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Republicans Against 8 Meeting this Sat. 08/16 in LA

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 10:03 pm - August 14, 2008.
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As many of you know, I have long been critical of how gay marriage advocates have promoted their cause.  Instead of talking about the benefits of marriage, why this ancient institution is good for gay people and why that, in turn, in good for society, they’ve focused more on demonizing the opponents of gay marriage while discussing marriage in terms certain not to offend anyone (well, except Republicans and other conservatives) in the gay movement.

To that end, I’m delighted of a new group, Republicans Against 8 has been established to appeal to Republican voters in California to defeat Proposition 8 on this fall’s ballot.  They’ll be holding an organizational meeting and training session this coming Saturday, August 16 from 10 AM until 2:30 PM in West Hollywood.  Please contact Scott Schmidt for the location and to RSVP.

The vote on 8 will not break down along traditional partisan lines.  Many demographic groups which lean Democratic, such as African-Americans and Latino voters, tend to have higher percentage of voters opposing gay marriage.  The deciding votes will thus likely Republican and Republican-leaning independent voters in suburban areas across the Golden State who tend to be more liberal on social issues.

It is imperative that we develop a strategy to reach out to them.  From what I’ve seen coming from the “No on 8” group leading the fight against the proposition (down to the group’s very slogan, “Equality for All”), it seems they’re more interesting in appealing to their own base than in reaching out to undecided voters.

I outlined a strategy to defeat the initiative in this post.  I hope the strategy this group develops will be closer to the ideas I have put forward there than to the stuff I’ve been seeing from the groups designated as the “official opposition” to the initiative.

UPDATE:  Over at the LA Weekly, Patrick Range McDonald writes about his meeting with Scott Schmidt and their conversation about Republicans Against 8.

The Beauty of the American West

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 4:38 pm - August 14, 2008.
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When I drove cross country last fall, I didn’t take enough time to do what I really enjoy doing on such journeys, stopping along the road to delight in the beauty of our great nation.  This time, when I decided to visit my family in Colorado, I elected to give myself three full days to get back to LA.  I have done the drive in one day of heavy driving, so this really gave me the chance to explore.

I did decide to stay a little longer with my family so I got to go on a great hike with my twin nieces and their little brother, along with their parents and my Dad and his wife.  That was wonderful.

Wish I could have shared the landscape I saw in the following days with them.  In Utah, I stopped at a rest are just east of Green River on I-70, followed this path up a little hill and delighted in the openness of the landscape around me, noticing the interesting contours of the barren hills around me, the contrast of this dun stone to the blue sky around me.

The real beauty of Utah (to me at least) is not just the open spaces, but those very contrasts.  Perhaps one reason, Zion National Park is one of my favorites where you see the red stone set against the pine trees and other verdant foliage and the blue skies–even the brown trunks of the trees made the vista richer.

The following day, I took more time to explore the Beehive State.

So, since I finally figured out (easier than I ever imagined) how to upload pictures from my digital camera, I thought I’d share with you a picture I took just outside Bryce Canyon National Park which shows these contrasts.  Herewith the first picture from my own camera posted to this blog:

UPDATE: It was so easy to do this, I thought I’d add in this picture of the Natural Bridge in Bryce Canyon National Park:

Beijing Smog Scandal:
Pollution Clouding NBC Coverage

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 3:14 pm - August 14, 2008.
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Is it just me, or have other people noticed the completely dense smog during NBC’s primetime coverage the last two nights? Keep in mind that evening Eastern time is morning Beijing time. So it is daylight in China when NBC comes on at 7pm Eastern.

Bob Costas has been anchoring NBC’s primetime coverage from the International Broadcast Center and there is a window behind him that overlooks the Olympic Green area.

The smog was so thick last night (Thursday morning in Beijing), that Bob moved from his first location on the NBC set (with window behind) to another spot which had murals of China’s scenery, not a window to the smoggy world behind him.

In addition, NBC is obviously no longer using LIVE pictures (so-called B-roll) when they show Beijing Olympic venues.

I’m not the only one who has noticed that Beijing’s blue skies of last Friday have turned to grey and choking smog.

I am shocked – SHOCKED – that the media is falling for China’s claim that air quality in Beijing is “good.” I am also shocked at how little we hear about air quality since the games opened last Friday.

Before the games there were countless photos and stories about Beijing’s pollution. Now we’re being told it’s “fog” not “smog.” And those network trailers that show clear blue skies over The Great Wall and Tiananmen Square – what’s up with that?

When you watch the Olympics tonight, know that the blue skies that NBC shows was NOT filmed today or is NOT live from Beijing today.

NBC is as guilty as the Chinese of “lip-synching” — in this case, NBC is showing blue skies in Beijing while in reality, you can barely see the buildings behind Bob Costas.

Finally, have you ever seen a US city as dirty as Beijing has looked over Costas’ shoulder? Remember — China would have been exempt from Kyoto despite their air being completely disgusting.

Once again, high definition TV is showing the lies coming out of Beijing.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Hillary’s Campaign Woes & Obama’s Political Future

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 2:43 pm - August 14, 2008.
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Just moments ago, as I was reading this New Republic article referencing the problems of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign that have recently come to light, I wondered how she managed to do so well, particularly in the last three months of the primary campaign.

Referencing Joshua Green’s Atlantic article, E.J. Dionne writes that the Clinton campaign was: 

riven by unresolved factional disputes, as well as the online publication of a trove of internal memos portraying a staff in strategic and tactical gridlock. 

Factional disputes? A staff in gridlock? And yet the candidate won well over 50% of the vote in the concluding primaries against a better-funded rival who got more favorable media coverage?

What does that say about the political strength of Barack Obama? Will it really matter that he will have more resources at his disposal in the fall campaign?

Too soon to tell. But, it is striking that Hillary did so well against Obama despite a campaign in such disarray.