine Corps.” As Bruce notes, Jim Geraghty quickly disposed of that fabrication.

And other pundits have disposed of additional Clinton lies. While she claimed on February 26 that she had “been a critic of NAFTA from the beginning,” the release of White House documents earlier this month showed that she had tirelessly worked to pass this job-creating measure (Via Instapundit).

So, the revelation that Hillary misrepresented what happened when she went to Bosnia is just the latest exposure of her mendacity.

I wonder if she had been so mendacious before she met Bill or if it was something she picked up in the course of their partnership. Maybe aware of his superior political skills and seeing his repeated victories, she concluded that duplicity was a defining spect of political success.

UPDATE (on 03/28):  Yahoo! may be biased on Iraq, but, just like this blog, its editors all find Ms. Hillary has, what they call, a “credibility gap.”