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Top Military Leaders Support McCain

Not that it is a major surprise, but noteworth nonetheless.   I’m hoping John (AvgGayJoe) may have some thoughts on this letter, released earlier today.

As retired military officers, we share a natural hesitancy to engage actively in politics. There is a healthy discomfort in our profession with any political involvement because the country rightly depends on our military to support any commander in chief with our best military advice and our actions. But two factors compel us to speak out now and openly support John McCain for President: first, the surprising and inaccurate questioning of his record by some of Senator Obama’s leading supporters; and second, the importance to our national security of winning the war we are fighting.

The United States is confronted by many threats to its security and prosperity. Most significantly, we are engaged in a broad conflict with Islamic extremism against enemies espousing the same radical and violent ideology whose full dimensions the American people first glimpsed on September 11, 2001. Success in this war will require not only victory in the “hot” conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, but as well a balanced and integrated application of all elements of America’s national power as we work with our allies around the world to marginalize radicals and build a shared vision for peace with moderate Islam.

We are privileged to have had the opportunity to serve this country in uniform for most of our adult lives. We have had the honor of commanding young Americans of the same caliber and tenacity as those who today remain on the front lines, willingly sacrificing their own well-being and security and offering their lives in order to preserve our freedom. They deserve, and the American people demand, leadership of proven character — leadership that will always put America’s interests ahead of personal gain and political party.

It is our experience as former senior military officers that also gives us great concern about certain foreign policy positions staked out by Senator Obama. We are acutely aware that ill-conceived policies will have serious, if not tragic, consequences for military commanders, the troops they lead, and the nation. We are particularly concerned about his public statements, including his call for a withdrawal from Iraq, unconditional talks with the leaders of rogue states, and the return to a law-enforcement approach to protecting our country from terrorists.

This country has learned the peril of treating terrorists and their state sponsors as little more than a law enforcement problem. We are unanimous in our view that the failures of the past should not be repeated, and we believe that John McCain’s long record of national service, and his demonstrated judgment on matters of national security, make clear who can best defend this country abroad, and assure peace and prosperity at home.

Through a lifetime of service in uniform and in Congress, John McCain has consistently displayed the wisdom and courage to do the right thing for America regardless of the cost to him personally. It is for this reason, above all others, that we endorse John McCain for President, and it is for this reason that we stand with him now as he continues his long history of service to this country.

James B. Davis, General, USAF (RET.)
Ronald J. Hays, Admiral, USN (RET)
James L. Holloway, Admiral, USN (RET)
Jerome L. Johnson, Admiral, USN, (RET)
P.X. Kelley, General, USMC, (RET)
James J. Lindsay, General, USA (RET)
John Michael Loh, General, USAF, (RET)
Leighton W. Smith, Admiral, USN (RET)
Carl Stiner, General, USA (RET)
Donald C. “Deese” Thompson, Vice Admiral, USCG, (RET)
Howard B. Thorsen, Vice Admiral, USCG, (RET)

Balance this list with Obama’s key military supporter:  Douglas MacArthur Wesley Clark.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Desperate Democrats/Dishonest, then Disingenous AP

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 7:18 pm - July 16, 2008.
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Amazing how desperate the Democrats are to find a Bush Administration scandal. While trying to get caught up on my e-mail and checking the news, I chanced on this story, Bush claims privilege to withhold CIA leak records, leading the headlines on Yahoo! My Congressman, Henry Waxman, chairman of House Oversight Committee, is still investigating something already investigated by a zealous and exacting fellow prosecutor.

Yup, ol’ Henry is probing the leak of Valerie Plame’s name, even though Patrick Fitzgerald, the aforementioned prosecutor, after a thorough investigation, did not indict anyone for the underlying offense (i.e., that which he was hired to investigate). In other words, there was no crime.

What is interesting here is not just the Democrats endless probing of this story, but the disingenuous coverage in the MSM. In the first version I read, the Associated Press’s Laurie Kellman reported:

They also include notes about the 2003 State of the Union address, during which President Bush made the case for invading Iraq in part by saying Saddam Hussein was pursuing uranium ore to make a nuclear weapon. That information turned out to be wrong.

(I have saved that version as a .pdf.)

Well, in that version, it wasn’t the information that turned out to be wrong, but Ms. Kellman’s reporting. While the White House may have retracted those remarks, the evidence shows that Bush was not lying. Here’s the president said in that 2003 address: “The British Government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa.” And the evidence, including a British intelligence review of their government’s claim, backs him up.

So, AP changed the paragraph:

Other records sought by the House committee include notes about Bush’s 2003 State of the Union address, during which he made the case for invading Iraq in part by saying Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein was pursuing uranium ore in Africa to make a nuclear weapon. In the spring of 2003, [Joe] Wilson claimed publicly that he had gone to Africa for the CIA to investigate the report and advised the administration it was false months before Bush cited it in the State of the Union speech.

That paragraph is true, but incomplete. Wilson did indeed make such public claims. And he had indeed gone to Africa. But, the CIA found his findings (which he delivered orally) lent credence to claims that Saddam was trying to get yellowcake from Iraq. Not just that, Mr. Wilson could produce no evidence that the Administration had even been aware of his report.

Of course if the White House had been aware of Joe’s mission, it would have gotten the CIA’s interpretation–which would have helped confirm the words the president spoke in the SOTU.

I wonder why Ms. Kellman and her editors at the AP chose to leave that out?

Power of Little Things

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 5:12 pm - July 16, 2008.
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Had trouble falling asleep last night and have been falling behind on other things. Not just that a number of little things have been going wrong in the past few hours. As I was hungry for lunch, I suddenly realized I hadn’t made it to Trader Joe’s yesterday as I had planned. And I was already behind schedule for the day.

So, I rush out, get my groceries and am leaving the store. As is my wont, I take my bags out of the cart to schlep them to my car. At that moment, one bag bursts with groceries scattering. Before I have time to see this as yet another thing going wrong, a middle-aged woman taking note of my troubles, says, “You need help.”

She hurries into the store, gets me a fresh bag and brings it out to me

She didn’t do very much. I mean, she didn’t even offer to help me pick up my groceries (well, I had gathered them all by the time she returned outside). But, just her recognizing that I needed help, saying as much, then doing something on my behalf made all the difference.

Things are going to work out today.

Gotta remember her small gesture the next time I see someone in need of assistance, however small.

UPDATE: Just shared this post with a friend who wrote back sharing an experience of her own which I reprint with her permission:

I love those kind of moments and I always try to pay it forward. I had that in the 99 cent store last week where a soda can I bought started spraying on me. I must have looked like a deer caught in the headlights! This man just took it from me and ran it outside. I, of course, thanked him. But I still remember the gesture. It reminded me that there is goodness and kindness. When strangers help me, I always try to send them a silent blessing.

Is Google Serving as Obama’s Online Gestapo?

It sure seems so.  Especially since Google has a history of active censorship.

Some bloggers opposed to Barack Obama say they suspect Obama’s supporters — with the assistance of Google — may have tried to censor them when the Internet giant froze their Web sites for five days last month.

Seven blogs run by Democrats who oppose Obama’s nomination for the presidency were incorrectly flagged as spam sites by Blogger, the hosting service Google has owned since 2003. Google says it was an automated response from a spam filter.

But the bloggers believe that Web surfers who support Obama took advantage of a loophole in Blogger’s system that allows readers to report spam blogs, the artificial Web sites that abound on the Internet and are used to promote other sites.

“It appears that [Blogger’s] policy can be manipulated by people determined to shut down the free exchange of ideas,” said Carissa Snedeker, whose blog, BlueLyon, was among those that were frozen.

“It’s unusual — I’ve never heard of similar blogs of the same nature being shut down like that,” said Danny Sullivan, editor-in-chief of the tech site


“The conclusion that many of us came to was that we were specifically targeted by some over-enthusiastic Obama supporters,” Snedeker said.

The bloggers believe it’s part of a larger campaign to evict them from left-wing sites like the Huffington Post and DailyKos.

(For you younger folk that aren’t allowed to be taught these things in your public schools, here’s a refresher on the Gestapo so you can follow the allusion.)

And can someone remind me again…. what side of the political spectrum will you find the roots of fascism?  Let me help you out — read this book:  Liberal Fascism.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)