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The Amazing Diversity of the Rightosphere

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In this post as well as several others from St. Paul, I reported how impressed I was with my fellow bloggers some of whom I had met thee for the first time, having theretofore only known them as pixels on my computer screen.

Not only were they an impressive lot, but they were a diverse one as well.  Current “netroots” ideology notwithstanding, none were in the tank for the incumbent Republican president or current Republican presidential nominee.  Yes, most supported the president on a number of issues and defended him (often vigorously) against attacks from the left.  Yet, they did not hesitate to take him on where they thought he erred or otherwise blundered.

As to the man being nominated in St. Paul, some were enthusiastic about his candidacy, others lukewarm, at least one noncommittal, yet warming, with a number supporting him largely because of Sarah Palin, while a handful increasingly skeptical of the nominee because of that choice.

We conservative (and libertarian) bloggers are far from monolithic.  Even the three bloggers at Powerline have different perspectives–and very different personalities.  (John, for example, seems to warming to Palin while Paul remains skeptical.)

This diversity was not limited to the various conservative viewpoints expressed, but also included our geographical, demographic, ethic and religious background.  Here were Jews, evangelical Christians, atheists, agnostics.  There were men and women ranging in age from early 20s (college students) to late middle-age.

To correct the impression of right-leaning bloggers as walking in lockstep with some set right-wing ideology and with the Republican leadership, all you need do is sit down and talk to these various bloggers and listen to what they have say or just read what they write.

Below, I list (to the best of my recollection & in no particular order) the bloggers I met in St.  Paul.  Just click on their name to access their blog and their ideas:

John Hinderaker, Scott Johnson, Paul Mirengoff, Glenn Reynolds, Jim (Gateway Pundit), Ed Morrisey, Ed Driscoll, Peter Robinson, James Lileks, Michael Barone, Michael Bates, Hugh Hewitt, Mary Katharine Ham, Scott Ott, Jennifer Rubin, Patrick Ruffini, Jon Henke, Patrick Hynes, Steve Green, Roger Simon, Peg Kaplan, Fausta Wertz, Mickey Kaus (who would balk at being called conservative, but he remains respected in the rightosphere), Jim Geraghty, Ramesh Ponnuru, Mark Hemingway (and a few left out because I’m blogging from a cafe and not from home where I have my cards and notes).

Obama Not Ready To Command Or Lead

The young veteran in the this video articulates far better than I could the primary reason why one should vote for John McCain in November: he is ready to be Commander-in-Chief while Barack Obama is not. The Left is angry beyond belief that gay conservatives would support McCain, considering how the Republican candidate is an avowed supporter of such things as DADT, which Obama has promised to repeal. Yet while I would agree with high school student William Sleaster that McCain doesn’t appear to be a leader on this, such ignores the fact that as Commander-in-Chief the president is responsible not only for gay servicemembers but all of the military. McCain has been tested in battle and though such isn’t a requirement for high office, it does reveal character and an ability to lead others in a crisis. In these times of great adversity this is precisely what we need in the next President of the United States. For all of John McCain’s faults, and Lord knows there are enough, I have no doubts whatsoever that he is ready to take command of the military on Day One and has the experience necessary for the security of our country. I cannot say the same for Obama. To be perfectly honest, when I think of Obama as Commander-in-Chief I cringe and am reminded of that infamous photo of Michael Dukakis riding in a tank: small, inadequate to the challenge and very out-of-place. It is not enough to favor repealing DADT to win my vote, the candidate who is best able to command straight and gay servicemembers deserves it. That candidate is simply not Obama. I have faint hope that McCain can be persuaded by Congress to repeal DADT, which perhaps he may do, and I will continue to push for this to be done. Yet regardless of how much it pains me to put this aside, I will not break faith with those in the institution I grew up admiring, I once served in and those in uniform I came to love and respect just for advancement on a gay rights issue that is near and dear to my heart.

— John (Average Gay Joe)

Evangelical Readers of GayPatriot

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 4:45 pm - September 7, 2008.
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One of the greatest things about blogging is the e-mails we get praising us for our work.  I feel we are accomplishing something when we hear from other gay Republicans (and conservatives) who have (“finally” as some put it) found a forum where others share views similar to their own.  

It’s also heartening to hear from gay liberals delighted to discover dissent to the gay orthodoxy to which they are accustomed.  They might not agree with us, but they are want to familiarize themselves with other political perspectives in our community.

And then there are the social conservatives, the evangelicals, who discover us.  One such individual e-mailed me last week and with his permission, I reprint his e-mail:

Just found your blog, linked from instapundit and barone. Great work!

I have struggled for some time with “gay” issues. I haven’t quite come to terms with how to reconcile my views, being a straight libertarian evangelical Christian, et al, but I prefer to leave that to others more knowledgeable. I have too many good friends who are gay. I care too much about them to just dismiss them, or condemn them.

From what I read so far in your blog/archives, I think your blog will help.

Glad we can help offer a different perspective on gay issues than that offered by the mainstream gay media (MSGM?).  Truly flattered by this e-mail.  Thanks!