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NBC: Nothing But Communism

Wow.  Not only does our big-screen HDTV (sure to be outlawed by the Obama Regime) show the awesome color and detail of the Bejing Olympics — it also clearly highlights the collaborative language being used constantly NBC commentators toward the Communist Chinese regime.

Have they forgotten Tianamen Square Massacre?  This the same regime, remember.  The biggest violator?  NBC’s “China Expert” from Friday night’s Opening Ceremonies coverage:  Joshua Ramo.

The most jarring moment for NBC?  When the athletes from USA and Iraq got nearly as much applause as China’s team.  Wait!  I thought the world hated us?   Matt Lauer stuttered at the rousing USA welcome Friday night — obviously not knowing what to say.

Still, the praising of today’s China by NBC since Friday night is becoming embarrassing.  They are openly rooting for Chinese athletes against all others — including our USA Olympians.

Quite disgusting, but more and more typical and expected for the Peacock Channel.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)