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Patrick Sammon: Republican

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 8:18 pm - September 19, 2008.
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The other day when a representative of a conservative organization asked me to suggest other gay people to participate in an event, I immediately suggested either Patrick Sammon and Scott Tucker of Log Cabin.

Only after I had sent out the e-mail did it occur to me that a year previously, I would not even considered recommending Log Cabin for such an event.  What a change Patrick’s leadership has brought to the organization.  To be sure, we have not always agreed with some of their actions, faulting them for running ads against Mitt Romney in Iowa and New Hampshire.

But, since John McCain wrapped up the Republican nomination, they, as loyal Republicans should, reached out to the campaign and worked to support the party’s nominee, voting earlier this month to endorse him.

It’s not just this endorsement which put the organization in a better light.  It’s also Patrick Sammon’s attitude to Log Cabin’s gay conservative critics.  As I’ve said before, in contrast to his predecessors, Sammon listens to his opposing views, taking our criticism seriously.

In his public statements, he has shown a greater readiness to defend our party than have either of his two predecessors.  (To be fair to his immediate predecessor, Patrick Guerriero, I only heard him address one public gathering (the 2005 Log Cabin Convention) and have been present to hear Sammon and the group’s first executive director on numerous occasions).

In St. Paul, at Log Cabin’s Big Tent Luncheon, Sammon said he was “never going to be silent when the subject turns to politics” and intended to make clear “how much we care about this party and how much we care about this nation.”  Not only that, echoing Ronald Reagan, he said intended to fight for the notion that government is not the solution to every problem.

That speech was the most forceful defense of basic Republican principles I had ever heard from a Log Cabin leader.  If this keeps up, we might have to remove the parentheses from the word “Republican” in our category devoted to Log Cabin.



  1. Thanks for the epiphany.

    Comment by LCRW — September 19, 2008 @ 11:10 pm - September 19, 2008

  2. I like Mr. Sammon, too. Am very happy with his role in LCR so far.

    Comment by MikeInSedona — September 20, 2008 @ 1:59 pm - September 20, 2008

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