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Best Fireworks Color Commentary Ever

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 11:18 pm - July 4, 2008.
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After my sister returned to the hospital to spend the balance of the evening with my Mom, I returned on I-71 to my brother’s where I am currently staying. All around me, as I traversed Hamilton County, I could see — and hear — fireworks and regretted that I would miss seeing them this year.

But, I was eager to return here so I could enjoy the leftovers from my brother’s Independence Day party. Just as I was about to get the food out of the fridge, my brother invite me to join him on his front porch as he watched the fireworks. We saw an amazing display just over the trees in the neighboring subdivision.

My sister-in-law soon joined us downstairs to tell us that her son, the youngest PatriotNephewWest, was watching from his bathroom and was offering most interesting commentary. Apparently frightened by the sound, he had retreated inside as soon as the show had started.

Following her upstairs, I joined my nephew and his maternal Grandma and heard the best color commentary on a fireworks display I have ever heard. This adorable and intelligent two-year-old called this one, “awesome,” that one “amazing,” another “spectacular” (at least that was what it sounded like he was trying to say–he gave each word his own unique pronunciation). A few were so overwhelming him that all he could do was say, “Wow.”

After the grand finale, he said, “all done,” then concluded, “that’s a wrap,” causing my sister-in-law to wonder where her son had learned that expression.

And making his uncle feel very lucky that he got to spend this Independence Day in his hometown.

The Danger of Taking Things too Literally

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 7:28 pm - July 4, 2008.
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Today, my brother (who had sat with my Mom during her operation) joined my sister, step-sister and myself in my Mom’s hospital room and showed us a picture he had received in an e-mail.  As he had trouble forwarding it from his hand-held device, I decided to google the e-mail’s subject and sure enough found that a blogger had covered the very issue.

When I saw this picture, I was laughing so hard I was crying. It even helped cheer my Mom up (if she could be more cheered than having three of her six kids with her).

Seems some clerk in the bakery of a Wal-mart took a phone-in order a bit too literally:

The Change Obama Stands For

In his constant flipping and flopping, Obama shows that his followers supporters’ hopes notwithstanding, he’s just another typical politician. As Gerard Baker writes today:

Since securing the Democratic nomination a few weeks ago, the only change coming from the Illinois senator has been in what he seems to stand for.

I mean, what does the guy stand for besides hope and change?

UPDATE:  In a similar vein, Charles Krauthammer writes about “brazen reversals of position and abandonment of principles” (Via Instapundit). So brazen have these reversals been that should, come January, Obama gets to the White House:

he will have to figure out what he really believes. The conventional liberal/populist stuff he campaigned on during the primaries? Or the reversals he is so artfully offering up now?

I have no idea. Do you? Does he?

UP-UPDATE: Also linking the Baker column quoted above, JammieWearingFool offers this aside, “give him another week to stake out a new position on basically everything.

UP-UP-UPDATE: Victor Davis Hanson observes: “The question is no longer on what has Obama backtracked, but rather on what has he not?

Heartland Hospital Blogging on Independence Day

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 11:12 am - July 4, 2008.
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I flew into Cincinnati yesterday to be with the PatriotMomWest as she recovers from back surgery and to spend Independence Day with my sister who flew in from San Francisco as well as my brother who still lives in the town where we grow up.

Back in the Buckeye State, I see far more American flags flying than I saw in the City of Angels. So far, my Mom’s doing pretty well and we hope to be able to take her home later today. As the hospital has wireless, I can surf the web and blog while she naps or I can hang out with my sister. 🙂

I may try to post during the day, but, well, family’s just a little more important than blogging.