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More Hate Against 8

The plea for grownups continues.  So, I join Michelle Malkin in asking, “Who will quell the anti-Prop. 8 rage?

It looks like it won’t be the heads of the national gay organizations nor even those in the Golden State.  Maybe the president-elect?

I just returned from running an errand where I caught sight of a flyer urging people to join a “No on Prop 8 Protest” to “Fight the H8.”  Are these people so inured to the mantra of gay activists that all those who don’t support their goals do so because they hate gay people that they can’t see the hatred within their own ranks?

To be sure, many of those rallying have avoided angry rhetoric and are only (primarily?) expressing their frustration at the outcome of last week’s vote.  Yet, the rhetoric (and the signs) of a large number of the participants shows them to be expressing the same sort of hatred they supposedly decry.

They have become the haters.  Such individuals aren’t the leaders we need to promote real and lasting social change.

Sammon to Step Down as Head of Log Cabin

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 12:19 pm - November 13, 2008.
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After barely two years as head of Log Cabin, Patrick Sammon announced today that he will be stepping down early next year:

After five years at this organization and more than two years leading Log Cabin, I am ready to tackle new challenges. I’ll be doing documentary filmmaking, which is what I did before joining Log Cabin’s staff. . . . I told Log Cabin’s national board earlier this year I would be moving on after the election. I’m proud of the progress we’ve made and I know Log Cabin is well positioned to impact the GOP’s future direction.

I agree with Log Cabin National Board Chairman Pete Kingma who, in thanking Patrick “for the excellent job he has done” cited the outgoing leader’s “communication ability and political skills.”

Of the three heads of Log Cabin, Patrick was by far the most approachable. He returned calls and e-mails regularly and listened to his critics in stark contrast to the two previous executives of the organization. He recognized that those who criticized the organization were not his (or the organization’s enemies).  In short, he listened.

And more than those two individuals, he made clear his partisan affiliation and his support for the broad principles of the Republican Party. He truly sought a place for the gays within the GOP.

More than anything, I will appreciate his kindness and good nature. The National Board is going to have a tough time filling his shoes.

Where are the Grownups?

Welcome Instapundit Readers! While you’re here, you might want to check out my post contending that state recognition of marriage is a privilege not a right.

It seems I can’t open my e-mail box without receiving a whole host of messages, telling me about rallies friends and acquaintances (or people who have somehow gotten my e-mail) have attended or inviting me to join them at future protests against the passage of Proposition 8.  Now, there’s some major demonstration planned for sometime this weekend.

Can’t these people just accept the face that they’ve lost?  And figure out what they need do to change minds so they win next time?

This is becoming one long extended temper tantrum.   Take a gander at the video below to see just how juvenile some Prop 8 opponents can be. Here, they try to prevent a reporter from interviewing an elderly supporter of the proposition. They don’t just harass this old lady; they pull the cross out of her hands and stomp on it.

(Via the Ground Game via Instapundit)

Yeah, I get why people are upset.  But, what explains this childish behavior?  Didn’t their mothers teach them to be kind to old people?  Why this refusal to understand their opponents?  Why this insistence on silencing them?  Do such people deserve the privilege of state sanction of their unions?

Where are the gay organizations condemning such conduct?

The gay movement needs some adult supervision right now.

UPDATE: Robbie: “the fact not a single gay stood up for her in that video speaks volumes to me about the quality of protester we’re getting here.” I repeat my point: adult supervision is needed.