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Ms. Hillary: Tenacious? Yes, but Strong? Doubtful

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 9:28 pm - May 5, 2008.
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In the current issue of the Weekly Standard, Noemie Emery observes the *strange new respect” many on the right currently accord Mrs. Clinton, largely because of her tenacity on the campaign trail. No fan of the former First Lady, I admire how scrappy she’s become, her back up to the wall, “hanging in there with ferocious and grim resolution.”

My admiration might become respect if the New York Senator had been as consistent in support of certain principles as she has been tenacious on the hustings. Right now it seems the only thing Mrs. Clinton believes is that she should be president.

Emery finds she’s now “running the classic Republican race against her opponent, running on toughness and use-of-force issues.” This lady has gone from decrying Republican tactics to adopting them for her own survival.

She seems to have had as many campaign strategies in 2008 as she had hairstyles in the 1990s.

And seemingly as many views on each issue.   This weekend she said again that she was “actually against Nafta” while the recently-released schedule from her days as First Lady shows how diligently she lobbied for that treaty’s passage.

As another conservative woman puts it, “If Hillary has shown anything over a lifetime of climbing the greasy pole of political power, it’s that she’s willing become whatever you want her to be.” (Via Thunder Run).

Many of Hillary’s supporters claim she’s a strong woman, so strong says one that she makes Rocky Balboa seem weak, but wouldn’t a strong woman be steadfast in support of something more significant than her own political survival? While we commend her perseverance, we wonder about someone so determined to promote herself.

Barack Obama’s Intellectual Openness

In yesterday’s Powerline, Paul Mirengoff, grateful that he doesn’t have to participate in the selection of the Democratic presidential nominee argues why, he believes, Obama would make a better president than Ms. Hillary:

It’s hard to see Clinton being a good president, at least from my perspective. However, there probably are limits as to how bad she would be. Hillary seems to understand that the world is a dangerous place; that our enemies make it so; and that therefore, at a minimum, we should not be in a rush to accommodate them.

Obama may or may not grasp these basic realities. If he does not, then he will be another Jimmy Carter.

Yet, in contrast to Clinton, one can imagine Obama turning out to be a good president. That’s because there’s some evidence that he’s intellectually open to deviations from orthodox liberalism in ways that Clinton isn’t. In addition, there may be something to his (admittedly self-serving) claim that he’s temperamentally better suited than Clinton to working with his political adversaries. It’s difficult to see how he could be more poorly suited.

Paul’s analysis is remarkably similar to my own. Whereas Hillary dismisses Reagan’s ideas as “bad,” Obama recognizes them as significant even finding, finding merit in such conservative proposals as market approaches to reducing pollution and charter schools to improving education.

Just as smart as (if not smarter than) his brainy Democratic rival, Obama at least shows respect for the intellectual ferment on the right embodied in the Reagan Revolution. This is not to excuse the Illinois Senator for his liberal voting record or for his ever-changing explanations of his relationship to his angry former pastor, but it does show an intellectual curiosity and openness to new ideas that seems wanting in the wonkish Senator from New York.

It just seems that the Democratic frontrunner would sit down with his ideological adversaries for reasons other than political necessity.

Of CNN, the MSM, the “B” word & the “C” word

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 8:15 pm - May 5, 2008.
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Remember how CNN got all worked up when John McCain failed to denounce a supporter who had asked him how he was going to beat the b****, using the word for “female dog” to describe Mrs. Clinton. Well, someone recently asked him a question using a derogatory term for a part of the female anatomy and that network is nowhere to be found.

Maybe it’s because that the person posing the question supports Barack Obama’s presidential bid and used the “C” word to describe Mr. McCain’s wife (presumably a Republican) and not the “B” word to describe former President Clinton’s wife (most definitely a Democrat).

Jim Hoft informs us that Marty Parrish, one-time office manager for Delaware Senator Joe Biden’s presidential bid, asked the presumptive GOP nominee at an Iowa even if it were true that he ever called his wife a c—. Parrish now works for the Huffington Post.

Although CNN reporter Rich Sanchez devoting a lengthy segment of his show to the Republican woman’s use of the “B” word to describe Mrs. Clinton, wondering about McCain’s refusal to apologize for his supporter’s colorful remark, he has not seen fit to run a segment on this Democratic operative’s use of the “C” word to describe Mrs. McCain nor has he considered Obama’s refusal to apologize for his supporter’s sexually explicit remark.

Maybe Sanchez would have shown greater interest had the Democrat used the word to describe Mrs. Clinton.

And you wonder why some believe CNN stands for Clinton News Network.

GayPatriot Endorsement:
Patti Patton-Baden for America’s Favorite Mom

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 1:00 pm - May 5, 2008.
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Because neither the PatriotMomWest nor the PatriotMom qualifies for the military mom’s category, we have to choose an another mother to be “America’s Favorite Mom.” Therefore, we join other bloggers in supporting Patti Patton-Baden, founder of Soldier’s Angels, for American’s Favorite Mom in NBC’s contest.

Click here to vote for Patti Patton-Baden.

As you may know, Mrs. Patton-Baden, the great-niece of World War II General George S. Patton, Jr.. has two sons who had been deployed to Iraq. Her youngest son currently serves while her eldest was deployed there in 2003-04. To help bring comfort to men and women like her own children who risk their lives for the nation we love, she established Soldiers’ Angels to send care packages and letters to our troops.

Today, you can honor her work on behalf of our servicemen and women by voting for Patti Patton-Baden for America’s Favorite Mom in the military Moms category.

And every day, you can support her great group by making a donation here.

GayPatriot Endorsements:
McCrory, Hillary & ‘NOTA’ in North Carolina Primary

The time has come as I finally get my official “say” in the 2008 election.  Tomorrow is the North Carolina Primary!  And we have a lot going on in the Tar Heel state besides that one primary race you are hearing a lot about.

So for all of you from North Carolina who read GayPatriot or have family/friends that do…. here are my official, personal endorsements.  (GP Ed. Note:  I respectfully still disagree with Dan on his support of John McCain, so these are my PERSONAL endorsements).

FOR REPUBLICAN NC GOVERNOR:  Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory.

It is about time that the largest metro area in the state have a larger say in Raleigh.  Our voice has been minimized lately because the former DEMOCRAT from our area who was the Speaker of the House is sitting his ass in jail due to massive corruption.

McCrory is the seven-term Mayor of the City of Charlotte.  He has governed with, what I would call, a conservative pragmatism.  Not perfect, but just right for being a Republican mayor in the second largest city in the South. (Yes, that’s right Atlanta!)   He has made job growth, fighting crime and cracking down on illegal immigration the cornerstones of his campaign.   I think he is the best GOP candidate to win back the Governor’s Mansion for conservative governing this year.

DISCLOSURE:  I am a proud financial contributor to McCrory for Governor.


As a proud footsoldier of Operation Chaos, it is my duty to urge unaffiliated and switched-Republicans in North Carolina to VOTE HILLARY!!! (I think a little vomit just came up…)   

Ahem, anyway… if we have to have a Democrat in the White House I’d much rather have the devil we know than the silver-tongued devil we don’t know.   

Oh yeah….and on gay rights — Hillary, Obama & McCain are all the same; why waste my breath on that topic?


We have a cool option on the North Carolina ballot that I plan to use tomorrow:  None Of The Above (NOTA); technically the spot on the ballot reads: No Preference – Republican.

I cannot in good conscience vote for John McCain who, without the pantsuit and cackle, looks to be a lot like Hillary Clinton rather than Ronald Reagan to me.  I fear the unchecked President McCain (with support/acquiensence) of the Democratic Congress) will roll the clock back on securing the border, ensuring economic growth and may allow millions of Americans to be vaporized because he doesn’t want to even consider the Jack Bauer-treatment of terror suspects.  Don’t even get me started about the threat as President he poses due to his blatant disregard to the freedom of speech guaranteed under the First Amendment (McCain-Feingold).

Sorry John…. you may have won over others in the Republican Party — but you have a LONG way to go with me.   I can at least let you know how I feel … with my vote for ‘NOTA’ tomorrow in North Carolina.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Best Celebrity Endorsement Ever.

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 10:44 am - May 5, 2008.
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Although I completely disagree with Tom Hanks’ endorsement of Barack Obama, I do applaud his maturity, humor and historical context for doing so. If only more Hollywood types would thoughtfully do the same, then perhaps they would be relevant again in our world.

Bravo, Tom Hanks!

-Bruce (GayPatriot)