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Like Reagan in 1984 . . .

. . . Sarah Palin is going after her opponent without using his name.

I like this speech. I acknowledge I’m an emotional guy, so perhaps I’m not the guy to go to for unbiased coverage.  At the good lines, I want to stand up and cheer rather than stay in my seat and blog.  Love the way she’s using humor to go after her opponents.  Reagan-esque

She seemed particularly solid on the energy portion.

There are just too many good lines in this speech.  As a writer, I particularly liked the one about that opponent having time to write two memoirs, but no major piece of legislation.

“Some who use change to promote their careers and those like John McCain who use their careers to promote change.”

If this were baseball, the ball would be up here.  Or further.  She’s hitting this out of the park.

UPDATE: MichaelnotMike writes that tonight Sarah Palin “showed how to field dress Democrats.”

UP-UPDATE: I had thought to do another post on the speech. After Governor Palin had finished, I was chatting with bloggers Patrick Ruffini, Patrick Hynes and Jon Henke, all of whose stuff I had read before, none of whom I had met before today. We all agreed how excellent was the speech, a thought echoed my John Hinderaker when I returned to his house where I am staying.

Once again how weird it is to actually meet these people whom I primarily know as pixels on the screen, many different from the people I imagined when I read their stuff, but all independent-thinking, interesting and intelligent individuals.

UP-UP-UPDATE: Reading blogs can be addictive especially on a night such as this. Was about to hit the hay, then followed a Corner link to read this:

Watching the tumultuous, ecstatic reaction in the hall, I was reminded of the famous words of the Admiral Yamamoto after Pearl Harbour: “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant, and fill him with a terrible resolve.”

I’m not the only one to compare her speaking style to that of the Gipper, but, well, the New York Times did take note of my observation. (H/t the younger PatriotSisterWest). 🙂

Always proud of America!

Yes, we are, Governor Palin, always proud.  The crowd shouts “USA.”

Now, a few delegates shout, “Hockey Mom.”

The difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull?  Lipstick.

It’s not easy to live-blog this, so captivated am I. I think she’s doing what she needed to do tonight.  But, maybe I’m reflecting (drawing from?) the energy in this auditorium.  It’s intense, even this far up, I can feel it.

As Sarah Palin begins. . .

. . . the guy from NPR notices how the whole crowd pulls forward. . .

Even the site staff are pumped.  You should have seen the crowd as she accepted the nomination.

She’s doing it, she’s doing it.  As she talks about her family, she’s connecting, hopefully not just with those in the Xcel Center, but those watching on TV across the land.

Here she is!

The crowd goes wild.  Everyone on their feet!  Everyone!

Rudy’s Red Meat

I have some advice for Senator Obama, “Next time call John McCain.”

What a great speech.  What a line!  I’m too transfixed right now to blog this.  Guess it’s the energy of the auditorium.

I like the bit about in choosing Sarah Palin, McCain is choosing for the future.

My Man Rudy

The first guy I backed for ’08 is up on stage, but I’m not sure how to cover it.

We’re all just awaiting Sarah Palin.

I like Rudy’s line about McCain passing every test.

He’s giving us some of our nominee’s biography, contrasting it to that of Barack Obama.  We hear laughter as he mentions Obama’s work as a community organizer and chants “Zero” again. “He couldn’t decide whether to vote yes or no.  It was too tough.”

He notes the number of times Obama voted present while in the Illinois legislature.  “I didn’t know about this vote present when I was Mayor of New York City. . . . For president of the United States, it’s not good to enough to vote present.”

“John McCain has been tested.  Barack Obama has not.”

I’m loving this–“Hope is not a strategy.”

Again, he follows Linda Lingle in noting Obama’s absence of executive experience.  Seems to be a common thread in the attacks on Obama tonight.

The Only Jewish Woman Governor. . .

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Linda Lingle of Hawai’i is onstage now speaking on behalf of her colleague from the Last Frontier. As she praises Sarah Palin, she points out that she has a grandchild on the way.

Lingle calls this great woman “authentic” who will not change during.  She is “unique combination of toughness and grace.”

“She engenders trust in people and will live up to that trust.”

“Words no matter how eloquently delivered will not replace decisive action which produces results.”

I’m loving Lingle’s speech, but kind of nonplussed by her style.  While she would have been on my short list for Vice President, but I don’t think she would have excited the base as much as Palin has.

There, Lingle said it chiding the Democrats make an issue of Palin’s experience “when their own candidates for President and Vice President have no executive experience.  Zero.”

The crowd chants, “Zero.”

I agree with the Governor of the Aloha State, “Sarah is a great choice!”

Awaiting Palin: Energy in the Auditorium

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People are pumped for the Palin speech.  While my bird’s eye view gives me only a distant view of the stage, it does afford me a unique perspective.  I can see almost the entire auditorium, save those in the bleachers facing the stage.

Delegates and guests were on their feet and cheering Mitt Romney’s speech when he said, “There’s not a day when I was not proud to be an American.”

Overheard a tech guy from NPR say he hopes Palin “kicks butt tonight.” 

And now I note the irony of being a blogger at a partisan convention.  Here I sit in the media section, yet cheering the speakers.  Unlike the media who cheered Obama in Denver, I acknowledge my bias.

Cute line:  Mike Huckabee just endorsed his “second choice” for President of the United States.

View from the Nosebleeds

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I just left the Pajamas area for my seat in the nosebleed section.  On the way up in the elevator, I ran into Bud McFarlane, National Security Advisor to Ronald Reagan from 1983-1985.   I thanked him for his service to the Gipper and this country.  When McFarlane got out, Senator James Inhofe from Oklahoma got on.  We talked about the challenge of working with my state’s junior Senator on the Senate’s Environment and Public Works Committee.

We have similar views of Mrs. Boxer’s personality and intelligence.  🙂

Here’s a picture of my view:

Off to the Nosebleeds to See Palin

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You can feel the energy in the auditorium.  People are pumped to hear Sarah Palin.  I’ve decided to abandon my berth at the Pajamas booth to head up to my desk in the nosebleed section as it offers a clearer view of the stage.

And here’s a shot of the Pajamas TV booth:

Athena’s Beverage with Vodkapundit

The citizens of Athens chose Athena to be their patron when she offered them the olive tree.  Olives were sacred to the owl-eyed goddess.

That’s why I’ve always considered a dirty martini, made with olive juice, Athena’s beverage.

After a busy day, I invited the fetching, but straight Steve Green out for a cocktail.  After stopping to purchase a wireless so I could blog this convention more regularly, I had that dirty martini while he enjoyed a citrus one.

We had a great chat about politics, movies and life.  He is also a fan of Young Frankenstein and the Star Wars movies.  It’s cool finding another blogger with such great tastes in cinema.  His wife is one lucky gal.

ADDENDUM: If you like your politics with a little bit of smart snark that’ll make you smile, check out his blog, Vodkapundit.

On Jim Kolbe & John McCain

There were so many good things about the Log Cabin “Big Tent” luncheon yesterday.  The food was great.  I ran into a number of old friends, acquaintances and colleagues.  And we got to hear from my friend and former Congressman Jim Kolbe.

Unlike some politicians, Jim knows not to go on overlong when addressing a crowd.  He gave a great short speech, focusing on his relationship with his state’s senior Senator, our party’s presumptive presidential nominee.

He recalled than when he ran for election in 1984, John McCain came down into his district to campaign for him.  

Twelve years later, when Jim got word that the Advocate would run an article reporting that he was gay, he drew McCain aside at a meeting of the Arizona congressional delegation.  Seems that good man knew what his friend wanted to discuss.

“Jim,” he said, “it doesn’t make any difference, you’re a great legislator, you’re going to be a great legislator tomorrow.  You’re my friend, you’re going to be my friend tomorrow.”

Jim wouldn’t forget those words, they made it “easier for him” to deal with the repercussions of the article.

“McCain may not be perfect on our issues, but there’s ‘not one iota’ of negative feeling because of my sexual orientation.”

Confirms my impression of our party’s nominee as a good man.

Why Log Cabin McCain Endorsement is HUGE

Driving into St. Paul this morning, I got a call from a Washington Blade reporter who asked about my reception at the convention and my read of the Log Cabin endorsement.

I told him I thought the endorsement was huge, particularly given the group’s failure to back the GOP presidential nominee four years ago.

This endorsement also shows that gay Republicans are united behind our party’s nominee. Indeed, in my experience both as a leader in Log Cabin and a gay Republican blogger, I have observed two basic types of gay Republicans, one the more vocal, the other more representative of the broad swath of gay conservatives.

The former, I would call “gay rights'” Republicans, many of whom want the GOP to take a stand on gay issues. Log Cabin does a good job of representing these guys.  Some of them may have pinched their nose and voted for Bush four years ago, but they were reluctant to support him publicly.

The other, the category in which I count myself, I would define merely as Republicans who happen to be gay. Basically libertarian, we’re content to have the party focus on its core conservative principles and just want the state to live alone.  We don’t believe we need gay-specific policies.  We supported Bush four years–and were willing to say so publicly.  We didn’t think he was perfect, but generally supported his record, particularly on national security issues.

We contend, indeed as the evidence shows, private institutions will adapt to respond to social changes without government prodding. Even during the supposedly anti-gay Bush Administration, things have improved for gay people with more states recognizing same-sex unions, more corporations offering domestic partnership benefits and adopting non-discrimination policies and great social acceptance of gay people. Simply put, we can live more openly today than we could ten years ago.

All that said, the important thing is that both groups of gay Republicans are united behind the GOP ticket this year. That’s why this endorsement is huge. Let’s hope more news outlets than Yahoo! take note.

More encounters with Conservative bloggers

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This morning as I was walking through downtown St. Paul on the way to meet a blog reader (that’s he on the left, me on the right), I ran into blogger Ed Driscoll who asked if I were going to Ed Morrissey‘s blogger luncheon. I told him I hadn’t heard about it. He invited me to join them — and to bring my friend along.

I met the reader and off we went, he, delighted to be in the company of so many bloggers whose posts he read on a daily basis.

Once again, I was impressed with the welcome I found among this gaggle of conservative web-pundits. It struck me yet again, as it did last night, how diverse was this group, geographically, ethnically, spiritually and most importantly stylistically. We conservatives are hardly monolithic.

I continue to introduce myself as a blogger at GayPatriot and continue to meet people aware of — and fans — of this web-site.

What Bruce Carroll Accomplished

Last night when I attended what Glenn Reynolds dubbed the “best party” he ever attended, I realized the scope of what my co-blogger Bruce Carroll, the GayPatriot, accomplished when he established this blog four years ago tomorrow.

Pajamas TV had organized a blogger party at the home of James Lileks. I ran into bloggers whom I had met at smaller such gatherings in LA (Mickey Kaus, Hugh Hewitt, Roger Simon), some who had recognized me from previous political and media events (National Review‘s Ramesh Ponnuru and Peter Robinson), bloggers I had schmoozed with earlier in the day (Powerline‘s John and Paul, Commentary‘s Jennifer Rubin, Townhall‘s Mary Katharine Ham, Vodkapundit‘s Stephen Green, Ed Driscoll) and bloggers and writers I only previously only known by their words in pixels, Scrappleface‘s Scott Ott, CampaignSpot‘s Jim Geraghty, the Corner‘s Mark Hemingway and Eli Lake of the New York Sun.

These weren’t the only people I met. I talked to other bloggers, a relator or two, an advertising executive, Hill staffers, radio hosts, etc. One thing which stood out though was how familiar the guests at this gathering (some pictures here) were with this blog. When I identified myself, they recognized the blog and greeted me warmly.

So, kudos to Bruce Carroll for establishing this blog and help gay conservatives find welcome in the right-of-center blogging community.

Bruce, I am in your debt.

The Left’s Smear Campaign Against Sarah Palin

I’m taking a backseat here this week while Dan continues his superb live-posting from the GOP Convention in St. Paul.  I did, however, want to briefly share with everyone that I am posting at my own blog many useful links of news articles and entries from other blogs I have encountered around the Web concerning the Left’s smear campaign against the GOP Veep nominee, Governor Sarah Palin.  This will be continuously updated this week as I come across more material and if anyone has something they’d like to see added, please feel free to email me at 

Finally, just two quick comments on the happenings at the GOP Convention thus far:  kudos to LCR for endorsing McCain and Dan is right about Fred Thompson’s speech:  I too was wowed and energized!  Now back to more of Dan’s coverage…

— John (Average Gay Joe)