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Vice President Maxwell Smart????

Is it just me, or……???

Wow, it is even MORE uncanny and scary once I actually saw the pictures together!   Apparently, I’m not the only one who sees the similarities.

For example, Biden said we have an opportunity “literally to change the direction of the world.” Really? Is Obama so all-powerful that he can actually make the world travel in a different direction? We also learned that on day one in the Senate Obama “literally” reached across the aisle and passed legislation to secure the world’s deadliest weapons? Wow; Obama not only figuratively but literally reached across the aisle and, on day one, passed legislation? That would be impressive. It would also be impossible.

For those of us who have watched Biden over the years, especially during Judiciary Committee hearings, this is nothing new. But for the uninitiated, it is something to enjoy. As my 10-year-old son put it to me after hearing Biden’s speech, “This is going to be like Get Smart.”


I’m quite proud that I think at the same level as a 10-year old, by the way.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

The “Revelatory Blunder” of the Biden pick

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 3:33 pm - August 24, 2008.
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The first thought I had when I learned yesterday that presumptive Democratic nominee Barack Obama had tapped Delaware’s Joe Biden running mate was what a poor job the Obama campaign had done of keeping this secret.  They had given the McCain campaign and conservative bloggers a chance to prepare responses.  The opposition was not “caught unawares.”

This failure to prevent this from leaking helps define this pick as a revelatory blunder of the Obama campaign.  It shows that they may be too close to the media for their own good.  The staffer who leaked this probably assumed the reporter, sympathetic to the Obama campaign, would keep this under wraps.

Or maybe the campaign wanted this information made public.  In any case, it dulled the impact of Saturday’s announcement.

It’s not just the failure of the campaign to keep this secret which reveals much about Obama’s White House bid.  It’s the very pick itself.

As a McCain supporter, I breathed a sign of relief when I heard Obama had picked Biden.  Of the names floated, I had thought Virginia Governor Tim Kaine, Indiana Senator Evan Bayh, Nebraska Republican Chuck Hagel and former (and current?) Obama rival Hillary Clinton would have been his strongest picks.

The first two would put “red” states into play as both men had executive experience (something Biden and Obama lack), Kaine having served as Mayor of Richmond and now Governor of the Old Dominion and Bayh having served two terms as Governor of the Hoosier State.  Hagel would have made Obama’s claims of “postpartisanship” seem more legitimate.  Hillary would have helped him unite a fractured party.

But, Biden only brings the appearance of wisdom, as if thirty-six years in the Senate must needs makes a man wise.  As Mickey Kaus put it, the Delaware Senator “doesn’t have gravitas. He has seniority.”


Tom Cruise Channeling Andrew Sullivan!?!?!?

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 1:59 am - August 24, 2008.
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I had heard that Tom Cruise‘s cameo as studio executive Les Grossman in Tropic Thunder was particularly comic.  And the box office start did not disappoint.  It was the funniest I had ever seen him.  Watching his performance alone was well worth the price of the ticket.

While I was prepared for his comic turn, I was not prepared for his appearance.  When I first saw him, I thought it was Andrew Sullivan who was making a cameo in the flick.  Cruise appeared not as his normal boyish self, but bearded, balding and, well, bearish.

And the movie, while politically incorrect was pure entertainment.  A few flaws here and there, but definitely worth the fourteen bucks to see it on the big screen — or whatever they’re charging in your town.