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Joe Solmonese Calls Palin “Caribou Barbie”

In a previous post, I noted how that (D) after a candidate’s name renders him “immune to criticism from gay political organizations.”  Well, it seems that an (R) after a candidate’s name opens her up to censure, misrepresentation and ridicule from Joe Solmonese, the president of the largest such organization, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC).

This is a guy who invites a man with a record of vicious anti-Republican rhetoric onto his radio show to discuss the Republican National Convention.  And now he calls the Republican vice presidential nominee “Caribou Barbie” (about 8 minutes into the second video).

Can you imagine the reaction if the head of conservative organization had said something similarly demeaning about a Democratic woman at a major event? Solmonese made this comment at HRC’s Annual National Dinner this past weekend.

His speech was full of other such mean-spirited barbs against Republicans.  It’s clear that Solmonese is a Democratic partisan first and foremost.

It’s time that our community recognize HRC for what it is and call out its president for his narrow partisanship.  Under Solmonese, HRC has become little more than a gay auxiliary of the Democratic National Committee.

Vacationing in Hell

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 7:10 am - October 9, 2008.
Filed under: War On Terror

I’m sorry, but my only reaction to this news item was — “What the f*ck were these two women people thinking by VACATIONING in Lebanon?”

BEIRUT, Lebanon — Two American journalists vacationing in Lebanon are missing, the U.S. Embassy said Wednesday, appealing for information on their possible whereabouts.

An embassy statement said Wednesday that Holli Chmela, 27, and Taylor Luck, 23, have not been heard from since Oct. 1 when they reportedly left Beirut en route to the northern Lebanese port city of Tripoli.

The city is a predominantly Sunni Muslim city where militants and Islamic fundamentalists are known to be active. It has witnessed sectarian fighting in the past few months as well as two car bombs targeting Lebanese troops that killed 25 people and left dozens others wounded.

I guess journalists are more stupid than I figured.

I do hope these two idiots get home safely.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)