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McClellan: Showing Symptoms of Huffingtonitis?

An individual afflicted with Huffingtonitis (named for one if the syndrome’s most prominent victims) “defines his political views and makes public statements in order to win social approval and/or acceptance.”

By his own admission, an outsider in the Bush White House and pretty much shunned by conservatives since he left (due, in large part, to his dismal performance as Press Secretary), Scott McClellan must certainly be seeking a place to belong. Now that he has been warmly embraced by Keith Olbermann, the angry left’s most prominent representative in cable TV, expect him to tilt even farther to the left so as to better fit in — and convince his new-found friends and admirers that he really is one of them.

It doesn’t matter to them that, if what he now professes to be true defines him as a coward and conscious collaborator with the “Bush regime,” what’s important it that he now toes the party line.  That way he can better find acceptance.

Basking in the adulation of Olbermann and his ilk, McClellan now knows what he needs do to find welcome in that crowd. Arianna, David Brock and Andrew Sullivan, you’ve got company!

Gay Marriage by Executive Fiat in Empire State?

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 2:27 pm - May 30, 2008.
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Given my opposition to courts mandating gay marriage (as recently happened in my adopted home state), it would seem I would oppose the imposing this alteration of the institution by executive fiat, something which seems to have taken place in the Empire State. New York Governor David Paterson recently signed a directive making the Empire State “the only state that did not itself allow gay marriage but fully recognized same-sex unions entered into elsewhere.

Opponents of gay marriage have faulted the Governor for unilaterally enacting gay marriage, with Bill Duncan of the Marriage Law Foundation, calling the move “outrageous:”

The legislature has had the opportunity to act and has not; the state’s highest court rejected any claim that the state constitution requires it and now the governor has made an end run around these decisions by broadcasting that New York couples can go to California and get married, then return home and have those marriages recognized.

While the Governor’s action does appear to be an end-run around his state Court of Appeals (its highest court) 2006 decision refusal to mandate gay marriage in the Empire State, the New York Governor is on firmer legal ground than the California Supreme Court.

As Dale Carpenter points out:

The executive memo [providing the legal rationale for the decision] implements on a state-wide basis the legal principles in longstanding state law about recognizing foreign marriages and in reported judicial decisions on this very matter. In theory, the state’s high court could hold that same-sex marriages are repugnant to public policy in the state, and thus refuse recognition to such marriages from out of state. But that would be a very unusual decision. As in other states, the presumption in New York is to recognize marriages validly performed out of state even if not otherwise recognized in the state itself. Gay marriages should be no exception since New York is one of five states that does not have a statute or constitutional amendment banning recognition of such marriages.

(H/t;  Instapundit.)  I added emphasis to the last sentence because the failure of the Empire State to enact such a statute or amendment distinguishes this case.

In the wake of the Hawaii Supreme Court 1993 ruling opening the door to state recognition of same-sex unions (overturned by a 1998 popular initiative), most states enacted laws stipulating that their jurisdictions did not have to recognize same-sex marriages performed out-of-state. Indeed in 1996, Congress passed and President Clinton signed “the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), which upholds states’ rights to ban same-sex marriages and to refuse to recognize such marriages performed elsewhere.

Legislators and lawyers believed that in the absence of such legislation, states would have to recognize same-sex marriages performed in other states. Neither New York’s legislature nor its citizens succeeded in enacting such statutes.

In the absence of a statute, it seems then that as a matter of law, the Empire State must recognize same-sex marriages as it would recognize any marriage peformed in a “foreign” jurisdiction (in accordance with its laws even if dubiously mandated).

The Governor appears to be right on this one.

Obama Hit By More Friendly Fire

Posted by Average Gay Joe at 2:22 pm - May 30, 2008.
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“I have the highest respect and regard for Sen. McCain, he and I have actually gone to Iraq and Afghanistan together,” [Hillary Clinton] said. “And I honor his service to our country and his patriotism.” (Wall Street Journal)

Ouch. This has got to be the easiest election ever for the Republican “Department of Opposition Research”. Hillary Clinton has provided the GOP with hours of material for campaign commercials in the fall. It would be deliciously ironic if the mouth of Obama’s own Democrat opponent costs him the election! I never thought I’d hear myself say this, but GO HILLARY GO!!!

h/t – Hot Air

— John (Average Gay Joe)

In Memoriam Harvey Korman

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 11:56 am - May 30, 2008.
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One of the truly great comedians of the 1960s and 70s has left us. Harvey Korman, longtime regular on The Carol Burnett Show, died yesterday at UCLA Medical Center, as a result of complications related to the rupture of an abdominal aortic aneurysm. He was 81.

Not only did Korman delight with his portrayal of zany and somewhat neurotic characters on Burnett’s TV show, but he entertained in movies as well, particularly in Mel BrooksBlazing Saddles, High Anxiety and History of the World: Part I.

In Saddles, he played political operator Hedley Lamarr, often mistaken for the Hollywood star with a similar name. Some believe his finest work was in High Anxiety where he played the submissive lover to Cloris Leachman‘s dominant Nurse Diesel.

And who could forget his drag portrayal of an alien Julia Child in The Star Wars Holiday Special? In that groan-fest, he played, as on the Burnett show, a variety of characters and put his all into each one of them, even if the show’s writers hadn’t put much thought into the story.

Korman won four Emmy Awards for his performances on Burnett’s show as well as one Golden Globe.

He will be missed, but he leaves behind a legacy of laughter, having contributed to one of the most successful TV variety shows and to some of the funniest movies of the 1970s and early 1980s. Really quite an achievement.

For our darker hours, we can always turn to DVDs featuring his performances to lighten the mood.

UPDATE: For a taste of Harvey Korman’s talent, check out the Dentist Sketch (Via Peter Robinson @ the Corner). Jonah Goldberg links a YouTube selection of his work.