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Turkey’s First Gay “Honor Killing”:
Religion of Peace Strikes Again

This is a very sad story from Turkey (h/t – DoublePlusUndead).

Was Ahmet Yildiz the victim of Turkey’s first gay honour killing? – The Independent (UK) (7/19/08)

In a corner of Istanbul today, the man who might be described as Turkey’s gay poster boy will be buried — a victim, his friends believe, of the country’s deepening friction between an increasingly liberal society and its entrenched conservative traditions.

Ahmet Yildiz, 26, a physics student who represented his country at an international gay gathering in San Francisco last year, was shot leaving a cafe near the Bosphorus strait this week. Fatally wounded, the student tried to flee the attackers in his car, but lost control, crashed at the side of the road and died shortly afterwards in hospital. His friends believe Mr Yildiz was the victim of the country’s first gay honour killing.

Please read the whole story.  It is, for the most part, well-written and documents a horrific problem throughout the world.

I would make two simple observations, however.  

First, I don’t recall ever hearing about Evangelical Christians “honor killing” their gay relatives.  My point:  This item from Turkey is an example of a true homophobic societal problem.  Further, most gay bashings that are reported in the USA take place at significantly higher rates in urban locations — Blue States, if you will, that are allegedly more “tolerant”.  

The gay murder in Turkey should provide you with some perspective in the world of gay tolerance; since all we are ever being told by our Gay Leaders is how bad Reagan Bush Bush McCain will be for American gays.  Get those Montana Gay Concentration Camps ready, folks!   They’ve been buildin’ them since 1980!!!   They HAVE to be done by now!


My other observation is that if you missed just one word in the last paragraph of the Independent’s story — it might have slipped your mind that the “entrenched conservative traditions” mentioned in the first paragraph are Islamic sharia law traditions.   I guess those “pesky immigrant kids” who riot in France are infiltrating Turkey now?

In the Liberal World of Moral Relativism — right and wrong have no meaning nor purpose.  Unless it is your blood on the sidewalk.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

2 Million Contest Closes at 5pm!

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-Bruce (GayPatriot)