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Do Dynamics of Presidential Race Now Favor John McCain?

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 5:37 pm - August 22, 2008.
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Remember back in June (or was it July?) when John McCain was tanking in the polls (or was it Obama who was soaring?) and sage pundits suggested the presumptive Republican nominee had “frittered away . . . his three-month general election head start.” Some thought the presumptive Republican nominee didn’t do a good enough job making his case to the general electorate after having sown up the Republican nomination while his rivals in the opposition party were still slugging it out for the Democratic nod.

He lacked, as one observer put it, a theme for his pudding.

Now, with the dynamics of the race shifted*, it seems that Barack Obama, having securing that Democratic berth for the fall contest, has frittered away the lead he once enjoyed.

I don’t think Obama frittered away the entire summer, only the second half. But, he made one huge campaign blunder which, combined with a refocused McCain campaign, allowed the Republican candidate to bounce back. The presumptive Democratic nominee was on the right track when he traveled to Middle East and Europe to shore up his diplomatic and Commander-in-Chief bona fides.

But, he should never have delivered a campaign-style speech on foreign soil.

Not only did it reek of presumption, that he was acting as if he had already won the White House, but it made the trip seem less a learning experience than a media stunt. He should have waited until he got back home to make a public address about his journey, telling the people he wished to lead about what he learned and how his meetings and observations abroad would inform his Administration, should he win election.

That speech showed that the campaign was long on style, but short on substance.


Go West, Young Lib…

As I was coming home last night, I happen to notice that in the Philadelphia International airport there was a marked increase in the number of people who had at least two, if not many more, of the following characteristics:

  • Angry-looking, arrogant, un-bathed, sloppy, obnoxious, self-absorbed, rude to fellow travelers, unwashed and unstyled hair, clothes that looked like they were taken from a trash dump, gays, lesbians, skinny white boys who need to eat a lot more food.

I had to assume the trek to the Democratic Convention in Denver had started early.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Is Barack O-Bombing?

It sure seems like it. The past month has been devastatingly bad for the inexperienced junior Senator and street organizer from Chicago. John McCain’s ads have been on the money, including today’s newest one. (“Celebrities don’t have to worry about family budgets“)

The most astounding thing to me is The Messiah’s meteoric fall from his survey heights since before his ill-fated trip to Europe. I said then that the Emporer had no clothes. Looks like America is beginning to realize it.

Do Obama’s Sinking Poll Numbers Signal History Repeating for Democrats –

Just as party leaders pack their bags for Denver, our latest Reuters/Zogby poll finds their nominee in some trouble, as Republican John McCain has taken a five-point lead over Barack Obama. That is a 12-point reversal from the survey we took for Reuters in July. Interestingly, Obama’s margins among what had been his strongest demographic groups dropped by as much as 12 points. These include Democrats, women, city dwellers and younger voters – those ages 25-34. Also, Obama has lost his lead among the swing Catholic vote, dropping 11 points to McCain over a month.

What is happening is all too familiar to Democrats. McCain is using the Karl Rove playbook, attacking Obama’s perceived strengths, notably his mass appeal and freshness. Democrats hoped that eight years of a failed Bush presidency (80% in our latest survey said the nation was on the wrong track) so diminished the GOP brand that “going negative” would not work again for the Republicans.

In the end, it may not. Negative campaigning did not work on either side of the aisle in the primaries and caucuses. However, clearly McCain has been the aggressor for the past month, seeing an opportunity to define Obama for General Election voters before Obama could define himself. At times, it has seemed like he has been the only one throwing any punches, especially with Obama on vacation in Hawaii.

The more people get to know Senator Obama, the less impressive he is, the less experienced he shows himself to be, and the more shady his former friends turn out to be.

The question isn’t how many houses Cindy McCain owns… the question is how many houses Obama pal William Ayers tried to blow up; or how many houses the Obama’s got from a convicted felon.

Bring it on, Barry. America has figured out that there is no “there” there.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)