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My ‘Endorsements’ & Predictions for Election 2008

I have a big project I’m working on in the real world that is taking up too much of my time for much posting until at least after Election Day. I wanted to make sure that I post the following on how I intend to vote in this election and what I predict will be the results. I’m curious to see how right I am afterwards…

President/Vice President

My Vote: John McCain & Sarah Palin (R).

Prediction: I sincerely hope that I’m wrong, but I believe that Barack Obama & Joe Biden (D) will win with about 52% of the popular vote. They will “pick off” some Red States, quite possibly including Virginia. If they do win in the Commonwealth, that in itself will be astounding given that we haven’t gone Democrat in a national election since 1964. I expect the Virginia GOP to blame their loss on the influx of more liberal voters into Northern Virginia and black voters choosing Obama by overwhelming margins. While those are certainly factors in the race here, it would be a serious mistake to ignore the complete ineptitude of the Republican Party in this state. The loss of both US Senate seats, the governor’s mansion and at least one house of the state legislature in recent years should be enough to give one a clue of just how dissatisfied most Virginia voters are with the GOP. The state party hasn’t been listening to the electorate at all and has shown itself time and time again in recent years to be incapable of good governance here. The anger against it here is real and no amount of waving the “pro-family” banner will rally enough voters to save it from yet another defeat at the polls. Pity really since the Democrats in power here, except for the soon-to-be-incoming Mark Warner, are just about ripe for the picking so to speak. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this anger at the state party here also directed towards the national Republican Party by many voters.

If Obama wins it will certainly make history and the thin silver lining may be that the GOP will be given the swift kick in the keister they seem to need to get their act together, but I truly believe he will be a disaster as Commander-in-Chief. Overall I think a majority of the American people have forgotten what the Carter years were like and Obama is about to give us all a very painful refresher.

I, of course, could be wrong about Obama/Biden winning so don’t let anything stop you from voting!


The Party of Hate

Earlier this week, we conservatives were treated to lectures by the mainstream media about how angry we had become.  I wonder if, in the past eight years, those same pundits had lectured Democrats and their blogging allies for the venom they spewed against George W. Bush and the GOP.

Michelle Malkin provides a few examples of that hate.  I could provide more just by searching through my saved incoming e-mail or by highlighting a few comments to this blog.  Will Paul Krugman wonder if these liberals have been “gripped by insane rage“?  Will Frank Rich fault their “violent escalation of rhetoric“?

Or will they even bother to note as John Leo has, that these allegations of Republican rage are based on angry outbursts by a handful (if that) of extremists at very large rallies?  As Mary Katharine Ham (who attended a recent McCain-Palin rally) put it:

But the liberal media, which has at times ignored and at times applauded as high art the assassination fetishism of the last eight years on the Left, is now projecting it onto all McCain-Palin supporters, using several outbursts and one decidedly misinterpreted “kill him” as their hook.

Best case, they’re betraying a deep misunderstanding of conservatives. In the worst cases, a deep desire to think and broadcast the worst about them, even when it’s unrepresentative or untrue.

While such self-righteous columnists as Krugman, Rich and Dana Milbank pontificate against allegedly angry Republicans, we keep uncovering more examples showing how Bush-hatred has morphed into McCain bashing and Palin derangement. We read of yard signs stolen vandalized, others burned, Molotov cocktails thrown, GOP headquarters attacked, not to mention the vicious comments on left-wing blogs and T-shirts.


On Tim Mahoney, Mark Foley and Media Bias

Two years ago at this time, you could not open up a newspaper or turn on a TV newscast without learning about the follies of then-recently disgraced (& then-recently) former Congressman Mark Foley. That Florida Republican had been sending sexually explicit Instant Messages to male House pages.

Now, we learn that Tim Mahoney, the Democrat who won Foley’s seat in Congress, paid “a $121,000 payment to a former mistress who worked on his staff and was threatening to sue him.” The affair begin “in 2006 when Mahoney was campaigning for Congress against Foley, promising ‘a world that is safer, more moral.’

So, why is it that we don’t get wall-to-wall news coverage of the Mahoney scandal?  The Democratic House leadership knew about it before the story broke this week.  And here, there is hush money, something absent from the Foley scandal.

Is it the gay angle that made the Foley story so sensational?  Or did MSM merely use the story to advance their narrative about the hypocrisy of gay Republicans?  Or was it that pesky little (R) after Foley’s name, but not Mahoney’s?

Methink the explanation is that last one, given how little attention the MSM has paid to various Democratic scandals this year, including that of another Florida Democrat, Robert Wexler and of New York Democrat Charles Rangel. Not to mention the fundraising shenaningans of the Obama campaign.

Why is it that the MSM only get into high dudgeon when the scandal involves Republicans?

I guess it’s up to us bloggers, like Gateway Pundit who’s been all over this story, to go where the MSM refuses to tread.

UPDATE: Jennifer Rubin builds on this theme (below the “jump”): (more…)

Ill-Informed Palin-haters

It is amazing how ill-formed so many supposedly well-informed people are about Sarah Palin.  Perhaps, that’s what comes from getting yours news from the New York Times and the Big Three TV networks.

I keep running into friends, acquaintances and even family members who follow the news of the day on a regular basis and have no knowledge of the Alaska Governor’s reform record.  But, they do know things about her that just aren’t true.

At the same time, when I press these people to name something significant their candidate accomplished, they fall silent.

At least, I can learn about Palin’s accomplishments by surfing the conservative web and searching Alaska papers. But, even Obama’s supporters can’t tell me what their man has done to merit the presidency.

State By State, Fraud By Electoral Fraud

Please note that I have updated this post, adding links discovered since first posting it.

In my post on the complicity of Democratic officials in vote fraud, I addressed problems in just one state. As I began work on a larger post, exploring how such chicanery could help Obama steal the election, I realized I had such a wealth of information, it would be easier simply to list the stories state by state, providing links to the relevant articles.

You’ll note that most sources are local papers and news stations or blogs, few are national media or the leading dailies.  That is, while local media and blogs are covering this, the national media is downplaying it or downright ignoring it.










New Mexico

New Hampshire

North Carolina






Remove Connecticut and Texas and the list above reads like a list of the swing states in this election.  Will the media notice how widespread is this fraud?

UPDATE:  Jim Hoft has uncovered more examples of fraud that those linked in this post.  Check out his pieces, first on his own blog and then on Pajamas.