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Is that the best you can come up with, Barack?

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 6:07 pm - September 21, 2008.
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In at least four posts (here, here, here and here), I have pointed out that while John McCain has proposed reforms that, if enacted, might have prevented the financial crisis of the past few months, Barack Obama has done nothing.  

Well, this week, while misrepresenting McCain’s record on reform, Obama did let us know exactly what he has done:

When I was warning about the danger ahead on Wall Street months ago because of the lack of oversight, Senator McCain was telling the Wall Street Journal — and I quote — ‘I’m always for less regulation.’

The Democrat even claims “he was ‘ahead of the curve’ in calling for more regulation of the financial industry.

That’s right. Obama claims he was warning us about the danger. And calling for more regulation. But, while he was warning, he was serving in the United States Senate where members get to propose legislation to address problems facing the nation. People like that can do more than warn and call for. They can act.

We have at least two examples of significant legislation that John McCain pushed for while serving in the very same Senate where Obama now serves. Indeed, he sponsored the first bill (in 2002) together with the then-House Democratic leader. In short, John McCain has a record. Barack Obama has rhetoric.

With actual legislative proposals to promote, that’s all “warning” and “calling for” is. Rhetoric. Words. Once again, with Barack Obama, the substance is missing. Sounds like a “chronic avoidance of tough decisions” to me.

I am grateful to Jennifer Rubin and Stephen F. Hayes for referencing material I used in this post.

Yahoo! Features Puff Piece on Biden

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 5:35 pm - September 21, 2008.
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If Yahoo! hadn’t included this puff piece on Joe Biden as one of the top headlines on its main page, I likely wouldn’t have paid it much heed.   After all, it is a Politico piece and not one from the supposedly unbiased “news” services.

Still, it was a striking piece of puffery and a reminder that the gaffe-prone Biden has pretty much gotten a free pass from the MSM while they scrutinize (and usually misrepresent) nearly every public statement and past action of his opponent for vice president.

This piece is, in many ways, the opposite of the recent New York Times hit piece on Sarah Palin.  Where the Times reporters based their article almost entirely on critics of the Alaska Governor, Politico writer Victoria McGrane only quotes supporters of the Delaware Senator, including a “Todd Wilhelm, a retired air traffic controller from Arizona who moved to Pennsylvania to help his union’s get-out-the-vote efforts there.”

Ms. McGrane doesn’t bother to tell us how much in the tank the unions have been for the Democrats.  Someone tapped for thier get-out-the-voter efforts would be among their most hard-core loyalists.  Kind of like getting a quote about Sarah Palin from a member of the National Rifle Association’s Moose-Hunting caucus.

No Mention of Israel in Obama’s Audacity of Hope

Just after I completed Barack Obama’s The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream yesterday, I noted the author’s acknowledgment of Samantha Power as deserving of “special mention” for combing over each chapter as if it were hers.  As I read that reference to the anti-Israel academic, I recalled that Obama had not once mentioned the Jewish State in the book.

So, I checked the index which confirmed my recollection. No listing for Israel. And this in a book with a 54-page chapter, “The World Beyond Our Borders.” In that chapter, Obama offers a brief diplomatic history of the United States going back to the World War II (and gives very short shrift to Ronald Reagan’s role in winning the Cold War). He doesn’t mention the founding of the Jewish State or its role as a bulwark of democracy in a region of tyranny.  

(For that matter, he doesn’t mention France nor that nation’s former president Jacques Chirac and his government’s role in sowing anti-American sentiment in the run-up to the liberation of Iraq.)

Let’s see, he all but ignores those nations which owe their freedom and democracy to American force of arms. And doesn’t even mention one of our strongest allies in the Middle East.

In his defense, he could say that he offers only one chapter on foreign policy. But, leaving out Israel while acknowledging an anti-Israel academic (since dismissed from his campaign) is a pretty striking omission. And one which supporters of Israel should bear in mind when considering how to vote this November.