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Convention Retrospective of a gay Republican Blogger

It is perhaps ironic that I waited until the last minute to decide to attend an event which could turn out to be one of the most seminal of my life.  Note, I say, “could.”

I met so many good people, spent time with a number of old friends and finally got to experience a national convention something I have wanted to do for decades.

When I wasn’t watching the various speeches on the floor, I spent the week attending gay luncheons and social gatherings as well as hanging out with right-of-center bloggers.  I was delighted to be on the same side as the Log Cabin folks this time and pleased to finally meeting so many bloggers whom, as I noted before, I had only known as pixels on a screen.

One guest at Tuesday’s luncheon where Log Cabin President Patrick Sammon announced the McCain endorsement remarked later how enthusiastically I had applauded.  I replied I wanted to show my support of that decision.  I strive to be honest when evaluating Log Cabin, criticizing them when they are too harsh in criticizing Republicans Republicans or too soft in distancing themselves from the left-leaning gay groups.  Or when they too readily embrace the statist policies of those groups.

I’d rather be praising them, particularly because their new leadership has shown a greater readiness to engage their gay conservative critics.   It’s not just President Patrick Sammon.  Communications Director Scott Tucker, Vice President John Sinovic and Director of Programs & Policy Jimmy la Salvia have all shown a willingness to listen even when we take issue with their statements and policies.

It was not always easy to present myself to others as a gay blogger so that I could better gauge the participants’ reaction to a gay Republican in their midst (as I had hoped to do when I set off for St. Paul).  When I did, no one expressed any open hostility.  But, there were times when it was awkward to try to insert my sexuality into a conversation without seeming like I was advertising my difference.


How Effective Was the Conclusion of McCain’s Speech?

While I was moved, but not wowed by John McCain’s Acceptance Speech Thursday night at the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, I wondered why he spoke over the roaring crowd as he concluded his speech.  Way up in the rafters, I could see (and feel) the energy of the crowd, but I couldn’t hear the candidate’s words.  I had to look up to the television monitors to read the close-captioning.

I had thought that stirring rhetoric got lost in the enthusiastic applause and emotional acclaim.

Other who saw it disagreed.  On the plane, I talked with a Spanish national who works for an American media company and leans left politically.  He thought it was a rousing conclusion.*  As did a radio journalist I spoke with at the baggage claim in LA.

Listening again” to the speech, Commentary‘s Jennifer Rubin found it had “a Churchillian quality.”  She linked the last minute or so.  It came across well on Youtube and possibly even better on TV.

*He also thought the GOP Convention was more effective than its Democratic counterpart.

We like Strong Women, not the Wrong Woman

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 12:55 pm - September 6, 2008.
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Last week, I noted how a liberal friend “speculated I disliked Hillary Clinton because I fear strong women.” In the wake of increasing masculine affection for the Republican Vice-Presidential nominee, Helen Smith offers (what would have been) the perfect rejoinder:

I heard over and over during the Hillary and Obama race from people that “men just won’t vote for a strong woman.” Well, that’s a myth. They just won’t vote for the wrong woman.

(H/t: Helen’s husband.)

Does Capitalism lead to “Heterosexism”?

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 12:45 pm - September 6, 2008.
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Over at Volokh, David Kopel asks:

do VC readers know of any serious research about a link between heterosexism and capitalism, white supremacy, patriarchy and male-dominated privilege? My initial impression is the cause and effect theory of heterosexism is quite wrong. Communist dictatorships, for example, are often quite hostile to homosexuals; yet Communist states are not capitalist, generally have legal equality of men and women, and (outside Europe) are run by non-whites. Conversely, ancient Greece was relatively tolerant of some forms of homosexuality, and yet was patriarchal, dominated by whites, and had a primitive free market.

(Via Instapundit.) Seems some of our readers might be aware of such research.

I am with Glenn and David Kopel on this one; it does seem the “most tolerant societies are capitalist.

In socialist societies, change comes from the state, but in capitalist societies, changes comes from private institutions and associations which can more readily respond to social change as we see in the increasing number of corporations offering domestic partnership benefits and adopting non-discrimination policies.

Yep, this big evil corporations are way ahead of the state.

So, I answer the question posted in the post’s title in the negative. And add, the more freedom we have, the better it is for gays. As didn’t some sage economist, a Nobel Prize winner, say that capitalism and freedom were pretty much the same thing?

One Lesbian’s Journey: From Kucinich to McCain-Palin

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 3:03 am - September 6, 2008.
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A dear friend of mine, an outspoken and self-assured lesbian, writes (and with her permission I reprint):

have gone from Kucinich to obama {until the beiginning of this year-what an ass and an embarrassment!}  to Hillary to McCain/Palin…cannot believe that I am voting Repub for the first time in 30 yrs!!

Love that woman!!! Have brother up in Alaska….they really love her up there….

All I can say is that I’m delighted to be on the same side as this woman as we often spar on matters political.

She doesn’t mince her words nor hide her feelings. Despite her strong views, she’s not one of those people who judges your political views by the party to which you belong, but by the way you got there. She listens to her ideological adversaries.

I should know. When I came out to her as a Republican, she asked me tough questions, needled me about my views, but remained my friend.

Stars Wars, Legos and the Mall of America

This morning, after sleeping in, I did a bit of blogging, then took my hostess out to lunch with a Twin Cities blogress, Peg Kaplan at a restaurant at the Mall of America before meeting the fetching Carlos to visit the amusement park area in the Mall’s atrium.

No sooner did we ride a roller coaster where that fair Texan treated us to some rather colorful language than I spotted a Lego store with cool Lego dinosaur sculptures. Turns out Carlos was also a fan of those interlocking building blocks, having, just like yours truly, delighted in building Lego houses as a child.

WOW!! WhY didn’t they have stores like this when I was growing up?  Well, another good thing about nieces and nephews.

Anyway, as a Star Wars fan, I took particular note of these sculptures: