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Bloggers v. MSM: We, at least, Acknowledge Our Bias

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 3:18 pm - June 2, 2008.
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Commenting on my recent Pajamas piece, McCain’s Straight Talk Express Stops in Beverly Hills, Eric Scheie singled out a number of paragraphs, including the penultimate one wherein I acknowledged my bias as I praised the presumptive Republican nominee for the manner in which he fielded reporters’ questions. Wrote Scheie:

I also see myself as a blogger who, unlike the reporters there, acknowledges his bias. But I guess if reporters did that, there wouldn’t be any need for bloggers.

Exactly. (I was delighted to discover this thoughtful commentary on my post via an Instapundit link.) That’s really what distinguishes us from the MSM. We acknowledge our bias.

In another thoughtful piece in a similar vein (also linked on Instapundit), Evan Coyne Maloney suggests media outlets:

. . . should either embrace opinion journalism fully and drop the pretense of objectivity, or they should get out of the opinion business altogether if they insist on being seen as objective. . . .

But by mixing opinion with news while still claiming objectivity, the media sends a contradictory message that causes distrust of its product.

As Glenn, I encourage you to read the whole thing!

As an example of this bias, John Hinderaker at Powerline shows “how eager the conventional reporters were to lend the Obama campaign a hand” when the likely Democratic nominee made much of McCain statement that “We have drawn down to pre-surge levels” when our armed forces are only projected to draw down to that level later this summer.

During a conference call with Senator Jon Kyl and Randy Scheunemann of the McCain campaign “to respond to the Obama campaign’s attacks” on McCain’s statement, the reporters’ questions “dripped with hostility toward” the presumptive GOP nominee.

These articles (AP and Washington Post) show how that hostility has translated into articles slanted against the Republican nominee. Did the AP or Washington Post make as much of a fuss of Obama’s repeated errors, such as conception in Selma, Alabama three-and-one-half years after his birth or about his visit to all 57 states?

At least one MSM reporter doesn’t seem to have read the memo that reporters should only call John McCain on his errors. ABC News’ Jake Tapper has dubbed the likely Democratic nominee a “one-man gaffe machine.”

Here’s hoping Tapper does not remain an outlier, but, as the campaign heats up, sets the pattern for MSM coverage of the presidential campaign. Methnks, alas that hope may be just a bit too audacious.

But, then again, haven’t we been told to believe in the audacity of hope?



  1. I’ve always said that the US media should do as their European counterparts and exercise the prerogative of the “partisan press.” For example, conservatives in Great Britain read The Times, while the wacky leftists read The Telegraph or Evening Standard. They all get the same news, but presented in different perspectives.

    Yet for whatever reason, the mainstream US media has refused to identify their partisanship and as Dan correctly points out, they are selling the American public a bill of goods. And note how the AP never identifies any Democrat officials with a (D) when there is any adverse news, but always ID’s a Republican in the first line of the story.

    And for those seagulls here who calls Fox News “the RNC propaganda channel,” they have obviously not watched any of the NBC affiliates. Or more likely, they agree with NBC/CNBC/PMSNBC’s slant. They are all in the tank for snObama.

    Bias? What obvious liberal media bias?

    Peter H.

    Comment by Peter Hughes — June 2, 2008 @ 4:03 pm - June 2, 2008

  2. #1

    Liberals never want people to know who they really are.

    Comment by ThatGayConservative — June 2, 2008 @ 9:17 pm - June 2, 2008

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