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Fred Barnes’ Bad Advice to John McCain

No sooner did Fred Barnes say he thought McCain should use the issues of gay marriage and gays in the military to prevent social conservative voters from staying home, then readers either via e-mail or in a comment asked me in the words of this post, whether gay Republicans would tolerate the Barnes Option.

Given the stakes in this campaign, particularly Obama’s inconstancy, especially on matters of national security and his preference for federal profligacy, I would pinch my nose and vote for John McCain (as I voted for W four years ago) if he took Barnes’ advice.

That said, I highly doubt McCain will do anything more than he has already done, signal his opposition to lifting the military’s Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell policy and his support for the traditional definition of marriage. It would be counterproductive for McCain to make it a staple of his stump speech to highlight these positions.

While such rhetoric might galvanize social conservatives, it would do so at the expense of independent voters who have long held a favorable opinion of John McCain. Indeed, it would also upset most rank-and-file Republicans who would rather our party’s presumptive nominee focus on national security, the economy and the importance of appointing conservative judges.  They would see it as a distraction from the real issues at stake in this election.

The judicial issue should appeal to social conservatives without upsetting independent voters. Most people would rather have legislatures than judges resolve controversial social issues.

But, if John McCain dwells on gay issues, many voters would wonder why he’s so obsessed with one group. They might see this obsession as disqualifying him from leading a nation which includes such people.  As I’ve said before, I think most Americans are neither pro-gay, nor anti-gay, but are “anti-anti-gay [and] would rather that . . . politicians didn’t talk too much about gay issues.”

So, Senator, we know where you stand on these issues. I wish you had taken a different position on gays in the military, but so be it. Your record of service and your position on most issues clearly qualifies you to lead this nation, far more so than your opponent’s record qualifies him.  Focus on that record and your policy proposals on national security, the economy, health care, the judiciary and other key issues. And leave us gays alone.

But, I kind of think you had planned to do that anyway.

Which Obama Will Show Up Today?

I’m starting to wonder, which Barack Obama will be governing from the White House — if he is elected?

The flip-flop on immediate withdrawal versus adopting the Bush-McCain Iraq plan is too obvious. So let’s go deeper with John Kerry Barack Obama.

Which Barack Obama should I consider voting for in November…..

The Obama who tries to lift up Americans, or the Obama who scoffs at them ?

The Obama who says he will only “tax the rich”, or the Obama who will tax anyone making $32,000 or more?

The September 10th Obama who minimizes the danger to our national security from the sworn enemies of America, or the Obama who sees the “great threat” in our post-9/11 world?

The Obama who rails against the Bush Adminstration for “violating” our civil liberties in their “war on terror”, or the Obama who voted this week for the Bush Administration’s FISA reauthorization plan?

The Obama-Politician who uses his children as political window-dressing, or the Obama-Father who thinks his own decision was bad?

“You know, I think that we got carried away in the moment. We were having a birthday party and everybody was laughing, and suddenly this thing cropped up. And I didn’t catch it quickly enough. And I was surprised by the attention it received, as well… We wouldn’t do it again, and we won’t be doing it again.”

Unless he had to use them to get elected.

Does this man have any inner moral compass to know right from wrong? Or even the ability to make a touch decision without vacillating about it the following day, or within the hour?

I think Rush Limbaugh has it right — Barack Obama is the first black Clinton.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

UPDATE (from Dan): On the FISA flip-flop, John Hinderaker of Powerline writes, “Like everything Barack Obama says, that pledge [to oppose giving retroactive immunity to telecommunication companies] was operative only as long as it was in Obama’s political interest. Last month, he announced a change in position.” That about sums it up, operative only as long as it’s in his political interest.

UP-UPDATE (from Bruce): Karl Rove says it quite nicely.  Obama is the Democrat version of Richard Nixon.


Memo To Pelosi: PLEASE Listen to Dennis Kucinich!

I just got this high-larious email from the Re-Elect Kucinich for Congress Committee.  (How the frick did I get on THAT list?)

Anyway, enjoy this laugh….

Impeachment on the House floor TODAY

Dear Friends,

Congressman Dennis Kucinich will present a single Article of Impeachment to the House of Representatives sometime between 3:30 pm and 4:00 pm (EDT) today, Thursday, July 10th.

A press conference will be held today at the Cannon HOB Terrace at 2pm (EDT)
Sessions of the House of Representatives are broadcast live on C-SPAN (check your local cable listings for channel) and streamed live via the Internet (
The article of Impeachment will deal directly with President Bush fraudulently obtaining support for an attack on Iraq by creating a false case for war. Full details of the Article of Impeachment will be available after they are read on the floor of the House by Congressman Kucinich.
Please spread the word and continue to circulate the online petition that Congressman Kucinich will personally present to members of Congress.

Now, despite what you might think I would say — I HEARTILY support Impeachment proceedings.   PLEASE, (not my) Speaker Pelosi… PLEASE listen to Dennis and begin hearings immediately!

Why, you may ask?  Well, I see only two possible outcomes:

1 – Dick Cheney becomes President

2 – Evidence will be presented on the record in hearings that the mainstream media can’t ignore.  The American public will finally hear the FACTS about the Bush Administration and the FACTS about the outstanding service of the US military that the MSM hasn’t reported since 2003.

Bring it on, baby.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)