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Posted by GayPatriotWest at 3:18 pm - July 29, 2008.
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The last time we had an earthquake of this magnitude in LA, I slept through it.  I woke to find some pictures on the floor, but that was about it.

Just moments ago, when this one hit, I was sitting at my desk.  At first, I didn’t know what it was, perhaps a large animal was scurrying across the roof. But, then everything started to shake.  I saw three empty water bottles that I had set out for recycling tumble to the ground.  A box of kleenex fell as well.

As I stood up, thinking I should head to my bedroom where I could best protect myself by squatting next to a large and heavy chest of drawers (which would block a collapsing ceiling), the shaking began to cease.  My electricity remained on.  Soon friends were e-mailing me and messaging me to ask if I had felt it.  One friend who lives near the epicenter reported it was “fairly intense.”

I walked around my apartment to see if there was any damage.  In addition to the items I had seen fall, a total of two framed pictures and a Cary Grant box DVD set had fallen to the ground.  Given all the clutter in my apartment, that seemed pretty amazing.  Most pictures remained on the shelves.  All the books remained on their shelves.  Most DVDs remained in place.

All in all, it was a pretty weird experience.  I still feel a little jittery.

UPDATE: Weird how quickly everything has gotten back to normal, at least in my neighborhood.  I heard a few sirens right after the trembler, but now hear the normal sounds of the day.

UP-UPDATE:  After having a late lunch with a friend, I returned home to find a few more things out of place, but nothing not easily fixed. Nothing damaged, just the clutter re-arranged.