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Hillary, Bill & Barack: Serial Adjustors

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 4:46 pm - May 3, 2008.
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As I read Charles Krauthammer’s column in yesterday’s Washington Post about Barack Obama, at times, i thought I was reading about the Clintons. For some of the Illinois Senator’s qualities, his sense of being annointed and his attempts to revise his past, are similar to those of Mrs. Clinton and her husband.

Just as Obama is now cutting off his former pastor when but barely six weeks ago, he claimed he could not disown him reminds, (Bill) Clinton cut off his close friend Lani Guinier whom he tapped for Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights in 1993. As soon as it became public that she favored racial quotas and her nomination became controversial, he claimed he had never read her writings and withdrew it.

Just as Bill abandoned his friend when he became politically expedient to do so, so does Obama abandon his longtime pastor when that latter displays his views “live on national TV at the National Press Club.” Both back away from an associate only when when the public becomes aware of that associate’s controversial views.

In describing why the Democratic frontrunner’s association with Wright is relevant, Krauthammer uses an expression, highlighted by yours truly below, which could well describe the public statements of former President Bill Clinton and his wife:

This 20-year association with Wright calls into question everything about Obama: his truthfulness in his serially adjusted stories of what he knew and when he knew it; his judgment in choosing as his mentor, pastor and great friend a man he just now realizes is a purveyor of racial hatred; and the central premise of his campaign, that he is the bringer of a “new politics,” rising above the old Washington ways of expediency.

While Hillary doesn’t claim to offer a new kind of politics as does her opponent, she does have the habit of changing stories about her past, notably her misrepresentations of her experience in Bosnia and her claim that she always opposed NAFTA (when White House records show quite the opposite).

No wonder she doesn’t want to let the public have full access to the records of her experience, now under lock and key at her husband’s library. Just as is the list of donors to that Arkansas institution.

Red Ken’s Already Gone

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 4:13 pm - May 3, 2008.
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When I logged on to check the news today, it struck me that Yahoo! did not mention the recent municapility elections in the United Kingdom in which the ruling Labour Party suffering major setbacks.  Nor did they mention the results from the race for Mayor of London, the City formerly known as Trinovantum, where Conservative Boris Johnson ousted Ken Livingstone, the darling of the anti-American set.

When I did check the UK Times web-site, I read that Johnson is already Mayor. For us Americans used to a transition time between election and inauguration, such a changeover seems remarkably swift.  Good riddance, Red Ken, is all I can say.

Though his successor, the new Mayor, showed much more grace in his acceptance speech, praising Livingstone for “very considerable achievements.”

I guess that’s why he’s Mayor and I’m not.