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GayPatriot Readership Hits Notable Mark

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 6:46 pm - May 10, 2008.
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Hey, I just noticed this and thought I should make mention of it. As of today we have reached 1.776 million visitors (and change). Ya know — 1776!!!

A GayPatriotic milestone if there ever was one!

As always, thanks to our great readers for another notable milestone!

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Of Marriage & Sexual Difference

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 5:14 pm - May 10, 2008.
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Some objected to my suggestion that London’s new Tory Mayor Boris Johnson might be a hero to gay conservatives because he saw accepting gay marriage akin to consecrating unions “between three men, as well as two men; or indeed three men and a dog.”

I grant the Mayor’s analogy is a little over the top, but it seems he’s mocking the notion of redefining marriage from its traditional understanding as a union of one man and one woman to a bond of love between two individuals. If we depart from the traditional understanding of the insitution as a union of two individual of differing genders, where, then, he (as well as many others) asks, do we draw the line?

Sensible gay marriage advocates would say we draw the line at the union of two consenting adults in a monogamous bond. But, other advocates don’t want to set such strictures on the institution, in fact they don’t see it as an institution. They would rather redefine it.

No matter how much we dress up our arguments, we can’t change the historical and sociological meaning of marriage. While, various cultures accepted polygamy (mostly polygyny, one man to more than one wife, but also rarely polyandry where a woman has more than one husband), that tended to be limited to the upper classes. Even then, the man was married to each of his wives; the women were not married to each other. Gender difference still defined the institution.


Where did Hillary’s Money Go?

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 4:26 pm - May 10, 2008.
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Reading earlier this week that Hillary Clinton made another multi-million dollar loan to her campaign, $6.4 million earlier this month (on top of $5 million earlier this year), I wondered where has all her money gone.

The media has focused on the vast sums her rival, Democratic frontrunner Barack Obama, has raised.  But, thanks in large part to her husband’s operation and appearances, she also raised a considerable chunk of change. Just over a year ago, the Washington Post reported that she had shattered the record for fundraising at that point in a presidential election (first quarter of the year before the vote).

As of March 31, she had raised nearly $190 million. And while not devoting significant resources to the caucus states (as did her Senator) and while he “vastly outspent” her in recent contests, her “campaign had started April with more than $10 million in unpaid debts.”

She doesn’t seem to have spent her money very effectively. Maybe that’s why she’s so enamoured with government programs. Like them, her campaign takes in lots of money, but to little positive effect.