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On The “Outing” of Mark Buse

Note: Just a reminder that all opinions expressed in posts authored by me at Gay Patriot and my own blog are mine alone. Bruce and Dan are free to give their own comments on the following story as they see fit. Or not.

I usually ignore taunts directed my way by liberals bloggers, especially ones I’ve never even heard of before like NGblog. This particular blogger is practically giddy about the “outing” of Mark Buse, Senate chief of staff to Republican presidential nominee John McCain. However, since I noticed the link and have a little time tonight, why not?

My reaction in a nutshell: meh.

Buse doesn’t seem to me to have been closeted, but as far as I’m aware his sexual orientation was known by family, friends and co-workers. Most importantly, in this specific instance, to his boss: Senator McCain, who appears to not have cared at all. The only ‘story’ here is once again unhinged liberal activists are engaging in gutter politics, a regular practice for them. Did they really think I needed yet another example of why the Democrats and their rabid partisans need to be kept out of the White House? Naaaah. Thanks, but such was completely unnecessary. Oh and the Religious Right folks we both sharply criticize are having a bout of Palinmania at the moment, so sorry guys but I doubt this will even register a blip on their radar. Nice try though.

Contrary to the accusations of NG and other lib bloggers, McCain is hardly “anti-gay” or “homophobic”. He is indeed a man from a different era in terms of gay rights, which readers at both blogs know I have had no problems harshly disagreeing with. John McCain isn’t perfect by any means but something he seems to have, which these folks clearly lack, is personal integrity and character. Mr. Buse’s “ex”, who helped “out” him, would seem to be missing such attributes as well, which is probably why he is his “ex”. If McCain harbored any animus towards homosexuals I seriously doubt Buse would have been employed by him for so long. I also doubt that McCain would have taken such a public stand in support of former Congressman Jim Kolbe or Neil Giuliano, the former mayor of Tempe, Arizona, who currently heads GLAAD.

So my reaction again is simply, meh. These folks are not worth further attention. I regret that Mr. Buse has to endure this nonsense, but he is a big boy and can take care of himself in the political world. Let them have a jolly good time thinking that they’ve ‘exposed’ McCain’s ‘hypocrisy’ while their antics will repulse most voters. This also does nothing to answer our main concern with Obama: his complete lack of experience and inability to effectively act as Commander-in-Chief. So have ‘fun’ for now boys and we’ll see you at the polls in November!

— John (Average Gay Joe)

[UPDATE FROM BRUCE (GayPatriot):  I couldn’t agree with John more.  Who cares.  My only additional thought to add is this:  “Why do Liberals hate gays so much that they constantly trash our community?”   Very self-loathing if you ask me.]

Gays Find Tolerance in Palin’s Alaska

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 5:48 pm - September 23, 2008.
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Based on her membership in a church which promotes a “reparative therapy” conference, some gay bloggers have become convinced that Sarah Palin harbors anti-gay views despite the fact that they can’t track down any comments from the Alaska Governor berating people like us.

Perhaps it has to do with the live-and-let-live attitude of the Last Frontier.  A reader alerted me to an article (from the Advocate of all places!) finding that  most Alaskans are remarkably tolerant of their gay fellow citizens.  

To be sure, writer Julie Bolcer acknowledges that “the gay experience in the Last Frontier is marked by contradictions that can perplex the rest of the country,” the gay people she talked to find a welcome in the state governed by the Republican vice presidential nominee.

When former Wasilla resident Aaron Stielstra came out to his parents, he found it didn’t change their feelings for him.  He even found his home-state more welcoming than larger metropolitan areas in the “Lower 48:”

I once had an experience where I was walking down the street in Boys Town [Chicago] holding the hand of my then-boyfriend, and we were heckled by people passing by in a truck. . . . Similar things have happened to me in Los Angeles, and in Orange County. Nothing like that has ever happened to me in Wasilla, and I have acted the same way there.

He added that Sarah Palin’s home town “is a pretty good generalization for most of the state.”

It seems that Palin’s public statements on homosexuality reflect on the state where she lives. It looks like we can expect her to bring that live-and-let-live attitude to Washington.

Biden’s gaffes & Obama’s judgment

First, we have Joe Biden “call an Obama campaign ad terrible” before saying he wouldn’t have so described the ad had he actually seen it.  Then, he’s telling us about FDR’s nationally televised addresses both before presidents delivered such things and well before that Democrat had been elected to the White House.

Now, we’ve got him contradicting his running mate on clean coal.  In Ohio, he said, “we’re not supporting ‘clean coal'” while the Obama campaign website favors the development of clean coal technology.

Had Palin had this many gaffes, Victor Davis Hanson opines, “the election would now be over.”

Biden’s gaffes don’t just reflect poorly on the Delaware Senator. They also call into question the judgment of the man who tapped him for the Democratic ticket. As the Jewish Athena writes:

. . . it is becoming apparent that these guys are not on the same page. For a candidate who repeatedly stressed that we should judge him by how he conducts his campaign, it is ironic that his most important hiring decision (the VP) and his first supervisory role (corralling Biden) are going so poorly.

Is there any wonder the MSM is paying more attention to Sarah Palin, hoping for her to slip up.  For her rival for the Vice Presidency seems to do so every time he opens his mouth.

UPDATE: In Today’s (09/24/08) OpinionJournal Political Diary (available by subscription) John Fund observes:

the fact that Mr. Biden largely gets a pass on his exaggerations — especially given his history during his 1988 presidential campaign of embroidering the truth — makes one wonder about the disparity in scrutiny between Mr. Biden and Mrs. Palin. The latter’s press-shy attitude can’t be justified, but given the double standard exercised by the media it is certainly understandable.

Obama Fundraiser Back in Court; National Media Silent

When asked during the contest for the Democratic presidential nomination about how money he had raised during his various campaigns from convicted felon Tony Rezko, Barack Obama “waffled and wafted” before guessing $10,000 or $15,000.  The actual figure was $250,000.

Guess Obama fears coming clean about his ties to this slumlord.  He even toured his current home with Rezko while the latter was under investigation. 

With a media that follows every detail of “Tasergate,” latching on to any comment by Obama-supporting Alaska State Senator Hollis French as if he’s the voice of impartiality in this investigation, you’d think they’d report on the trial of Obama’s long-time associate and financial backer.

Well, today, Rezko is back in court “to face charges of mortgage fraud.” And the only reference I could find on the web to his court appearance was a brief blurb on the local ABC affiliate’s web-page.

I’d be willing to bet good money that if a McCain fundraiser was in a similar situation, it would be all over the news, with talking heads speculating about its impact on the campaign.

In Hollywood, Republican is the New Gay?

Welcome Instapundit Readers!

In commenting on the challenges he has faced since moving to the right politically, Airplane! director David Zucker observes, in Hollywood, “you sort of feel like you have to hide [your conservatism]. When you meet, you give each other a secret look — ‘Are you a Republican, too?’ It’s the new gay.

I had to smile when I read that, given that for the better part of my first five years in Los Angeles, I kept pretty tight-lipped about my politics, yet have been pretty open about my sexuality.  I mean, until 2004, all my friends here knew I was gay.  Only a handful knew I was a Republican.

Michael Moore helped change that.  When friends (and acquaintances) started e-mailing me links this mean-spirited, dishonest hack’s film, I felt I could not let his deceptions go unchallenged.  

Well, now Zucker has done me, indeed all of us, one better.  He’s made a movie spoofing that flabby filmmaker.  In An American Carol, he spoofs an America-hating filmmaker with a striking resemblance to Moore.  

Not just that, he’s helping a few Hollywood conservatives come out of the closet at the same time.  Kelsey Grammer, Dennis Hopper and Jon Voight all play parts in this film.  Anyway, it comes out in fewer than two weeks, next Friday, October 3.  So, you can celebrate Sarah Palin’s debate victory over Joe Biden by watching the film.

it’ll remind me of the role Michael Moore played in my Hollywood coming out.

From Cage Aux Folles to Birdcage

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 2:00 am - September 23, 2008.
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Well, from my experience, maybe I should say from The Birdcage to La Cage aux Folles.

Last week, after watching the American film for the umpteemth time, I thought I should put the French one on my Netflix queue. Before I remembered to do that, I saw the film on sale at Borders–and I had a coupon.

Birdcage‘s jaundiced view of Republicans never really bothered me because, well, it’s just a story.  No Republican as narrow as Gene Hackman‘s Kevin Keeley could win election to statewide office, especially not in Ohio. Still, Hackman inhabited the role with such class that he made it enjoyable, even made his character sympathetic. And anyway, his extremism helped accentuate the culture clash, making the film more outrageous and definitely more entertaining

This time, however, as i watched I wondered some gay people (and even some straights) see Republicans as the caricature portrayed by Hackman. Judging my my e-mail and some of the comments here, I would dare say they do.

Obama Praises McCain on Reform

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 1:05 am - September 23, 2008.
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I’d love to see the rest of the clip. 🙂

(H/t: Powerline.)