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Will the Clintons Sink Obama?

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 7:45 pm - August 25, 2008.
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. . . or maybe it’s the way Obama treated the Clintons which prevents him from rising.

As the Democrats gather in Denver, their presumptive nominee has missed the chance to turn the quadrennial partisan shindig into an event focused on his election.  Instead he has let it become a forum showcasing his party’s divisions, largely because he failed to find an an appropriate means to handle his most tenacious rival from the primary contest and her husband, the only Democrat reelected president since World War II.

When a party controls the White House and the incumbent is not up for reelection, it cedes the first night of the convention (which would be tonight for the Democrats) to that incumbent.  The Democrats should have done the same thing with their party’s most recent Chief Executive.  And since his wife did so well in the primary contest, they could make the night about them, call it a “Tribute to the Clintons.”

To show how much Obama respects his predecessor (as party nominee) and his one-time rival, he would have his own wife serve as Master of Ceremonies for the evening.

After tonight, the convention would then be all about him.  But, instead of concentrating the Clintons one one night, the Democrats are spreading them over three, creating anxiety within his camp:

Many supporters of Mr Obama express private anguish over the prominent role he has conceded to the former president and first lady on three out of the four days of the convention this week.

Hillary speaks Tuesday night, Bill Wednesday.

Maybe Obama could have avoided this had he treated the former First Lady better (via Instapundit) as he went about selecting his Vice-Presidential nominee, perhaps making the motions of considering her–or at least consulting her (and her husband) about whom he could consider.

You don’t dismiss the candidate who came within a whisker of defeating you for your party’s nod, especially when her husband is the most successful politician in your party since FDR.


Barack’s Two Americas

Jim Geraghty at The Campaign Spot highlights more evidence that Obama=Kerry=Gore=Clinton. 

There will be no line waiting for Barack Obama’s biggest campaign donors before the nominee’s Thursday acceptance speech. The campaign has arranged for the Secret Service to meet the moneybags in the lobbies of their hotels, where they will be prewanded and then put on a special bus that will pass through Invesco Field’s security perimeter.  “There was no way I was going to wait in line with a bunch of kids to get into Invesco Field,” said one relieved donor.

The Relieved Donor must have been thinking — “Let them eat cake, those pesky non-rich plebes!!!!  How dare they step in front of ME to see The One.”

Ain’t nuthin new or hopeful or “change-like” about Obama folks, move along…..  He’s just like we’ve seen before.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Joe Biden: Not a “Game Changer”

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 3:59 pm - August 25, 2008.
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In the course of US history, a number of party nominees have used the vice-presidential selection to help advance their own elections.  And while some selections have helped shifted the dynamics of the presidential contest that year, they haven’t always helped the candidate win in the fall.

This year, presumptive Democratic nominee Barack Obama’s selection of Joe Biden does little to shift the dynamics of the current contest. A poll taken after the Illinois Senator tapped his Delaware counterpart shows a dead heat.  The selection is not a game-changer.

Obama should have learned from two of the three most recent Democratic nominees.  Both picked candidates from the center of their party and saw their political fortunes shift.  In 1992, after Clinton tapped then-moderate Senator Al Gore, Jr. of Tennessee, he went from polling third among three candidates to first between two, as far ahead of then-incumbent George H.W. Bush as he had previously been behind businessman H. Ross Perot.

Eight years later, when Gore tapped Joe Lieberman of Connecticut, he surged ahead of then-Governor George W. Bush of Texas in all polls.

In 1980, Ronald Reagan, then a conservative outsider, reassured the Republican establishment when he tapped the elder Bush as his running mate.

Perhaps had Obama picked a more moderate candidate like Indiana’s Evan Bayh or even Virginia Governor Tim Kaine, he may have shifted the dynamic of the race.  But, despite his likability, Biden doesn’t really help broaden the ticket.  Oh, yeah, he has experience in dealing with foreign policy issues.  The only problem is that his liberal solutions to those issues.

Don’t think that’ll do much to reassure moderate Democrats and skeptical Independents.

UPDATE:  No Biden bounce: “Gallup Poll Daily tracking from Aug. 23-25, the first three-day period falling entirely after Obama’s Saturday morning vice presidential announcement, shows 46% of national registered voters backing John McCain and 44% supporting Obama.

GayPatriot Mailbag

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 11:47 am - August 25, 2008.
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With permission of its sender, here is a great email I received last week.   Thanks Joe!

I recently discovered your blog, and I write this email as a way of saying thank you for putting forth such an excellent stream of views and creating a community voice very much needed in the political climate.

I have always identified myself as a liberal, although most liberals would not call me a very good one. (I think I was the only gay person at my college who voted for Bob Dole.)  Perhaps I am the classic Ohio voter, inconsistent, ornery, and opinionated. I want for same-sex couples to enjoy state-sponsored marriage, but until I explored some of the blog entries on your website, I was never able to articulate why.

You’ve given me some language to put with my (rather conservative) beliefs about the institution, and (most of) your contributors and commenters approach these social and political issues without coming across as childish or (uggh) “entitled.”

For a long time now, I have begun my day by catching up with the news and opinions on Pam’s House Blend. Pam also runs an excellent blog, from the liberal side, and I respect her views even when I have a different opinion. My great compliment to you is that I now view your blog every morning in contrast to hers.

It’s a perfect balance, and it’s wonderful to know that there is a community of gay Americans who support small government, fiscal integrity, and personal responsibility.

Good job.

So thanks for helping me out, particularly in this important election year, as I try to make sense of what seems like a constant barrage of bad news everywhere.

Best Regards,
Joe from Dayton, OH

We love us our fan mail here at GayPatriot!

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Democrat Buyer’s Remorse

This doesn’t bode well for the O’Phony-Joe Liar 2008 ticket going into their convention in Denver this week.  This was the poll on US News & World Report’s website yesterday.











But, but, but…. I thought Obama was the One We Were Waiting For?!?

As Velma from Scooby Doo might say – “JINKIES” !  Or in the words of Robin, the Boy Wonder — “Holy shit, Batman!”

-Bruce (GayPatriot)