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Eliza Doolittle Dresses Barack Obama Down

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 6:50 pm - October 17, 2008.
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All I have is words.

Barack Obama, 2008

Words! Words! Words! I’m so sick of words! I get words all day through;
First from him, now from you! Is that all you blighters can do?

–Eliza Doolitle, My Fair Lady, 1956

Note how Eliza asks Obama Freddie to show her what he feels.  Just as he fails to do so, so does this Obama surrogate fail to show Chris Matthews what Obama has accomplished:

Peggy Noonan Misrepresents Conservatives?!?!

Given the respect I’ve shown Peggy Noonan in the past, even comparing her to the Greek goddess Athena, I decided to put aside the other posts I had planned for today and address instead her latest column. A number of readers have written me, alarmed at her misrepresentation of conservatives and her harsh criticism of Sarah Palin.

I do agree that the McCain campaign should have made the party’s vice presidential nominee more open to the press, but also fault the mainstream for using their interviews with her not as a means to learn about her record, but almost as a game, posing questions they wouldn’t pose to a Democratic candidate.  Did Katie Couric ask Joe Biden to detail Barack Obama’s legislative accomplishments, bills he supported, say, promoting a “new kind of politics”?

In a similar vein, Peggy faults Palin for following the base, a criticism which could also be leveled at the Alaska Governor’s rival for the Vice Presidency.  Isn’t that what a running mate does?  Serve as a kind of attack dog for the ticket while appealing to the base?

Oddly, after noting how Harry S Truman came out of nowhere to be a successful president, Peggy writes that after seven weeks on the national stage, “there is little sign that [Palin] has the tools, the equipment, the knowledge or the philosophical grounding one hopes for, and expects, in a holder of high office.”  If she’s referencing Palin’s campaign style, shouldn’t she look back at the Missourian’s vice presidential campaign in 1944 and not his record in the White House?

Had Truman shown the qualities which distinguished his Administration in the 1944 campaign?  We don’t know.  Maybe he did.  But, Peggy doesn’t look there.  And that campaign would be a more appropriate means to compare the two politicians who rose to sudden prominence when their party’s standard bearer tapped them to be his running mate.

It’s not just the inappropriate comparison which troubles me about the piece.  It’s also that Peggy echoes a charge she made in her book, Patriotic Grace (which I, by and large, enjoyed).  There, she writes that, “On the right they busied themselves attacking anyone who deviated from the [Bush] administration’s line.”

Did we?  Hardly.

On conservative blogs and in conservatives publications, we have seen some amazingly stinging criticism of the president and his team.  As just one example, take a gander at this this April 2007 National Review piece on Bush’s competence problem.


Desperate-Sounding Democrats?

Pondering the left’s animus against Joe the Plumber, how they help “the story alive by their rabid character assassination of a man who did nothing more than ask a question,” Ed Morrissey observes:

There is a stench of desperation surrounding this, as if they sense defeat coming from a moment of honesty from Obama about his real intentions to institute a regime of redistribution. They want to discredit the man who only asked the question as if he’s some political operative who magically forced Obama to sound … well, a little like a Marxist. Why?

Why this stench of desperation for supporters of a candidate who currently leads in the polls?

Ed’s observation hit home with me.  A reader had recently shared a story of her confrontation with some unhappy Obama supporters who slimed Sarah Palin on the thinnest premise.  Like me, she regularly encounters Democrats and others on the left who express such contempt and vitriol for Republicans that  the Bush-hatred of 2004 race seem pale by comparison.

What accounts for their rancor?  They sound as if their candidate enjoys the same chance of victory as did Walter Mondale in 1984 or Wendell Willkie in 1940.

Why do they harbor such animosity for John McCain, Sarah Palin and John the Plumber?  Why do they hate so?

UPDATE:  An example of their nastiness in New York.

Obama’s Campaign Treasurer Has Tax Liens

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 9:45 am - October 17, 2008.
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A critic of one candidate’s tax policy has tax lines.  That candidate’s campaign treasurer (and his companies) has tax liens (via Patterico via Instapundit).

Which story does the media report?

I’ll give you a clue, the one that is less relevant to the candidate’s ability to govern.  If you didn’t believe the media was in the tank for Obama before, well, ask yourself this, shouldn’t it matter more that his campaign treasurer has a problem paying taxes than that critic has tax problems?

Makes you wonder about the Obama campaign’s fundraising shenanigans.  And about what kind of people Obama would appoint to the Treasury Department if elected.

UPDATE:  Jim Geraghty: “Think about it. In 24 hours, we’ve learned more unflattering details about a guy who asked Obama a question and walked away unpersuaded than almost any of his campaign staff or associates.

Why Are Educated People So Ignorant about Sarah Palin?

Once again I express amazement at what supposedly enlightened people know about Sarah Palin.

Here, you have a woman with a record of reform.  And all her adversaries know is that she didn’t do well in an interview with Katie Couric, she was a member of the Alaska Independence Party (not true), she wants creationism taught in public schools (again not true) and she tried to have books banned in 1996 (she just inquired about removing them, but never brought up the subject again while Mayor of Wasilla).

If we applied their standards for judging Sarah Palin to their preferred presidential candidate, we would see Barack Obama as a man who lacks an American birth certificate, was once a member of a Socialist Party, pals around with America-hating extremists and wants to teach radical ideas to school children while banning books critical of Islam so as not to disparage his Muslim faith.

The question remains:  why are educated people so unwilling to educate themselves about the Republican candidate for Vice President of the United States?  Why do they trust Internet rumors, rely on since-corrected news stories, constantly reference 12-year-old mistakes and dwell on a bad interview?

They would crticize us mercilessly if we judged Barack Obama as they do Sarah Palin.  And they’d be right.