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Heller Decision: Gay Rights’ Victory

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While Ann Althouse finds in yesterday’s Supreme Court Heller decision overturning the District of Columbia’s handgun ban a victory for women’s righsts (via Instapundit) as the overturned law banned certain guns which are easier for women to use, I see it as significant advance for gay rights victory .

Indeed, I believe this decision is the best ruling for gays in many years, perhaps even more significant than Lawrence v. Texas, the decision overturning sodomy laws. Few states enforced those laws whereas many jurisdictions enforce gun bans. Both these pro-gay rights’ rulings were handed down on June 26, Heller this year, Lawrence in 2003. Given that day’s proximity to the anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, we can celebrate all three events during Pride month.

With this ruling, gay people will have greater and more ready access to handguns and so be better able to defend ourselves against gay-bashers. With such a victory for gay rights, I thought I’d check the sites of the various gay organizations to see how they’re celebrating, acknowledging how the constitutional freedom enshrined in the Second Amendment benefits us. Nothing on the websites of the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force (NGLTF) or the National Center for Lesbian Rights (NCLR).

Silence on such an important victory for gay rights?!?!?

Log Cabin, however, devoted the better part of its homepage to a press release heralding the ruling. At least one gay group gets it. (Note to self: renew Log Cabin membership.) Organization President Patrick Sammon understands how this decision benefits gays:

Unfortunately, too many LGBT Americans still face the threat of anti-gay violence. . . We’re happy the Supreme Court has affirmed the right for us to protect ourselves and our families from harm. Self defense is not a privilege, it’s a right.


Tammy Bruce celebrated the decision on her blog, calling it “good news,” but warning that the 5-4 decision “is far too close for anyone’s comfort.” (Make sure to check out this piece where she builds on her celebration — and her warning.)


Stonewall Riots: Libertarian Uprising

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 6:29 pm - June 27, 2008.
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In his LA Weekly piece today remembering the thirty-ninth anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, Patrick Range McDonald summarizes the events of the day (well, evening) and its significance: “an angry bunch of drag queens and effeminate gay men pushed back after New York City police officers raided the place, and subsequently started the modern gay rights movement.“**SEE UP- & UP-UPDATE BELOW**

These flamboyant gays pushed back because officers of the state attempted to prevent them from assembling peacefully and associating with others like them. In short, the state was limiting their freedom.

Those who rioted weren’t demanding equality or any kind of government privilege, but were rebelling as did the patriots standing up against the British nearly two centuries before them. They were standing up for their freedom. They wanted to be left alone to live their lives as they chose.

As we call those riots on their anniversary, let us consider how far we’ve come since then. We should be grateful for those drag queens who did what others less flamboyant refused to do. They really showed courage.

Back then, police frequently raided gay bars — and not just in New York. Back then, our fellows could not assemble as freely as could their straight counterparts nor could they live as openly as we do today. No states granted domestic partnership benefits. Nor did many corporations. No presidential candidate would meet with our representatives. In fact, there were only a handful of gay political groups at the time. Now, there are multitudes, appealing to the many diverse interests of our community.

Thirty-nine years ago, a bunch of drag queens and other flamboyant gays had had enough of the heavy hand of the state, with police preventing them from assembling freely. As we celebrate that anniversary, we should bear in mind that modern “gay rights'” movement began with individuals rioting for freedom.

As did the movements of many other once-oppressed groups throughout our nation’s history going back to our founding.

UPDATE: In 2002, Dale Carpenter challenged the Myth of a Transgender Stonewall.

UP-UPDATE: Looks like the Stonewall history I learned from my gay peers was wrong. It wasn’t a bunch drag queens, but a bunch of middle class white boys (with a few drag queens joining them). Writer Eric Marcus (whose book, Together Forever: Gay and Lesbian Marriage I much enjoyed) provides the details here. But, I did get the spirit of the riot right. As Marcus writes

So the streets weren’t filled with drag queens in sequins and heels. . . . But gay people — fluffy sweater boys, dykes, sissies, college students, boys in chinos and penny loafers — did in fact challenge police repression. They were finally pushed to the point where they’d had enough, and they fought back.

Where does Obama Stand on Gay Marriage?

Gay activists and bloggers have made much of presumptive Republican presidential nominee John McCain’s statement that he supports the California initiative defining “marriage as a unique institution between a man and a woman” as he does “not believe judges should be making these decisions.”  I wonder if they’ll now press the presumptive Democratic nominee on his continued obfuscation (as one conservative blogress who had written favorably about Barack Obama has observed) on gay marriage.

According to Carol Platt Liebau while the “Illinois senator opposes same-sex marriage,” he favors repeal of the the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).  Without that law, she claims, every state in the union would be required to “recognize gay marriages” performed in states recognizing such unions.

Once again, Obama is trying to have it both ways, opposing gay marriage so he doesn’t appear too radical to more socially conservative voters, yet favoring the repeal of DOMA to curry favor with gay voters.  Another piece of evidence that the dewy-eyed reverence of many of his followers supporters notwithstanding, the Democrats’ standard bearer this year is just another typical politician.

Bloggers Addressing Plight of Our Fellows in Islamic Lands

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 12:39 pm - June 27, 2008.
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I try when scanning the comments and reading my e-mail (as well as listening to friends and others who chance upon this blog) to take seriously any and all criticism. Sometimes that requires me to try to parse the logic of those who take issue with my writings but who aren’t really interested in engaging my ideas.

These people seem more interested in baiting us or in proving their own theories about gay conservatives (see e.g., the reaction to Bruce’s post breaking the news of the meeting between presumptive Republican nominee John McCain and Log Cabin President Patrick Sammon) than in actually considering our points.

But, sometimes, our critics, even in comments where they misrepresent our arguments, do have something serious to say. One such critic is Houndentenor who, in esponding to my post, Straight Writer Decries “Islamist” Intolerance of Gays, writes, “Any number of gay publications and bloggers regularly either cover the problems of gay rights abuses in the Islamic world or link to sources that do.

He claimed I was “dishonest” not to acknowledge that. I wasn’t dishonest.  In the post, I didn’t claim gay bloggers failed to address the issue.  I only referenced the silence of gay political organizations.  In fact, I did cite one left-of-center gay blogger, Michael Petrelis, who regularly posts on the persecution of gay people in Islamic lands.

He, however, is not the only one.

Chris Crain routinely addresses this matter on his blog Citizen Crain. As does Andy on Towleroad. Just four day ago, that latter linked a report of a mass arrest of gay men in Saudi Arabia

Normally, when I scan the gay blogs, I find silence on such matters. But, some have spoken out, a number (notably Petrelis and Crain) on a regular basis. Please alert me to other gay bloggers who do this on a regular basis with links to their post and I will update this one accordingly

Dan & his Typos

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 4:05 am - June 27, 2008.
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Last week, as I was reading my review of Julie Andrews’ memoir to a friend who likes my speaking voice, I found I often had to pause to mark a typo on the printout.  I have since fixed those errors.

In the past few days, as I’ve been reviewing my posts on marriage, I found a similar number of mistakes.  I guess I’m not the greatest proof-reader of my own work.

In this medium, our readers are often our editors.  If you catch a mistake in any of my posts, would you please alert me to it?