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GayPatriot LA Outing to see American Carol

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 4:30 pm - October 3, 2008.
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As David Zucker’s movie An American Carol comes out today, I’ve decided to organize a Los Angeles outing for GayPatriot readers (and friends) to see the flick tomorrow night, Saturday, October 4 or perhaps on Sunday the 5th.

In this movie, Airplane! Director David Zucker skewers a Michael-Moore like character, with a cast including Kelsey Grammer (as General George S. Patton), Dennis Hopper, Jon Voight (as George Washington) as well as James Woods and Leslie Nielsen.

Watch this trailer:

If you’d lke to join me this weekend, drop me an e-mail me and let me know if Saturday or Sunday works best for you and I’ll get back to you with details.

Sarah Palin: Reaganesque

As I left the Xcel Center one month ago today after hearding Sarah Palin speak to the Republican National Convention, I texted Bruce my one-word summation of her speech, “Reaganesque.”  The more I watch clips of her debate last night, the more convinced I become of my initial assessment of my party’s vice presidential nominee.

She has a lot in common with the greatest Republican president of the last century.

Michael Barone wrote that the debate “spotlighted her winning personality. She showed the same smiling confidence that she did in her acceptance speech September 3.”  Ronald Reagan’s public appearances spotlighted his winning personality, his smiling confidence, not only in himself, but also in the American people.  And his optimism.

Last night, just as she did in St. Paul, Sarah Palin showed that very same optimism and the Gipper’s faith in the American people.  As Rich Lowry put it, “She talked about regular middle-class people with the credibility of having lived that life every day.”  Perhaps because of the kind of movies Hollywood made when Reagan was working as an actor, he always remembered his middle-class roots and could relate to the people with whom he grew up.

Importantly, like the Gipper, Sarah Palin, in the words of Glenn Reynolds, “does better without a big-media filter between her and the audience.”  She spoke to us, not at us.  Maybe she lost ground on debater’s points for not always answering some of the questions Gwen Ifill posed, but that didn’t seem to matter much to citizens watching the debate.  They wanted to know that she understood their concerns.

It was classy of her to acknowledge as much, “And I may not answer the questions the way* that either the moderator or you want to hear, but I’m going to talk straight to the American people and let them know my track record also.”  Sounds a lot like Ronald Reagan, more concerned with the American people than the Washington talking heads.

Indeed, she is anything but a Washington insider.  Back in 1980, the talking heads of the day bemoaned the Gipper’s election because he hadn’t worked in the nation’s capital.  No wonder so many of them are so critical of Sarah Palin.  She’s not a part of their club.  As blog-reader American Elephant put it in commenting on my post-debate analysis, “Palin in particular is utterly devoid of everything Americans hate about Washington politics.

Finally, in her closing statement, she both quoted Ronald Reagan and echoed him, reminding of the gift of freedom and the fight we must wage to keep it. (Please click on “more” below to read that statement for yourself.)

Just as the Gipper made me proud to be a Republican so too does Sarah Palin. And proud to be an American.


McCain to Campaign in Maine’s Second District

Just over a week ago, I suggested that the McCain campaign should send Sarah Palin to Maine where the moose-hunting Alaska Governor might be able to help put that state’s second congressional district into the Republican column this fall.

Well, it looks like the McCain campaign has taken my advice. According tot the Boston Globe, it’s turning to that very district:

Yesterday, Republican John McCain’s campaign announced that it had begun withdrawing from Michigan, but would start committing resources to Maine, where strategists say he has been buoyed by the addition of Sarah Palin to his ticket.

Christian Potholm, a political consultant and Bowdoin College government professor, this Palin could help sway some Mainers to vote Republican: “If the Republicans bring Sarah Palin up here to do a whistlestop tour through the Second Congressional District, I think they’ll not only win that district but they’ll win the state.”

Just read the whole article to see how enthused some Mainers, sportsmen like Palin, are about the Alaska Governor.  It may be time for her to apply for a permit to go moose-hunting later this month!

MSM only interested in Sarah Palin when she stumbles

This morning, while reading the blogs and checking my e-mail, I chanced on several clips of last night’s debate. Simply put, Sarah Palin looks much better than Joe Biden, more genuine, more comfortable in her own skin, better able to relate to the Americans outside Washington, D.C.  She looks right at us and calls it as she sees it.

It seems, however, that the MSM is now downplaying the vice presidential debate. As Jonah Goldberg put it:

But it is amazing how the press can focus on how Palin’s a disaster and then the second she stops being one, the press yawns as if this is a non-story.

Guess it just doesn’t fit their story line. If she had stretched the truth and misrepresented her own record — and that of her opponent — as much as Joe Biden had, it wold be the lead story, not just of today, but of the week.

Wonder if the media will cover his misrepresentations and his constitutional ignorance?

(H/t Instapundit.)

UPDATE:  Noting Biden’s constitutional gaffe, Michael Barone writes:

Biden’s performance was by and large acceptable, but he made some significant misstatements, notably on the Constitution. Article I of the Constitution is not about the executive branch, as Biden said, but about the legislative branch, in which Biden has served for 35 years. And the vice president doesn’t preside over the Senate just in cases of ties; he (or she) is entitled to preside over the Senate at any time. Imagine the uproar from Mainstream Media if Palin had made such errors!

(Emphasis added.) Now just read the whole thing!

Palin Connects with Main Street, Biden with Washington

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 12:18 am - October 3, 2008.
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I watched the debate with a blog-reader who has become a friend, almost like an older sister to me.  She’s a mother, with three grown sons.  We were both nervous about how our lady would do tonight.

As a political geek who loves debating policy and ideas, I thought Joe Biden won this on points.  At the same time, as a movie-lover aware of the power of images, I thought she killed on style.  Although she seemed a bit jittery at times, she always came across as friendly and comfortable with herself.  She looked at the camera and us and spoke to us with a wink and a smile.

He often looked down as if he wanted to make sure he was getting the right answer.  He was better versed in the arcane of Washington, she with the concerns of the middle class.  When he talked about the middle class, it seemed he was reading from a script of themes which appeal to people who don’t follow politics for a living.

At times, when Palin was speaking, Biden smiled, smirked or scowled, the evil step-father determined to prevent his wife’s daughter from succeeding in his line of work.

There were some policy issues where she danced circles around him, mostly, ironically, on foreign policy.  She understand the situation in Iraq better than he did.  And the threat from Iran.  He talked about ending the war in Iraq, she talked about winning it.  She spoke of victory.  He spoke of timelines.

He called Iran with nuclear weapons “destabilizing,” she said it would be “dangerous.”  That regime “cannot be allowed to acquire such weapons,” she insisted.