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Why Feminists Hate Palin; Why Gay Activists Hate Us

Just a moment ago, while perusing Instapundit, I chanced upon his link to Cathy Young’s thoughtful piece, “Why Feminists Hate Sarah Palin.” I had printed the piece up last night and read it before bed, taking particular note of the spot-on opening paragraph:

Left-wing feminists have a hard time dealing with strong, successful conservative women in politics such as Margaret Thatcher. Sarah Palin seems to have truly unhinged more than a few, eliciting a stream of vicious, often misogynist invective.

It reminded me of the reaction I got this weekend when a left-wing blogger linked my recent Washington Blade column. I experienced the same kind of name-calling and stream of vitriol that Sarah Palin has. (The same invective we hear over and over and over again.) Except on a much, much smaller scale.

It seems the same factors are at work. These leftists are angry at someone who upsets their narrative of what a woman or gay man should be.

The goal of these angry feminists is not so much that we should break down barriers to women’s advancement so that jobs and opportunity once open only to men should be available to them as well, but to break down those barriers as part of an effort to remake society in a leftist image.*

The goal of these gay activists is a similar social refashioning. They call us self-hating without bothering to consider how our being openly gay in conservative circles accomplishes something they advocate when promoting coming out in general. People are less likely to harbor anti-gay sentiments (and more likely to favor pro-gay policies) when they have family members, friends or co-workers who are gay.

Left-wing prejudices notwithstanding, that applies to conservative individuals just as it applies to all individuals.

By coming out to conservatives, we help change the attitudes of those least favorably disposed to gay people in American society. But, so politicized have they become that they refuse to see what we have accomplished.


Given Joe Biden’s record of gaffes . . .

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 8:22 pm - September 15, 2008.
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. . . maybe it’s not such a bad thing the press section of his plane is “Totally Deserted.” I mean the fewer media there are, the less likely they are to catch his gaffes.

Here’s a sample:  Top 5 Joe Biden Gaffes Of This Campaign.

Dwelling on Palin’s Limited Inquiry Into Banning Books, Ignoring Obama’s Long-time Relationship with Unrepentant Terrorist

Last week, a Democratic friend sent me the list of the books that Sarah Palin allegedly sought to remove from the Wasilla Public Library when she took office as Mayor of that Alaska city.  That list included two Harry Potter books, both published after her alleged inquiry.

At the time, Palin “called her inquiries rhetorical and simply part of a policy discussion with a department head ‘about understanding and following administration agendas’.” When asked if any books were banned:

June Pinell-Stephens, chairwoman of the Alaska Library Association’s Intellectual Freedom Committee since 1984, checked her files Wednesday and came up empty-handed.

So, while some lefty bloggers and their followers in the MSM are crying censorship, conservative bloggers and responsible journalists are investigating the story. Just like Ms. Pinell-Stephens, they’re coming up empty-handed.

Bob Owens uncovered the “official list of every book ever banned in Wasilla, AK” from the official source. The only book that was even close to banned was in 1986 (ten years before Palin took office). Todd Strasser’s Angel Dust Blues was moved to the newly-created Young Adult Section (Via Instapundit).

So, here we’ve got the MSM obsessing over an 12-year-old issue which doesn’t seem to have occupied much of the then-Mayor’s time. An issue which so concerned her that an overzealous media can find no evidence that she ever pursued the matter after her initial inquiries.

Palin would go on to serve as Mayor for another six years without ever again inquiring about removing books. As Ben Boychuk writes:

The worst one could infer is that Palin raised the censorship issue in an ill-advised effort to appease some constituents, met resistance and let the matter drop to pursue more mundane city business. Emmons and Palin’s political enemies are free to speculate and impugn motives all they want. But results matter. And the bottom line is, Palin didn’t ban anything. Not in 1996. Not in 1999 after the librarian resigned. Not in 2006 when she ran for governor.

I gotta admit. It was a dumb thing to try to remove books (even she even tried to do so–it seems she merely inquired about removing them). But, the record shows this was little more than a rookie mistake, made in the days right after her first election to executive office.  

If this were a defining issue for her (as some on the lefty blogs seem to think), then how come she didn’t raise it again after she had established herself in local and then state politics?

The last time Sarah Palin inquired about banning books, Barack Obama had been associating with William Ayers, an unrepentant terrorist, for at least a year.  Indeed, that association began before Palin’s mayoral election and continued at least through 1999 (three years after Palin’s last inquiry). Obama is the Democratic presidential nominee. Palin is the Republican vice presidential nominee.

And the MSM seems more interested a limited inquiry by Palin over a period of — at most — three months than in an ongoing relationship with Obama over a period of — at least — four years.

Even though my income is considerably less than Joe Biden’s . . .

. . . I give more in actual dollars to charity than he does.

In fact, I still give more if you remove my synagogue dues (a significant percentage of which is tax deductible).  Oh, and I can’t count my grad school tuition as charity.  In fact, my charitable contributions for 2007 (without those dues) exceeded his charitable contributions for the past ten years when my annual income has consistently been considerably less than his.

And they say Republicans are greedy and don’t care for the less fortunate.

I would daresay most Republicans are as (if not more) generous than I.

When Democratic vice presidential nominee Joe Biden released his tax returns from 1998 to 2007 last Friday, Byron York reviewed them to find that ten-year period, the Delaware Senator received a total of $2,450,042 in income, yet gave only $3,690 to charity.

Biden spokesman David Wade “says the figures on Biden’s tax return do not reflect the true extent of his giving:”

The charitable contributions claimed by the Bidens on their tax returns are not the sum of their annual contributions to charity. . . . Like most regular churchgoers, they contribute to their church, and they also contribute to their favorite causes with their time as well as their checkbooks, whether it’s [Jill] Biden’s volunteer work with military families or the Biden breast-health initiative, or the way in which the family pitched in driving supplies to the Gulf Coast after Hurricane Katrina, or the ways Sen. Biden has supported charities that help women, police, and veterans.

To be sure, tax returns don’t measure the time that people volunteer. And by all accounts, Mrs. Biden has been generous with her time in a number of charitable endeavors.

But, it is striking that while Democrats demand a greater role for the government in solving social problems, by spending more of the people’s money, a good number seem reluctant to give of their own funds to help organizations which help address these issues and help people in need.

UPDATE: Hugh Hewitt writes:

My audience gives and gives and gives again. This is typically on top of what they give to their congregations.

Generosity is to me the sign of a happy, well-lived life and a well-formed soul. Tax returns don’t always or completely measure generosity, but I find this article very revealing of Senator Biden.

UP-UPDATE: Apparently the Bidens are very generous with their time.


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Jeez, that happened a lot faster than I thought!!! Sometime earlier today, we hit the magic TWO MILLION MARK. Two million unique visitors have come to since we launched on September 4, 2004.

What a great day. Many, many, many thanks to my blogger-in-crime Dan (GayPatriotWest) who put us over the top with his GOP Convention coverage two weeks ago. Looks like many of our new readers are here to stay!!

Also many thanks to our revolving co-bloggers: AverageGayJoe, Vera Charles & ColoradoPatriot (though, where the hell IS he lately?).

As Dan pointed out a few days ago, we have a lot of support from the right-center blogosphere. Our very first link from another blog was the incomparable VodkaPundit. Thanks Steve!

And while I don’t have the time to link to all of these folks — our most consistent and vocal supporters of GayPatriot over the past four years include: Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit, the awesome guys & gals at The National Review/The Corner, the guys at Powerline, Michelle Malkin, Jim at Gateway Pundit, Poli & AJ at Polipundit, and Roger L. Simon and the entire Pajamas Media blogging gang! Please thank them when you see them.

And my most sincere and heartfelt thanks to our loyal readers & commenters. To hell with Andrew Sullivan, folks. WE are the voice of the American Gay Conservative. He’s now just a regular-old lefty gay wacko. A dime a dozen.

Now, our Sitemeter count is going up faster than I can keep track of. So here is the screen capture at 2PM Eastern time.

As to the Two Million Contest, I will declare a winner later this week. I need to make absolutely sure I checked all of the email entries and see who came the closest.

THANK YOU EVERYBODY. I never thought we’d make TWO MILLION!!!!!

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Winds Of Change Burning Obama

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 2:04 pm - September 15, 2008.
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What kind of an alternative universe are we living in when it comes to these conclusions:

– McCain-Palin looks like the optimistic, forward-thinking ticket while Obama-Biden looks like the mean, bitter, Washington insiders. Whoda thunk?

– Obama’s pledge of “post-partisan” has vanished quicker than $3.00 gasoline under a Democratic Congress. He is now quickly moved from a campaign of “Hope & Change” to one of “Slash & Burn”.

Now NEW YORK may be in play? That’s CRAZINESS!

BOOSTED by the selection of Sarah Palin as his running mate, Republican John McCain has experienced a surge of support among women in heavily Democratic New York state – where he has closed the gap with Barack Obama, new private polls show.

The internal Republican and Democratic polls, details of which were provided to The Post, have stunned members of both parties – and produced deep worries among Democrats. One great concern for Democrats is that the data show a continuous movement toward the McCain-Palin ticket by women, a majority of whom traditionally favor Democrats.

And Obama has strong, insider-esque political & campaign contribution ties to Freddie Mac & Fannie Mae?

So it would appear that this is precisely what Obama has been railing against: Washington insiders lining the pockets of other Washington insiders while the taxpayers ultimately have to foot the bill. The Agent of Change, it seems, didn’t exactly walk the walk on this one.

– So McCain actually turns out to be THE Maverick that the media has been telling me he is all these years?

My brain can’t handle all of the Facts pounding against the 2008 Media Narrative harder than Lindsey Lohan on a Saturday night.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)