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Palin: Helping Hollywood Republicans “Out”?

On Friday after returning from St. Paul, a friend and I went out to dinner at our favorite Ethiopian restaurant.  As we were finishing up, I heard a loud male voice proclaim how John McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin had made him proud to be a Republican — “for the first time in three years.”

What struck me was not just the synchronicity of hearing a Republican gushing about our party’s ticket on the day I returned from seeing them nominated, but that he would proclaim his enthusiasm in such a loud voice in a public space in the heart of liberal LA, within a few miles of Hollywood.

Normally, when we Republicans discuss politics in Hollywood, we do so in a hushed tones, fearful that some left-leaning player might hear us and thus “black list” us.

This enthusiastic Republican wouldn’t be the only one to gush about Sarah.  Earlier today, while doing my cardio at my gym in the heart of Hollywood, I heard two women discuss Palin in normal tones of voice.  Delighted to hear such support of my party’s vice-presidential nominee in a place where I am often needled for my conservative views, I chimed in, noting that “I was there” for the speech.

One of the women observed that many of their (her and her husband’s) Hollywood friends who had been “in the closet” (her expression not mine) about their Republican views were openly expressing their support of the ticket now that John McCain had chosen Sarah Palin as his running mate.

Like Tammy Bruce, they don’t agree with her on abortion, but are impressed with her persona and accomplishments.  And with John McCain for tapping such a strong woman.

Of course, two conversations do not a trend make, but hearing Republicans in Hollywood so openly discuss our party’s candidates is not something you encounter every day.  Especially when they’re speaking in a normal tone of voice — or louder.

UPDATE (John, Average Gay Joe): The Weekly Standard has an interesting column on Hollywood celebrities supporting the McCain campaign. Check it out to learn more about the “Friends of Abe, an informal group of entertainment-industry conservatives”.

Another Feminist for McCain-Palin

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 1:36 pm - September 8, 2008.
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My liberal-leaning lesbian friend is not the only feminist backing the McCain-Palin ticket.  In yesterdsy’s San Francisco Chronicle, Tammy Burce writes that the Alaska Governor “offers something even more compelling” to the GOP ticket than bridging the “enthusiasm gap” for conservatives and indepedents:

a chance to vote for a someone who is her own woman, and who represents a party that, while we don’t agree on all the issues, at least respects women enough to take them seriously.

Tammy finds that Hillary voters can:

now look across the aisle and see a woman who represents everything the feminist movement claimed it stood for. Women can have a family and a career. We can be whatever we choose, on our own terms. For some, that might mean shooting a moose. For others, perhaps it’s about shooting a movie or shooting for a career as a teacher. However diverse our passions, we will vote for a system that allows us to make the choices that best suit us. It’s that simple.

She finds that attempts to undermine this strong woman have strengthened her appeal:

the Democratic Party and its nominee have created the powerhouse that is Sarah Palin, and the party’s increased attacks on her (and even on her daughter) reflect that panic.

In sum, while Tammy disagrees with some of Palin’s positions, particularly on abortion, she is, by and large, impressed with the pick.

As with most things by that gun-toting Angeleno lesbian, I recommend you just read the whole thing.  And make sure to check the comments.  Seems Tammy has upset a few people.  Par for the course for a smart woman who doesn’t mince her words when speaking (or writing) publicly.

Media Bias & GOP Convention Bounce

As most polls shows John McCain edging into the lead over Barack Obama following the successful GOP Convention in St. Paul, John Hinderaker sums it up:

Obama will have the edge when voters are learning about the campaign from newspapers, magazines or television, and McCain will have the advantage when voters actually see the candidates perform. The debates will therefore be critical, but, this year at least, no more so than the parties’ conventions.

Read the whole thing!

Hope & Change Won’t Fill My Gas Tank

PatriotPartner (John) has a new CafePress site up: The Obamacide Shop.

His first offerings are a mug and bumper sticker with this design and slogan he came up with.

He is working on publishing another series of products, first previewed when I posted this a few months ago.

Go buy some and stick ’em on your car!

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Thanks Dan!

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 7:00 am - September 8, 2008.
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On behalf of all of our readers (new and old), I would like to send a hearty THANK YOU to my blog partner Dan (GayPatriotWest) for his outstanding coverage of the GOP Convention last week.

We were thrilled to be officially credentialed as bloggers to the Republican National Convention a few weeks ago. We did not say anything at the time because neither of us knew if we could attend. Then, it looked like I would be able to go — but my real job intervened and I had to cancel my plans.

Just last week, Dan decided to make the journey to St. Paul and he has been furiously blogging throughout the GOP festivities.

Dan — thank you very much for last week and always. You are a great partner in this venture and I am glad I emailed you four years ago to join this new enterprise.

PS — Happy Belated Fourth Blogiversary of GayPatriot! (Sept. 4, 2004)

PPS — We are getting ever so closer to our Two Millionth Unique Visitor! When I announced our contest in July, I received a number of guesses as to when we’d hit the magic 2M number. Thanks to Dan’s traffic from the GOP Convention last week, we are getting there!. There are four contenders who are still in the running! Stay tuned…..

-Bruce (GayPatriot)