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The 2000 Democratic Vice Presidential Nominee . . .

. . is now addressing the Republican National Convention and endorsing his friend John McCain for President.

This good man, this Democrat, puts his country before his party.

The meat of his remarks:

As a matter of fact, if John McCain is just another partisan Republican, then I’m Michael Moore’s favorite Democrat.

And I’m not.

Senator Obama is a gifted and eloquent young man who can do great things for our country in the years ahead. But eloquence is no substitute for a record — not in these tough times.

In the Senate he has not reached across party lines to get anything significant done, nor has he been willing to take on powerful interest groups in the Democratic Party.

Fred’s Wowing us Now

The crowd is going crazy. I just leaned over to John Hinderaker and said I think he’s right; Fred’s blowing the roof off.

On our presumptive Vice-Presidential nominee, former Senator Fred Thompson says:

Some Washington pundits and media big shots are in a frenzy over the selection of a woman who has actually governed rather than just talked a good game on the Sunday talk shows and hit the Washington cocktail circuit. Well, give me a tough Alaskan Governor who has taken on the political establishment in the largest state in the Union — and won — over the beltway business-as-usual crowd any day of the week.

UPDATE at 9:21 CENTRAL TIME: He’s no longer wowing us now. He’s describing John McCain’s experience as a Prisoner of War. You could hear a pin drop.

Mary Katharine agrees with me that his last bit was nice:

This is the kind of character that civilizations from the beginning of history have sought in their leaders.


It’s pretty clear there are two questions we will never have to ask ourselves, “Who is this man?” and “Can we trust this man with the Presidency?”

This speech is too good, too, too good. I include the full text below the jump. (more…)

The Reagan Tribute

They’re running the film now.  I’m tearing up.

Old Home Week in St. Paul

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 10:01 pm - September 2, 2008.
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WOW! What a great convention. I’m having a blast introducing myself to delegates, alternates and other assembled guests as a gay blogger. I’ve talked to delegates and alternates from Connecticut, Utah, North and South Carolina, Virginia, California. No one seems to have a problem.

Upon learning I live in West Hollywood, the alternate from North Caroiina wondered how I dealt with the gay leftists there as they can be among the most vicious [expletive deleted].

Everyone has been incredibly friendly, welcoming me.

And then I keep running into friends and former colleagues from political campaigns. Just a moment ago when I was grabbing a burger, I ran into an old friend from my days in Arlington County, Virginia politics. As we were chatting, I ran into a buddy who served as state chairman of the Connecticut College Republicans when I chaired the Massachusetts organization.

Not to mention the people I met at the Log Cabin luncheon.

It’s like old home week here.

I’m sitting here blogging with Mary Katharine Ham and John Hinderaker, all of us using Macs, just like the new Pajamas TV who is letting us squat on their space.  I have been talking politics and blogging with Glenn Reynolds, Ed Driscoll, Roger Simon, Jennifer Rubin, Stephen Green and others. Kind of weird to be so close to people whom I’ve gotten to know as pixels on a screen.

The crowd got really jazzed to honor Medal of Honor winner Michael Monsoor.  We were all moved by the video tribute for this late great man.

MSM notices gay Republicans supporting GOP

It seems that whenever I turn to the MSM or gay media for a report on gay Republicans, they are either badmouthing us as self-hating insecure hypocrites with wide stances or noting how unwelcome we feel in the GOP while pointing out that we disagree with our party on any number of issues.  Or how gay Republicans refuse to back certain GOP candidates.  

The MSM just loves stories of a divided GOP.

Note how they were all over the story of Log Cabin running ads against Mitt Romney in Iowa and New Hampshire early in this presidential campaign.

Well, today while observing the festivities, chatting with fellow bloggers and scanning the news and blog, I found that Yahoo! for about two hours (as of this writing) led with the story of Log Cabin’s endorsement, “Gay Republicans endorse McCain.”

Never seen a story with Log Cabin backing GOP get such prominent coverage.

The article, while generally fair, was not without bias:

Being openly gay is not easy in a party with a strong base of evangelical Christians who read the Bible as the literal word of God and believe there are biblical sanctions against homosexuality.

Um, how would they know that?

It’s a lot easier being an openly gay person in the GOP than being an openly Republican gay person in West Hollywood.

The Things Left-Wingers Say!

Yesterday, the nice left-winger sporting the Bush “Liar Liar Pants On Fire” button on her shirt also spouted some venom against the Vice President of the United States.  She told me that Dick Cheney was such a despicable man that even his wife doesn’t like him.  In fact, she informed me, Lynne was suing him for divorce.

I told her I hadn’t heard such a thing.  She said that I should check the news when I got home.  Which I did, nothing came up.

Ever eager to investigate the truth, I e-mailed Mary Cheney and reported what this woman had said.  She wrote back “First I’ve heard of it.”

I guess it’s such a big secret that only left-wingers in the know are aware of the Cheneys’ impending divorce.  They haven’t even told their daughter!

A Gay Republican Blogger at the GOP Convention

I walked over from the University Club to the Xcel Center where the convention is taking place.  They have put up barricades and there’s been lots of security, but even the cops from out of town seem to have caught a case of “Minnesota Nice.”  Everyone’s been really, really friendly.

While I don’t have wireless at the seat in the press section that the campaign has assigned me, Roger Simon, has allowed me to connect through the Pajamas network.

And I’ve been meeting some of my favorite bloggers. Chatted with Hugh Hewitt yet again–what a great guy. He quite interested in the reaction of gay Republicans to the Palin pick. He was delighted to learn how enthused we all are.

Since coming to the Xcel Center, I am using this opportunity to see how Republicans react to an openly gay man in their midst. So far, I have introduced myself to former Maryland Lt. Governor Michael Steele and Frank Luntz as a gay man.

I asked the latter if he had ever done focus groups on gay issues. “I never asked,” he replied. Steele and I exchanged pleasantries about a Maryland politician we both knew. He was incredibly friendly, gracious even when I told him about the blog. He said he’d read it.

Down here with the Pajamas folk, I finally met Glenn Reynolds, the Instapundit. Very nice guy. He’s now cutting an episode for PJTV. I mentioned my “experiment” on being openly gay here.

When I thanked him for linking my post on links and hate comments, I told him the comments I received to the post confirm my point-that there’s a noticeable increase in hate comments when we get linked on left-wing blogs, but no such increase when linked on conservatives and libertarian web-sites.  Similarly, I told how warmly I’d been received by conservative bloggers while getting a lot of grief from left-wing gay web-sites.

He said I should blog on this.

I think I just did.

BREAKING NEWS–Log Cabin Endorses John McCain

Welcome Instapundit Readers!! For a gay Republican perspective on the GOP Convention, stay tuned to our blog!

Taking a quick break now that I’ve found wireless at St. Paul’s downtown University Club to report that that Log Cabin’s Big Tent Luncheon here, organization president Patrick Sammon announced that the group has endorsed John McCain for president of the United States.

Recall that Log Cabin made a big stink about not endorsing Bush four years ago.

I’ll have more in a bit and will offer some thoughts on the meaning of this endorsement.

UPDATE: Now that luncheon has concluded, I have finally have time to blog. This big news and not just because it shows that a group not always behind the GOP nominee is backing him this year. It’s also an interesting story for this blog. Indeed, our blog enjoys its prominence in large part because we were the first gay web-site to take issue with Log Cabin on its endorsement.

Indeed, I may not be blogging were it not for Bruce’s post on the issue. I e-mailed him praising him for saying something that I–and a lot of other gay Republicans–believed. We may not have approved of the president’s decision to back the Federal Marriage Amendment, but given his opponent’s wishy-washy record on national security issues, we thought the choice was clear and that Log Cabin should stand behind the president.

Today, as I rushed out to blog this news, I passed Chris Barron, Log Cabin’s political director four years ago, a man with whom Bruce and I often locked horns in the first months of this blog. I smiled, shook his hand, patted him on the back, noted the irony of being in the room with him as the group announced its endorsement and said, “I’m glad we’re on the same side this year.”

With a smile, he expressed his agreement.

Click below the jump to read excerpts of Patrick’s statement, a copy of which he handed to me in the room where we have internet access. (more…)

Palin’s Wednesday Night Speech

What I find most amusing about following the story of the pregnancy of Bristol Palin, daughter of presumptive Republican Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin is how so many on the left use this to call the Alaska Governor’s fitness for office.  

At the same time, one of the nation’s leading social conservatives, James Dobson has shown considerably understanding for the family’s situation, saying all this situation really means “is that she and her family are human.”  I wish he could show similar understanding for gay people.

He’s not the only evangelical leader to release such sympathetic statements.

What this controversy does is generate more interest in Palin’s speech Wednesday night, all but ensuring a larger audience.  If she does as good of a job then as she did last Friday, she should succeed in overcoming the doubts about her ability to lead, helping this novice on the national stage earn the admiration and affection of the American people.

This all could redound to the GOP ticket’s benefit. Note I said, “could.”

NOTE–Bumped this post.

UPDATE: In a most excellent essay, “Sarah Palin: A Bold Choice or a desperate one?,” on the benefits — and possible downsides of the Palin pick, Powerline‘s John Hinderaker and Scott Johnson offer, “The question is in part one of perception, and it is too early to know how most voters will view the implications of Palin’s place on the ticket.” Read the whole thing!

UP-UPDATE:  As to the power of speeches to improve a candidate’s image, recall the Checkers Speech.

UP-UP-UPDATE: Ann Althouse agreed with me that the audience for Palin’s speech will be huge: “Much depends on her speech tonight, and I tend to think it will wow the viewers.” Hope she’s right.

Kudos to the McCain Campaign

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 11:20 am - September 2, 2008.
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I just wanted to say that I really appreciated the effort made by the McCain campaign, particularly my bloger contacts, to ensure that I got my credentials yesterday.

Thanks guys for making me feel welcome in Minnesota!

Is Barack Obama An Optimist?

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Last night while drinking with Dale and jabbering with Jim, my eyes might turn to to the television monitors when hurricane or political news came on.  

Once when I looked up, I saw Obama talking from a studio about his conversation with Homeland Security  Secretary Michael Chertoff about relief efforts in the wake of Hurricane Gustav.  He seemed excessively earnest, dour almost.  Then, CNN cut to images of John McCain rolling up his sleeves and helping out in regions hit by the hurricane.

The Republican projected a strong, can-do attitude.  “Let get things done,” he seemed to be saying, “Yes, we can do a better job responding to this disaster than we have in the past.”

At times they showed the images of McCain and Obama side by side.  It did not work to Barack’s benefit.

What struck me in watching Obama this time was how much less confident he has seemed in recent media appearances, particularly while delivering his speech last Thursday night.  And given some of his recent comments, I wondered if he were really an optimist who believed America’s best days were yet to come.

Obama: Qualifying for President by Running for President

Ann Althouse writes:

Obama’s biggest accomplishment is his success (thus far) in running a Presidential campaign. But isn’t this a bit absurd? One qualifies to run for President by the very activity of running for President?

Read the whole thing!  Via Glenn Reynolds who has some great links on the Bristol Palin issue and how it might help (or hurt) the GOP.

On Peggy Noonan as Athena

I had a thought last night, more succinct than my initial post on this matter about why I call columnist and former Reagan Speechwriter Peggy Noonan my Athena:

She offers intelligent ideas in a distinctly feminine voice.

UPDATE: (more…)

Minnesota Nice/Jim Kolbe on McCain & Palin

Today was quite an unusual day, waking up in Los Angeles, then setting off for St. Paul, dealing with “Minnesota Nice” at the airport where the folks at Enterprise were super accommodating (more on that perhaps anon) and later at the convention site where the cops were amazingly polite as I learned I had parked on the wrong site of the convention site to pick up my credentials (perhaps more on that anon as well.)

When I did get to the right side of the Xcel Center (lots of security here), I saw a number of Ron Paul supporters (one who had come from Florida just to protest on behalf of their man), met a 9/11 “Truther” and caught site of Karl Rove leaving the convention site.

I did chat with two Obama supporters, both (like all people here) super nice, one in a gay bar.  Even the woman wearing a “Liar Liar Pants On Fire” button with a picture of George W. Bush was friendly after I challenged her to identify one Bush lie.  She couldn’t, just offered “Weapons of Mass Destruction.”  I pressed her and asked for a particular statement the president had made which he knew to be false.  She couldn’t.

Still, both she and her friend (visiting from Seattle in order to protest) engaged me in friendly banter over our political differences and wished me a good stay in St. Paul.

Minnesota Nice indeed!  And I haven’t even mentioned my hosts!  

I challenged both Obama supporters to identify one major accomplishment that their man had spearheaded in his twelve years in the Illinois and United States Senate.  Neither was able to.

I had a wonderful dinner with my friend and fellow blogger Dale Carpenter (Independent Gay Forum and Volokh Conspiracy).  When Dale mentioned he was meeting former Congressman Jim Kolbe (R-Ariz) for a drink, I asked if I might tag along.  We didn’t heard back from Jim for a while, so stopped at a gay bar in Minneapolis. 

Spotting a man with gay Republicans for McCain-Palin button, we approached him, introduced ourselves.  Turns out it was Joel Hastings from the Log Cabin board.  Kudos to Joel for his boldness in advertising his Republican politics in a potentially hostile environment.

Soon, Jim called and remembering me from my DC days, that good man invited me to join them.  We joined Jim and some of his friends at a seafood place.  I was flattered that Jim remembered me from my DC days.  Once together, we had a spirited discussion about the convention, the presidential election gay marriage and other topics. 

Jim is a great guy and a wonderful conversationalist.

On Sarah Palin, Jim offered (and I report with his permission), the move was “quintessentially McCain.”   He thinks she was a “good choice” even though she is more conservative (than he) on social issues than he.  Referencing the revelation today about her daughter’s pregnancy, he appreciated her candor and didn’t think it would impact the convention of her candidacy.

Jim, who is openly gay, will be addressing Log Cabin’s Big Tent Luncheon tomorrow.  I look forward to hearing him there.