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CIA Plot To Assassinate Ron Paul Fails

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 9:53 pm - July 22, 2008.
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If you are Ron Paul or one of his supporters, what other possible reason could there have been?

A Continental Airlines flight carrying seven members of Congress from Houston to Washington was forced to make an emergency landing after it lost cabin pressure Tuesday afternoon.

Flight 458 was bound for Reagan National Airport, but was diverted and landed safely in New Orleans, a spokeswoman for U.S. Rep. Ted Poe told 11 News.

Poe and fellow Texas Congressmen Nick Lampson, Ron Paul, John Carter, Ciro Rodriguez, Solomon Ortiz and Henry Cuellar were aboard the flight, said Poe’s press secretary DeeAnn Thigpen.

Ironically, the seven congressmen were trying to get back in time for a Tuesday night vote on an aviation safety bill, a spokesman for one of the representatives said.

Silly, reporters!  There’s no irony in politics!

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

The Left’s Caucus of Hate

When I learned that advocates of gay marriage in the Golden State were intent on rhyming the ballot number (8) of the proposition to define marriage as the union of one man and one woman with “hate” in their campaign against the measure, it reminded me (yet again) of the alacrity of all too many on the left (particularly the gay left) to label their ideologically adversaries as hatemongers.

Recall, the slogan which sprung up in 1992, “Hate is not a Family Value,” (then, given Pat Buchanan’s rant at the Republican National Convention, not without justification).

Note the irony: how eager some leftists are to accuse conservatives of being haters or purveyors of hate (or some such), yet how much hatred they harbor for conservatives. No sooner did John McCain secure the GOP nomination, then they turned their ire against him. Just as Obama seems to be some kind of savior they “need” to worship, McCain is rapidly assuming the role George W. Bush has long had for them, the demon they “need” to vilify.

(With W on his way out, the author of the The Bush – Haters Handbook has published The GOP-Hater’s Handbook.)

Just look at their treatment of certain Bush Administration officials. They define them not as public servants with a different political viewpoint than they, but as villains eager to shred the constitution.

To be sure, this attitude does not define all those on the left, but a significant — and ever-growing — number.

What explains this obsession with hate? They define us as hate-mongers (or self-hating) while eager to label their own selves as haters of leading Republicans.

Dr. Freud? Dr. Jung?

The MSM’s Crush on Obama

Awwwwww, puppy love! Doesn’t this just give you a tingling feeling up your leg?

— John (Average Gay Joe)

UPDATE (from Dan):  Charles Krauthammer on the phenomenon: 

I think that the coverage [Obama is] getting is beyond presidential. It’s papal. I mean, a president never has all three anchors on the way with him this guy is being treated like . . . if you needed any evidence of how much in the tank the mainstream media were, are, this is it.

(H/t: Wall Street Journal Online’s Political Diary (available by subscription))

Podcast on the “Greatest Generation”

Posted by Average Gay Joe at 4:33 pm - July 22, 2008.
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I’ve been listening to many differents shows from Mormon Stories Podcast lately, which may seem ironic given my strong disagreements with the Mormon religion. Yet John Dehlin has provided a very interesting and critical examination of Mormon history that I find to be quite appealing. I’ve just finished listening to 3 shows that deal with an infamous chapter of World War II: the Bataan Death March. Japanese soldiers brutalized and murdered thousands of Americans captured after the fall of the Philippines in 1941. Dehlin interviews his cousin, lawyer James Parkinson, and his efforts on behalf of surviving veterans like Harold Poole. A fascinating and moving 3 shows I highly recommend.

Part I, Part II, Part III.

UPDATE: Parkinson co-authored a book discussed in the podcast called Soldier Slaves: Abandoned by the White House, Courts and Congress about the Bataan Death March and surviving veterans like Poole, along with the legal challenges seeking redress.

— John (Average Gay Joe)