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Anti-McCain Media Bias: Biggest Irony of Campaign ’08?

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 8:30 am - November 11, 2008.
Filed under: 2008 Presidential Politics,Media Bias

At the outset of the presidential campaign just concluded, before I came to support John McCain’s White House bid, I wrote that I was troubled by the Arizona Senator’s “tendency to posture on certain issues to please the media.”  They responded to such posturing by treating him well.  In return, he jokingly called them “my base.

So, you’d think that of all the Republicans to win their party’s nomination for president, John McCain would get the fairest shake from the national news media.

Yet, come the election of 2008 and all that he had done over the years to curry favor with the media, making himself regularly available for their questions, offering choice sound-bytes critical of his own party didn’t make any difference.  While, in recent years, the media have been biased against the GOP and its candidates, this year they were particularly biased, more so than in any preceding presidential election, at least in my lifetime.

Hence, the irony.  The Republican candidate most friendly with the media faces, when nominated, the most biased media in a generation.

Perhaps, the problem John McCain had getting his message out was that in the past, he media had always done it for him.

What do Protests Against Prop 8 Results Accomplish?

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 2:16 am - November 11, 2008.
Filed under: Civil Discourse,Gay Marriage

It seems the biggest issue in the gay world this week is not the election of Barack Obama, but the protests against the vote in favor of Proposition 8.

I have my theories on why these people are rallying, but I don’t think it does much good for the cause (or the community) for people to vent in public.  It makes it appear to the world that we, at least those rallying, are not ready for marriage.

And what are they so angry about?  That the state won’t recognize same-sex unions as marriage?  We can still call them marriage on our own.  And the Golden State still recognizes and grants privileges to same-sex couples, calling them domestic partnerships instead of marriage.

I thought when I started writing this, I’d have a lot to say on the topic, but in reality there really isn’t that much to say.  Instead of venting their spleen on the public stage, these people should be working on making a more thoughtful case for gay marriage.

Protesting will get you media, but it’s not likely to change minds.  And given last Tuesday’s results, shouldn’t that be the goal?

UPDATE:  Glenn Reynolds:  “GAY-RIGHTS PROTESTERS target another church. . . . This strategy seems quite unwise.”  Exactly.

UP-UPDATE:  Eric Scheie and I are on the same wave-length: “I’d hate to think all this fuss is over a desire for official state imprimatur, but I worry that it is. Like almost everything else (soon including the auto industry), marriage is seen as something you get from the government. Maybe it would be better to see it as something that the government cannot interfere with, the way genuine rights are.”  (Via Glenn).