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In a Nutshell, my Opposition to Obama

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 7:10 pm - October 12, 2008.
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He’s a liberal who favors increased federal spending and a larger federal government, has been less than and candid about past associations, refuses to disclose a number of details about his past. He has switched positions on a number of key issues.

Seems to underestimate the threats abroad while downplaying the success of our strategy in Iraq. He talks a good game about postpartisanship and a “new kind of politics,” but since elected to public office, he has failed to accomplish any significant reform. He has never bucked his party on any major issues. Indeed, he consistently votes the party line. While campaigning for change, he doesn’t have much of a record as a trend-setter. He’s more a follower than a leader.

UPDATE:  And here’s another, Paul Mirengoff of Powerline “considers Barack Obama’s radical associations [,] .. . . . asking whether these associations portend a radical presidency if Obama is elected.”