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Taking Over the Mantle of Change

Now, he’s getting going:  “I can’t wait until I introduce [Sarah Palin] to Washington.”

Senator, I can’t either.  That introduction can’t come soon enough.

“What you fight for is the real test.”  He may not be as good as speaker as Obama, may lack his mellifluous voice, but so far, this is a far better speech, far better focused, far more gracious than his rivals.  And far more heartfelt. It’s not as if his repeating some mantra or rehashing his party’s ideological creed, this man is speaking from his heart.  He believes what he’s saying.

I am enjoying this speech.  Would rather listen than blog.  Perhaps I should have taken the opportunity to sit in the stands and listen, but I would not have been able to use wireless there.

He’s talking as a confident leader, strong and self-assured.  I’m glad I followed my gut when I voted for him in the California primary.

Postpartisanship indeed:

Again and again, I’ve worked with members of both parties to fix problems that need to be fixed. That’s how I will govern as President. I will reach out my hand to anyone to help me get this country moving again. I have that record and the scars to prove it. Senator Obama does not.

The new politics Barack Obama talks about is the kind of politics John McCain has practiced throughout his career.

It was a good speech, not quite Palin, but better than Obama.

And cool it is to watch the balloon drop from above. And there’s more to come. I can still see them in the rafters.

Fellow Americans

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He calls his opponent a “fellow American.”  “And that’s an association that matters more to me than anything else.”

He begins with gratitude . . .

. . . and acknowledgement.

The crowd chants “USA! USA”

. . . as John McCain enters the auditorium.

Country first, not self.

Everyone goes wild as he accepts the Republican nomination.  And the chant continues.

The video

Once again you can feel the energy in the auditorium, but it’s a different of energy than yesterday.

At 96, John McCain’s Mom looks great, having a tarter tongue and expressing herself more readily and honestly than some men than half her age.

Is this the first image of a Republican presidential nominee with Richard Nixon featured at the RNC convention since Nixon himself was the nominee in 1972?

Even the site staff are watching the speech; we’re transfixed. . . .

Wonder how many left-wing bloggers will fault John McCain for using his biography in this introductory video . . . .

How to Cover the Speech?

Trying to figure out if I’ll do a few short posts like last night or kind of live blog, but I learned that Obama finally appeared on the O’Reilly Factor, but today. This shows how pathetic and classless both men are.

Both should have shown respect for American political tradition and left the day to the Republican nominee.

But, at least we know almost as many people watched the Republican Vice-Presidential nominee as watched the Democratic Presidential nominee.

Pistol Packing Mama!

I just returned to the nosebleeds to cover McCain’s speech; I was debating watching with the Ohio visitors, but decided I wanted to watch the crowd below.

I will miss the camaraderie I had this afternoon and for most of this convention when I hung out with Pajamas folk by the Pajamas TV booth.  So cool talking to such great bloggers whom I have heretofore primarily known as pixels on a screen.

As I was setting myself up, I heard Cindy McCain praise her husband’s running mate as “pistol-packing mother.”  The media surely winced, but people across America certainly smiled at a woman politician to whom they can relate.

My Official Convention Funny Hat Picture

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Judy Davidson was delighted to model her hat for me so I could make the convention complete.  Because without a funny hat picture, you haven’t really covered a political convention.

A nice Jewish woman from Downington, Pennsylvania, Judy is wearing a Log Cabin “Inclusion WIns” pin and has been trying to find nice Jewish guys with whom to fix me up:


Report from the Convention Floor

I just cut two interviews for Pajamas TV, one in Pajamas booth where I have pretty much based myself one from Pajamas booth and the other from the convention floor.

It was quite a feeling to be there on the floor, seeing the various delegates and the countless reporters, many interviewing those delegates, others chatting with their colleagues. After I participated in an interview with openly gay Lone Star State alternate delegate Carlos Obando of Houston, that fetching Texan and I walked over and introduced ourselves to Carl Cameron of FoxNews with whom we shared our perspective as gay Republicans.

The reporter is much taller than I had imagined. Here, a shot of Carl and Carlos:

Our Fourth Blogiversary

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On the fourth day of the 2008 Republican National Convention, we at GayPatriot are celebrating our fourth blogiversary.

And Sarah Palin has helped make this day all the more special for all we here at GayPatriot and for all gay patriots.

Bruce, this dirty martini‘s for you.  It’s really quite something you accomplished when you set up this blog.

I repeat, Bruce Carroll, I am in your debt.

BREAKING NEWS-McCain Strategist Steve Schmidt Addresses Log Cabin

Just moments ago, here at the Chambers Hotel in downtown Minneapolis, McCain campaign strategist Steve Schmidt briefly addressed a Log Cabin Republicans honoring the gay delegates to the Republican National Convention.

Schmidt mentioned his sister and her partner and encouraged us to “keep fighting.”

“You are an important part of our party . . . the party of freedom.”

Perhaps, Log Cabin President Patrick Sammon had briefed Schmidt that everyone here was raving about Sarah Palin’s speech last night. Calling the recent media attacks on the Republican Vice-Presidential nominee, “unlike anything I had ever seen,” he labelled her speech, “one of the great speeches in the history of political conventions.”

I don’t think he’ll find any disagreement from GayPatriot readers.

He said he expected a backlash would occur. He concluded observing, that he earlier in the campaign he didn’t think McCain campaign would be in as “great shape” as it is now. He told us to stay tuned for some polls coming out this afternoon “that will be showing the race is even.”

That Schmidt showed up today puts truth to the lie we hear all too often from our critics that gay people aren’t welcome in the GOP. This is truly a Big Tent party, with the McCain Campaign reaching out to gay Republicans as well as evangelicals.

UPDATE:  The Advocate picked this up as well.